LEGO Harry Potter 2018 Hogwarts Great Hall set review! 75954

hello this is the 2018 they go Harry
Potter Great Hall set which features details that are taken from I believe
it’s the first three years of the story chronologically they let you begin at
the beginning of any school year they have the smallest representation of a
boat dock out front it’s just off at an angle and it’s just a little dark brown
plank it’s it’s just barely enough to kind of get the idea across and they do
include the boat itself which is just the long standing wooden dingy mold that
actually will float if you don’t have too many people in it it will hold a
bunch of folks and they just put a lantern post small build inside of it
they have a couple of the statues along the sides of the main entrance there the
the clock face is a sticker sand green colored ski piece used up at the top
there is another one also the very top of the tall tower staircase inside of it
you’ll see a bunch of stickers on the outside I am I’m good with those I’m
okay with those because they definitely had a lot of much needed detail rather
than requiring the use of countless additional pieces which would have
driven up the the price and also resulted in a design that just wasn’t as
smooth within this scale it would work better if you were doing you know a
super creative creator expert set to do those with individual pieces new pieces
and/or new colors around here so on the top of the roof those are not cheese
slope pieces those are a new double angle double double slope part one by
one by two thirds angle in from both directions they’ve also used the pyramid
shaped version of versions of those in tan and also these kind of spear points
four-sided spear points in tan along the sides these windows have the greats in
them and those are the the smallest standard lego lego windows they’re just
a lot from there and they’ve created a insert
part that matches the design that we’ve had for quite a while for the arched
style window so it matches that design back over there and it’s just in this
size and shape which looks really good from the outside and from the inside and
they’ve also used that exact same design around here and that also looks really
good the color is chosen for this whole thing that whole thing I think are very
good I appreciate the variation you know they
tried to keep it from being too boring it’s not just a big ol massive of tan
overall looks pretty good from the outside but most of the work done on
this to design it and to build it it’s all about the interior speaking at which
you do need to open the doors from the inside but once you do get a nice view
down into that hall and oh that looks pretty good you just need some
supplemental lighting in there they don’t let you take the roof off of this
but yeah the details are good let’s look at it from a better angle yeah this is a
pretty nice scene given the very limited amount of space that’s available in in
the set relative to the size of the actual Great Hall I think that the right
level of detail was used here and you can put a lot of students at these
tables and they work just fine I think with the little short-legged
figures even though you know they’re not able to to bend their legs to sit I
think the proportions work out okay and you can also move those short legged
figures in a little bit closer to the table if you want and have them just
standing on the ground which which might even work out a little bit better you
have seating for three faculty members up there and they’ve got some some
goblets there’s also the trophy back behind there and you know the windows
just really look nice of above you get some of the floating candles with the
new candle piece candlestick piece and the candle flame piece for for 2018 they
have all four houses represented up top but you can only see banners for two of
them at a time unfortunately you just have to reverse these around if
you want to see the others and they don’t give you duplicates of any of
these stickers so if you want to have the big celebration of the winning house
at the end of a year yeah he might want to just try to brick link some more
sticker sheets or just print out your own would be a lot cheaper but they use
the space that they had I think as best reasonably possible and it it just looks
good the only thing that I don’t like here is as I mentioned previously it’s a
little bit difficult to get light into this space a lot of light is is blocked
from the end here and a lot of light is blocked from the top because the the
roof does come almost halfway over so yeah it’s just a little bit limiting
keeps it from being as bright as I would like it to be but the build is pretty
proper wanted to try to give you this low angle also looking back towards the
back of the room so you can see how the the light comes through the new window
insert elements I feel like it looks a little bit better in person than I’m
able to capture on camera things in the tower section of the build are
relatively quite limited I mean for stairs you get a single spiral staircase
that can be moved out of the way like so revealing a broom over there and that’s
just it but I mean this this is nice I like these staircase the spiral
staircase pieces now they go together they’ve had that around for quite a long
time but you know there’s not all that much in terms of access you can get up
to this level which has some potions in there and some other ingredients large
cauldrons small cauldron you know that looks good enough but you can really
realistically only put what two figures in there you know one facing that way
and maybe just yeah there we go one facing that way to get a little bit
of variety but that’s just that and then you don’t have any access to the next
level up with the treasure room got Hedwig hanging up hanging out up there
right now and this is just the basic reddish-brown color and inside are some
gems five different colors of gems if the
the two blueish ones look similar it’s because they are similar but one of them
is actually technically purple the other one’s a dark blue and you also get the
newer style of a spider the more recent mold in just a regular
black and that really gets stuck in there found if you really put it down
