LEGO GBC #22 Stepper Zig-Zag Thingy

hello LEGO Bengineer hear and welcome
to my 22nd GBC video this is an interesting GBC it’s like a steper
zigzag mechanism thingy I’m not exactly sure what you call it
I guess I’ll figure it out when I get to the title of the video but it ziz-zags up
and goes down so this was inspired by puzzLEGO’s lift mechanism he made a
mini loop with this type of lift this is a slightly modified version and
it works in a actual module and his was in a mini loop but I’ll leave a
card on the video if I can figure out how to get another video on there and
I’ll leave it in the description as well if you guys want to see it
anyway the inside I can show you the inside of the module because I have a
system so I can easily pop up the lid of the module and here’s the inside
I don’t know how well you can see it but it’s just a bunch of gears pretty much
making your work so the in box is under 10 bricks and the output is over so it’s the
GBC standard and I can hold a lot of balls like a whole lot of balls like 100
balls these balls are slightly smaller than actual Lego balls but I did test it with
a couple LEGO balls to make sure everything works so it does work well
with LEGO balls so anyway here it is in action I’m not gonna go through the
whole thing because it will take a while but here it is so yeah that’s pretty much the module so
make sure to check out on puzzLEGO’s original video which inspired me to
make it into an actual module so thanks for watching goodbye

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6 thoughts on “LEGO GBC #22 Stepper Zig-Zag Thingy

  1. Good job converting the mechanism into a compliant module. It looks quite reliable, and I like the way the balls move on it. 👍🏼

  2. Great job! I really love this modification, especially since it is properly made for GBC! Also, thanks for crediting me, I'll be sure to give you a shout-out or something.

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