LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage 41105 Unboxing & Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with Pop Star Show Stage by LEGO Friends. Set number 41105. Contains 446 pieces. Recommended building ages are 7 through 12. This looks like one awesome stage. Livi and Andrea are included. The box has nice colorful box art. Look at all the various actions and accessories. Let’s open it up and see what’s inside. Here we go! That was quick. So we have two instruction manuals. A set of sparkly stickers. Three bags that are numbered with various bricks. What are we waiting for? Let’s head over to the Pop Star Show Stage! The Pop Star Show Stage is easy to construct and fun to assemble. On the left, we have two figures. On the right, we have the stage. Let’s take a closer look. First let’s take a look at Livi on the left and Andrea on the right. Both their torsos are printed as well as the print work for their shoes. Livi has a microphone while Andrea has two sticks for the drums. Livi is wearing a sparkly dress. This is made of cloth. Nice magenta hair. Both figures have slots on the top for accessories. Finally the Pop Star Show Stage. I must say that this is one nice set, however it required a lot of stickers that I choose not to put on such as these two elements on both sides. The sign on top as well as the this transparent element, and other various bricks required stickers. I didn’t see the need to put those on. Too bad they weren’t printed. Other than that, this is a nice stage. So on the left, we have a set of drums. On the right, we have a keyboard. And on top, we have the main stage. This looks like to be a catwalk. Lots of lights. Here’s the back. We have a few hooks with extra dresses or capes. These are sparkly as well. This cape doesn’t want to go back on the hook. There we go. At least the back is somewhat finished off. Here we have a knob on the right. If we rotate it, the screens and the backdrop do turn. Everything does turn a full 360 degrees. The control mechanism feels a bit stiff. I may have a gear connected too tight. These two elements on the front as well do rotate. I’m not sure what their purpose is for. Everything is scaled for figures. So here we have a microphone attached and a guitar, Those are included. Let’s place Livi on the stage and we’ll have Andrea play the drums. Like I said, everything is the right height. There should have been one more minifigure included for the keyboard. Other than that, this is a complete set. Nicely thought out indeed. Here are the spare pieces. Off tot he left, we have a nice set of print work. Too bad the graphics were not printed on the bricks. On the right, we have various stud flowers, studs, a few microphones, and other various bricks which may come in handy to
enhance the Pop Star Show Stage or for other Lego Creations. This wraps up the review for Pop Star Show Stage by Lego Friends. Set number 41105. This is one nice set. Too bad the graphics were not printed on the bricks. This set will be perfect for any Lego Friends theme or as a source for spare parts. Thank you for watching!

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