LEGO Granny Chapter Two stop motion

– Mom, where am I? Is it Granny house again? -Lets see what is changed here… – Seems Granny start cleaning! Ouch! What a surprise! – If granny has crowbar it is not Granny it is Grandpa! -I have something for you grandpa… -Let’s see… -Ouch, Granny! Are you lost your last mind? – Granny, Grandpa, why so angry? – Hey Granny! Who will wash the dishes? – Hey, grandpa! Here is your favourite vase! – Pay for your crowbar! – Revenge is a dish best served cold! Will take the key! Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! – What we have here! – That’s it! Camera! – Will check this room! -That’s it! -Seems Grandpa likes peeping! – That’s it! Kitchen! Grandpa still here! – Grandpa is in the cell already! What does he do? He feeds that thing! – What room is it? – Seems it is nearest room! Ouch! Granny comes! Better beat grandpa! – I am so tired from you! I will get away from this hell! Will check the cell! I have seen boat there! – What a smell! What we have here! 1-2-3-4 Serious password! Grandpa left gasoline here! Fill up the tank! – What a scrap!… I’ve found useful thing! – Ouch! Kraken is waking up! – Ouch! They are chasing me! Good Granny and Grandpa don’t have Kraken in the cell! -Off we go! – Bye-bye! Asta la vista Granny! And Grandpa! …and Kraken!

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