LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy 2 sets pictures!

Hello, just2good here, and Amazon Japan has officially revealed the
LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set pictures! We did have that instructions image from last
week, but this gives a much better look at each. The smallest set is the Ravager Attack with Taserface, Mantis, and Rocket Raccoon; the second set is Ayesha’s Revenge with Yondu, Star-Lord, Groot, and Ayesha; and the biggest set is the Milano vs. The
Abilisk, with Nebula, Gamora, Drax, Star-Lord, and
Groot. Alright, so, with these clearer pictures, I think I can express more in-depth thoughts
on each. The smallest set is great for $20, and follows the line of great $20 Marvel sets. You get three exclusive minifigures with two
exclusive characters, since the third is a new version of Rocket with a nice brand new smirk and outfit. Mantis is probably my favorite minifigure
of this new movie, well, besides Baby Groot, who is more of a
micro figure. The ship for Taserface looks to me like a
mini-Milano in red, and speaking of the Milano, you can see a part of it to the right. Seems like it may have broken down in this
forest-like setting. Then, there’s Ayesha’s Revenge. I think this is the best of the sets because
of how unique it is. The submarine-like build has lots of nice
curves to it. Again, all minifigures are exclusive in here. I am so glad to get Yondu, and I love his hair piece. At first I was confused but then I saw how accurate it is to his appearance
is to his appearance in the new movie, and the Ayesha figure looks neat with the
pearl gold hair. And now I can see how small the new Milano
is to the older one. I can see this being $80 at most. It is weird how there’s a logo on the side that says Milano in a Ninjago-like font. The Abilisk looks neat as well, and has a portal-beast like movement feature. It’s sad to see that once again Gamora and
Drax only come in the Milano set. I feel bad for those who want to get them
a cheaper way. Anyways, what do you guys think of these? You can check out the links to the Amazon
Japan images in the description below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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