onto a plate where it fully fits in but pretty realistic looking thing
especially in black and especially as it kind of Slithe slithers around and
screws around in your hand if you have it and an angle like that and then
finally up to the top ah yes this is good although there’s really no space to
use it properly certainly looks good on its own though they have five stickers
used around the outside just for the frame and then the highly reflective
sticker used for the image that appears in it so this was I believe the first
image that was ever ever shown the first vision that was ever shown in it but of
course there are multiple visions to show and they do give you alternate
stickers so you just you know swap that that piece around so you can have this
facing towards the front here’s another that makes sense so are
you trying to get that so you can see it evenly and there’s also one other still
I don’t think they ever showed this one though did they on screen with the
mirror of Erised said removed there is a perch behind it and I have placed the
brick-built minifig scaled Fawkes there that’s pretty appropriate looking you
know for for a build something that’s not made with a specialized mold but you
can also put Hedwig back there or you could also place the the sorting hat
back there if you want to use that for storage but that does bring us to the
end of the look at the entire build really so let’s get into some of the
smaller details like the sorting hat it actually gets a specialized mold with
the face on it and everything for the set not just a generic wizard hat I mean
the generic wizard hats I think were perfectly fine
but I feel like this is going to be a very collectible piece long term that
really serious Harry Potter fans will want to hold on to and even folks who
aren’t really into Lego that much if barely at all may want to get this and
you know fortunately there are aftermarket ways to get individual
pieces without buying entire large expensive sets but there are other
reasons to want to collect small things in this set as well as you’ll see very
soon this is the last proper build I guess
that I haven’t shown you yet in this set it’s the basilisk and yeah it’s it’s ok
you know it’s I feel like it’s a bit small and I mean there’s only so much
that you can do with this size I feel like this was one of the last things
that was designed they had a very limited parts budget that was still
available after designing everything else and yeah it’s ok for its size I
think it’s it’s fine good man articulate upper and lower jaws got the suggestion
of the eye there and light actually comes through that so that’s good and
then you have all these mixels style style ball joints so you can make it
kind of look like it’s slithering around slithering around a bit works best on
the ground it’s actually difficult to get it to rear up unless you just coil
the tail in one direction but it’s it’s ok you know focusing all the way in on
the figures here we have Dumbledore and McGonagall and the prince for each of
these look fantastic to me they are so luxurious their robes really did good
justice to them I believe and check out Dumbledore there with his new hairpiece
that’s interesting they kind of went above and beyond
I thought the previous one that was used just as long hair in general was fine
but this is certainly better hopefully they will be able to find more uses for
that hairpiece in the future on different figures different characters
it’s good stuff as well yeah good stuff all around
include on the backs of these torsos and with
their alternate face prints so for Dumbledore you get the face with no
spectacles no glasses on and it it works just fine with the the beard on with the
beard off you know the beard piece looks a little bit odd I don’t know what you
think about I think this one looks a little bit better to me but I mean he’s
supposed to always have the the beard piece on I suppose but yeah just really
good prints on every single printed piece that I see here and of course the
different colored ones here’s Harry and Ron with their different colored ones of
course the generic Gryffindor outfits the torso prints that will work for any
students of the house including ones that you make up yourself
Harry looks very good with the new hairpiece in my opinion and each of
these gets an alternate face I think again I’ve said this son on lasts review
I think the faces both faces that they chose that they designed for a run don’t
look that great to me don’t look that much like the actual actor whereas what
they did for Harry is pretty much spot-on
here’s Hermione with again that exact same torso print and on the righties
susan bones with the generic Hufflepuff outfit so all good once again an
existing hairpiece possibly recolored for the first time in
dark orange for four bones there on the right and the new for 2018 hairpiece for
Hermione looks fantastic to me definitely look forward to that one
being used again in the future hopefully on other characters than just this one
in particular and this is a a rubbery hair piece here that kind of grabs on to
the headpiece good alternate faces for each of these they’re they’re not too
expressive there’s not a whole lot going on there but I do think they are
appropriate here’s Professor Quirrell and nearly
headless Nick of the Knights who say me two very good figures once again girl
just fine here it doesn’t look too fantastic but once you take off the
headgear you’ll see something very good for that one that is a new kind of
turban piece not the existing design again I’m surprised that they came up
with something new for this character it does look very good it does look updated
from the old one you know it’s it’s more fine with its sculpting and hopefully
they’ll be able to use that further in the future as well but his alternate
face is the most perfect yes correct me if I’m wrong on this I
think this is the only character that Lego has ever given a double-sided face
that belongs oriented only one way you know the the face of the one who must
not be named is supposed to be on the back of his head so that’s that’s just
perfect that’s exactly how it should be and then you also get an alternate face
