LEGO Friends: Party Gift Shop (41113) Exploration

hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER here with Party Gift Shop by Lego Friends. Set number 41113. Contians 52 pieces. Recommended building ages are 5 through 12. Looks like there’s an adorable bunny getting gifts from the Gift Shop. Let’s open it up. That box was easy to open. It appears we get two bags of elements. A 4 by 8 half-circle plate. One instruction manual. Looks like a cool assortment of parts. Let’s go visit the Party Gift Shop. The Party Gift Shop all assembled. It is a fun quick build. Off tot he right, we have a small present. The top can be removed. The ribbon is printed on
a 2 by 2 inverted flat tile. On the bottom, we have two small carrots. In the center, we have a see-saw with the two bunnies. We have a birthday card on the left. Each of the bunnies do have a party hat on. These can be removed. Nice balloon. On the left, we have the Gift Shop. Have some cherries on the bottom. Two bows in the display window. The pink shutters do close. Here’s the interior. We have a hundred dollar bill, a coin, and a cash register. These are printed. Ayn elements with graphical print
work are printed on the bricks. This is one nice set. There are a few spare pieces. There are two extra party hats, some hair ribbons, an extra coin, a stem, cherries, and other various elements which
may come in handy for other creations. This set will be perfect for any Lego Friends theme or as a source for spare parts. This wraps up the review for Party Gift Shop by Lego Friends. Set number 41113. Thank you for watching!

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6 thoughts on “LEGO Friends: Party Gift Shop (41113) Exploration

  1. Hey can you build the motor home again and I'll buy it I know you don't sell any of your Legos but I really need it

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