|LEGO Game of Thrones| Cersei Blows up the Sept of Baelor

There´s something wrong. You have nothing to fear, Your Grace. The trial will begin shortly. Cersei is not here. Tommen is not here. Why do you think they are not here? If the accused is not here she´ll be trial regardless. We cannot escape the justice of the Gods. Forget about the bloody Gods and listen to what I´m telling you! Cersei understands the consequences of her absent. And she´s absent anyway. Which means she does not intent to suffer those consquences. The trial can wait. We all need to leave. We all need to leave now! Loras. Stay with me. Let me through! Let me through! Get out of my way! Let us through!

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34 thoughts on “|LEGO Game of Thrones| Cersei Blows up the Sept of Baelor

  1. Awesome, a new video! 😀 I really like it where all the figures are moving and pushing each other in the background, makes it feel really lively. 🙂

  2. Wow😍 Game of Thrones is my favourite TV series and I love this scene. You're really good ❤️ I love your channel 😁

  3. Nice video, the wildfire looks neat and close to what it looks like in the series!! This scene was quite a big surprise to me when I saw it, that's probably why I love game of thrones that much. 😀

  4. I wish all of religions and their places blow up. this is what people all people around the world should do with religions . The Truth is religions are enemies to humanity. Gods ,God ,Allah whatever you name it/ them are our enemies !

    one day you will learn the Truth

  5. George R.R. Martin (the guy who wrote the GAME OF THRONES books) would be flattered from these videos & LEGO creations.

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