LEGO Games at VidCon 2018 – REBRICKULOUS

Today on REBRICKULOUS, we’re at VidCon to play to some RBKLS games with you vidcon is all about creating it brings you and
your favorite youtubers together so we are here at VidCon looking for some
friends to play some RBKLS games with and safety guy kyle is
around here someplace we can’t go up on him yeah my gosh we have Grayson Justin
here we’re gonna play the Lego guessing game I’m gonna put on this ground we’re
gonna put a card in it with you there a landmark at emoji or an animal do you
have to do is if you use these Lego bricks to build that thing as quickly as
possible so that I can guess it the first person to have a successful build
wins okay easy enough three two one hey hey hey don’t talk to my teammate this
Mike all right turtle okay we’re making most
dates here oh it’s not a strawberry beautiful see look at it just look at it
for a sec maybe we can take a bite of it I mean we have five minutes to look for
bricks inside this kiddie pool the bricks will be on the screen and then
we’re gonna build it but I have a little surprise for you all
all right I got a chopsticks I have crazy glasses all right so first thing
you need is some pieces like this okay a white 380 this is disorienting how we doing try
this I tagged and Miley good luck yes 45 seconds I remember that part I kind of think
this one looks a little bit more like you’re so close though hey guys where would dame you’re about
to face up against tyler he’s gonna get it oh yeah he called me out so I’m not
taking it easy we’re gonna pick up these pieces we’re gonna try and build this as
fast as possible you guys go in three two one begin okay we go over here to
Tyler Tyler kind of knows how to do this already take it easy on him you call
them out you call them out and use the wings
you did it boldly yes right it’s right okay we’ll get at the top of this talk
we don’t I’ve got just bring it on me okay wait I lost my awesome country’s
already lost a brick well this is pretty this is like neck-and-neck
this is like 5050 Mitrione has a few pieces left crystianna is facing off
against Kenneth three two one go okay yeah they’re gonna start building tell
her who do you have in this race my money’s gotta be here on Kenneth with
hair like that I don’t see how he can lose man he’s methodical that’s what you
need in this game okay okay oh no no no don’t do it I can’t watch I
can’t watch so for the first time ever ridiculous actually had success after
success after success which is not normal for us but hey we’re evolving
it’s good cutting for their team big cut we had so much fun with you guys playing
games going around meeting a lot of fans that was really cool we’ll see you next
time click one of these videos to watch more ridiculous and don’t forget to

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  1. Hello rbkls I love you guys I want reply by Tyler ,dimitry and Christiana you guys are Best on YouTube please give a love and please subscribe to my channel

  2. Me and my twin was recorded for this and I’m not even in the video. I thought we would be featured in the video

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