LEGO Grocery Store: Idea And Possible Layout

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with the first update on the Grocery Store moc. Here we are looking at a
48 by 48 stud base plate Now my style of builds, this won’t be enough space. So let’s pretend that these
16 by 16 stud plates are 48 by 48 stud plates. We obviously need to
have the grocery store. What about a frozen food section? Still not big enough. We need to have our
checkouts and our pharmacy and a spot for perishable items. Still not large enough. Let’s put in a butcher, a bakery, and a food court. Oh yeah! I’m going to
go all out on this project. So these will be six 48 by 48 stud plates. Now this obviously will grow as I build it. this could be larger. I’m hoping to incorporate
a store room in the back. along with offices, and a set of restrooms. My builds would not be
complete without a restroom. So let me know on the comments
section of what you like to see in the grocery store. I may even put an isle with power tools and hair accessories. I have so much accessories, that I have collected over the years, I would like to put in one large moc. This will be one of my largest mocs yet. As far as a parking lot and stuff like that, I don’t think I’m going to go
into building a full parking lot. I don’t have the space for that. Speaking of space, this is going to be a very large moc. So I would like to make each
of these pieces modular. It will be a full playable build. As far as the roof is concerned, I don’t want to pick up
some big massive piece. So maybe I’ll make the roof with panels. So I can pull off each section. I do have enough bricks, I do have enough plates, and especially flat tiles. So I’m set for this job. This is going to be one of
my largest craziest mocs yet. So be sure to like, comment,
and subscribe. Remember to turn on the notification bell. So you’ll get notified
when I post another update on the Grocery Store moc. Thank you for watching!

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41 thoughts on “LEGO Grocery Store: Idea And Possible Layout

  1. So excited about this build! Produce, dairy & deli. My Krogers has a Starbucks! Interested if there will be carts or baskets.

  2. I would suggest having many aisle and looked like a maze 😛

    Restroom XD I've never heard of it in a Grocery Store.
    In Hong Kong we call it Supermarket but I don't know if this word is the same…

  3. I'm super excited to see how this build turns out! One thing I'd recommend is having a delivery bay or something in the back for food trucks. And maybe a freezer isle or a cooler room!

  4. Did anyone else hear his voice get really deep when he said job? Also can't wait to see what it will look like

  5. This project looks very awesome! Yes, I think you should include some things other than food, including cooking equipment! (Pans, pots, etc.)

  6. I have a weird request. It sounds stupid, but if you could put my sigfig in somewhere like an Easter egg. Thx if u can

  7. Have you thought about an receiving area where they receive product from trucks? maybe around back or something. could have pallets and forklifts and such

  8. At the Walmart by my house they have a restroom and drinking fountain so I would add those into this awesome build

  9. Where do you find all of these base plates I know you can find some at walmart but where do you find the 48×48 studs base plate at

  10. Looking forward to this build~ I wanna see what it will look like~ I know that it will look awesome~ appliance area? dish and utensil/ cooking stuff area? I see those in our grocery store so yeah.

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