LEGO Harry Potter 2018 Aragog’s Lair review! 75950

hello everyone this is the 2018 Lego
Harry Potter Aragog’s lair set and ironically it’s
not much of a lair set is it the entire structure and terrain build is just a
little bit of a short tree I got a partially rotted off tree that’s
still a little bit alive has a little bit of foliage around the
base and a single mushroom on the side and has a couple of little spiders on it
they’re most likely not even related to Aragog they’re just random little
spiders to make the whole place seemed a little bit more more scary set includes
three of the medium nougat coloured ones in the the most recent design of small
spider and two in black those look really good really good to me by
themselves and you know I just add to the scariness of the thing now there is
that one little printed printed web piece on the on the dish there that or
disc that is actually in action feature that’s awkwardly built into this that is
attached to the end of a flick fire missile it goes all the way through the
base of this tree trunk so the idea is that you would just fire off a little
bit of web out of nowhere and yeah it would be a surprise attack doesn’t
really do anything for me yeah I could have done without that they could have
just put in something static I think in its place
Aragog himself is pretty good though this is definitely a huge step up from
the previous two renditions of him that they’ve done and I would call this
probably my second favorite got a realistic styled little spider that they
have ever done behind only the most recent Shalhoub from from Lord of the
Rings they include four actually technically
five in the set of those printed eyepieces they’re just 1 by 1 tiles in
black they look good and the overall shaping of this is is very good it has
some clever building techniques to bring some nice small detail in it and it does
have a fair amount of pose ability with all of the lakes let me try
to show you some of that so each leg each main leg can go up and
down not too far up can’t bring it all the way down to the ground you have the
body all the way down to the ground but so you have that up and down and you
have the ability to move these forward and back a bit so this has some range of
motion why is it making me lie there you go
forward and back because they use the rounded modified plate piece down there
so just a one by one there here also and here also this one is not able to move
forward and back but you can’t rotate these legs as well at that kind of
center joint so yeah that’s all good stuff the abdomen can also be raised and
lowered although you do need need to make a little bit of space for it when
it comes all the way down but yeah raising it up for that full threat kind
of version you know fully alert look and that that’s not really a useful bit of
articulation right there but these can be moved in and out and these can also
be rotated up and down just a little bit you can see just how the the joints are
set up in there to allow you to move things around a little bit you can also
rotate these Barb’s however there are a lot of things about this right to get
nitpicky about it that are very unrealistic even to Aragog in in the
cinematic universe you know that wasn’t an anatomically perfect spider as it was
but it was it was pretty good but this one is off a bit because this is looking
like it has fangs here it should have pedipalps which are just basically
smaller little little arms they come out the front that would have pads at the
ends not nothing sharp there I guess you could just leave these off and also I
found that you could rotate these down a bit so there may be something that can
be done customization wise so if I can make the space for this yeah there we go
you know rotate this around turn this around maybe leave this off entirely
there there are some things as you can do I think to make this look a little
bit a little bit better and also the fangs are facing forward right now I
think they should be faced back to make it look a little
bit better and overall the proportions of this are a bit off because Aragog was
more of a like a wolf spider had much longer legs and this to me looks a
little bit more like a jumping spider with its proportions and with the big
eyes you know relative to the size of the body and everything but it’s still
is a really cool looking spider to me and it’s ready for a little bit of
customization shouldn’t be too difficult if if you want to change anything I
think most kids won’t even care about the the little details like that it’s
just a good looking thing it’s very scary looking and certainly believable
enough for minifigures the set of course appropriately comes with Harry and Ron
exactly the ones want to get and they’re in casual attire for the Chamber of
Secrets they look appropriate those torsos do and they are certainly
reusable there are generic enough that you can easily use these for some custom
figures great to get the two ones there you actually get a spare of each so a
total in the set of two of the dark brown ones two of the regular reddish
brown ones it’s great to get the the new candle piece and also the new Lantern
piece in this one actually the two candle pieces and the new Lantern piece
in a cheap set would have been great to get even more but that that’s okay I’m
okay with this and the torso prints line swap around this way look good on the
back as well better than the average I would say you know sometimes these more
generic clothing pieces or designs have very little going on on the back but
especially for for runs with that that plaid design you know it’s pretty well
done and then the alternate pieces are absolutely appropriate for for the seats
you know for for getting scared so yeah these these work out really well for me
and let me just go ahead and bring those back around so you can clearly see
exactly how the face prints are done on the front okay so let’s get real about
this set I was critical about it critiqued it because that’s what I’m
supposed to do is a review not an average
but it is a $15.00 set with 157 pieces I could not have asked reasonably for more
stuff than this and a $15.00 set the inclusion of these two very important
major characters is great the Aragog build looks very good even if it has
some some you know inaccuracies it still looks great and 490 plus percent of the
potential customers you know buyers eventual owners of this set the kids
this is this is great and I think a very good value it could have been done
better I believe but it’s still a very good set for what it is and again gives
you I believe a very good value so overall I give this a definite thumbs up
I am happy with it and I’m glad that it’s out there on the market for people
to be able to get it and that’s just it for my thoughts so thank you for
watching and I’ll talk to you in very soon in my next video you