for Nick and I really like the torso print for Nick there has that that nice
and also the prints on the legs and hip pieces has that nice bright silver color
that really shines and Oh against the against the light gray feels a little
bit ethereal in in-person mini maybe that’s not
coming through on camera quite as well as it ought to Hagrid is quite a sight
to behold with the specialized torso and specialized arm pieces this is a great
looking figure if you ask me could he use just a little bit of
molding on the front of that torso I think personally because you only put
the the pockets unit but I think it could have used a little bit of
something on the front as well just a little bit a little bit of depth but the
graphic there the print is very good they got the metallic color for the belt
buckle the hairpiece is great he’s got the new for 2018 lantern your hand
lantern piece which is just kind of the basket or the cage for it they just put
any regular 1 by 1 cylinder piece down the center that
you can change that out for any color and there is no no secondary face for
Hagrid that was a little bit of a letdown his main face works really well
I I think this matches the cinematic actor actually pretty well with with the
hair off and that still continues to work with it on but it would have been
nice to get different eyes for him maybe something a little bit more relaxed
looking at the underside of that torso it’s mostly Hollow and that does use
just short legs and dark brown I saved Rocko Malfoy for last because he
belongs last the generic Slytherin torso piece though can be used for any any
student you like and he does have secondary face which is even more mean
nasty as a little bit of extra dust on it there but yeah this this is actually
pretty good for it is even though it’s him I think that the figure at least is
is done well and you know what I think I like that that alternate face a little
bit better let me actually swing that around with this hairpiece just as you
can see how that gets kind of framed up you already saw Hedwig but I did want to
show it to you from some different angles if you’re not familiar with this
one a pretty good mold doesn’t have too much detail in it which i think is is
fine and kind of appropriate to the lego style and I do like the shaping of the
eye is there the print in general is good it’s recognizable and here’s
Scabbers himself officially it’s using the newer mold from Lego for a generic
rat and it’s just molded in dark tan I think it looks perfectly fine but it is
a little bit on the large side for for child sized minifigs one last thing I
needed to show you is how the Great Hall is designed to have the whomping willow
main structure build added on to it it just attaches straight in with a couple
of Technic pins and all the parts are included so you just snap it together
and helps to you know increase the overall
size and and breath and playability of what you get for the Hogwarts castle
there was one small little issue putting these together from the back right where
the spiral staircase is by defaulting the whomping willow section of it that’s
over to the left lobbing a little set section of it there is a second lamp on
the wall you do need to remove that just to have space for the stairs to come out
also the smaller set has some separate sections that can be taken apart so
there’s a there’s a crease right there there’s a seam right there the seam
right here and then there’s also a seam over here at each of those you can see
the Technic pins going through the Technic bricks so you can take those
apart rearrange them if you want and you can also attach things to the other side
of the Great Hall because they do have a couple more Technic bricks on the sides
there so just a little bit more modularity if you want to change things
up so what do you know the official Great Hall set has a very very good
Great Hall but it’s not great in order to be a Great Great Hall set it would
have had to be much larger which would mean he would have to be significantly
more expensive so many MOC builders owned it out there over the years have
built truly great great halls in Lego but they cost fortunes scary scary
amounts of money almost unspeakable lots of money for for the really big and
really amazing ones so given the constraints and you know putting this
into a box that can be sold at stores at a reasonable price I really can’t
complain this tower looks very good from the
outside from the inside it is lacking in my opinion overall I would have been
nice to get a similar level of detail inside of this to the interior details
on the whomping willow set but again it’s it’s about number of pieces and
total price now this selection of figures is fantastic I am so happy with
what they’ve done here into ten figures in this set is great with
accessories a lot of new molds used are they all new prints mostly new prints no
no I think mostly new friends but just just great stuff for the figure soon so
collectible and so many of them in a single set that’s that’s not an expert
level you know budget level it doesn’t cause like $300 so speaking of the price
I think the value here is is pretty decent and especially with the help of
the figures themselves they didn’t have that many figures it would feel a little
bit iffy to me but this just does great service to a lot of fans putting so many
figures in here at once and the thing is very displayable this whole section is
very displayable from the back they try to have as much configurability as
reasonably possible in the space with the changeable banners and the different
visions that can show up on the mirror of Erised said the connectability
is is pretty much a must but you know certainly we could go for more more it’s
more structured and yeah that’s that’s what this could use more of is just more
more of everything I’m very happy with what they’ve done given the constraints
given the number of parts and given the price – I think it’s pretty fair that’s
it for my look at this set though please feel free to share your own thoughts
with not only myself but other viewers if you’d like to in the comments and I
will talk to you again as soon as I can you

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