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85 thoughts on “LEGO Harry Potter 2018 Aragog’s Lair review! 75950

  1. small spiders not related to Aragog? Please watch film 3 I believe.
    It's related A LOT. On their way to him, there were thousands of spiders.

  2. I think changing Aragog's species was a good idea, just because the end result is so cute, and works really well for Lego.

  3. Sooooo….15$ is obviously 20€ in Germany…I don't really get these differences…even compared to Pound Sterling the other Europeans have to pay more :/

  4. Do you know any spells? One…but its not enough to kill them all… Where's Hermione when you need her? Ford Anglia saves the day Arania Exumai! Boing

  5. I'm pretty scarred of spiders but for some reason I like stuff like this, and I also think jumping spiders are adorable.

  6. The candle peice looks really goid, so does the lantern piece. I also like the spiders in that colour.

  7. Hey JANG, just a small request, when you show the new updated builds, could you atleast show a pic of the previous design so we can easily see the difference s between them?

  8. Oh you know quite a bit about spiders! As a spider enthusiast I like it a lot, that you mentioned the pedipalps. At first I thought I wouldnt buy it. I like spiders, but Aragog doesnt look to good to me. Its a bit off. I have Shelob, which looks so good! But for a 15$ set, I think I will actually pick Aragog up. Thats not a bad price for the set.

  9. Jang I gotta admit. I feel like the reason so many people like you as a YouTuber is how msart you are with everything. Your a big star wars and harry potter fan. And know your stuff 🙂

  10. Harry= Frodo
    Rohn= Sam
    Wands= Sting & The Ring
    Aragog= Shelob
    Aragog's Lair- Shelob Attacks
    Lantern- Light of Earendil

  11. while im not in the harry potter movies, this set does have some cool parts like more spiders and that flick fire spider web looking piece.

  12. Funny how this is a $15 set but the General Greivous Combat Speeder is $30 for the same number of pieces

  13. It's really weird that it took them so many tries to get a decent Aragog lego set out. They had a perfectly good brick-built model in the Lego Harry Potter 1-4 game that came out in damn 2010 – and this set here appears to be modeled on that game design…. soooo why did it take them almost a decade to actually put one out? O-o

    Lego confuses me sometimes.

  14. Should I get this this set or the 4 pack of Harry potter minifigs coming out or the 4 pack of marvel superheroes coming out?

  15. should also added in draco as well, would made this set better, but otherwise not big fan of this set mini figs are bad only decent thing is the gaint spider.

  16. I agree with what you said at the end….when I opened the box, I was impressed with the amount and variety of the pieces!

  17. This is my favourite set I just got it from my granny at my birthday party, ps my favourite is Ron because its very cool, and for christmas Im going to get the hogwarts castle, Ron's wand, and Lego Harry Potter the collection, and wwe 2k19 for ps4

    Edit: I reallllllyy love Harry Potter

  18. I used this to make a spider darth maul
    Only an hour of modifications
    Have no life
    Also, I love jangbricks vids and his voice is so relaxing

  19. Jang, please never stop nitpicking the accuracy of Lego spiders. I mean this as genuinely as possible.

  20. The eyes off this one have helped me make a few different creature MOCs since, including a Bio-Cup entry. Definitely worth picking up just for those.

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