LEGO Friends: First Aid Jungle Bike 41032 Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with First Aid Jungle Bike by LEGO Friends. Set number 41032. Contains 156 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 through 12. So here we have Emma. Here’s the Jungle Bike. [Laughs] This box looks like it needs a little first aid itself. It’s all crushed in. So here’s all the various actions. Let’s open up the box and see what’s inside. So it appears we have three bags of elements and one instruction manual. Let’s see what the First Aid Jungle Bike looks like after it’s assembled! That was quick, easy, and fun build. In a moment we’re going to take a closer look at Emma and the orangutan, the bike, and the jungle theme. Here off to the left we have Emma. Let’s take a closer look. Her blouse is printed as well as her sandals. She has a yellow radio. Nice hairpiece, and it is compatible with standard Lego minifigures. She has a spot on the top of her head as well as the back for an accessory. She didn’t come with any accessories though. Let’s have a quick look at the chimpanzee. Hid face, as well as other features, are printed. He has an accessory slot on his back as well. I don’t know why you want to put an accessory on him. Looks like he’s ready to hang of a vine or something. His hand is ready to grab something. Maybe he’s ready to grab bananas. Next we have the First Aid Jungle Bike. It is medium azure and white for the color scheme. Here we have a few accessories. We have a first aid bag. It is printed. We even have a helmet with a visor. Plenty of room for the accessories. In addition we have a syringe and a flat shovel. It is scaled for Friends figures as well as standard minifigures. Let’s place Emma on the bike. It does glide smooth on a flat surface. Vroom Vroom! Now she’s ready for a rescue. Finally we have the jungle scene. Off to the right, we have a small cave. The chimpanzee can easily sit inside. It is a bit difficult to sit on the stud. Nice rock face with some greenery. Here we have a knob. If we turn this knob, boulders come raining down on the chimpanzee. So that means that Emma has to come to his rescue. He must have got injured. We have to pick all these up. They’re just 1-by-1 bricks, and they do easily go back inside through the top. Here’s the rear. Not much is going on. We have a sliding door. I’m taking it that this is a
pass-through for the cave. Not quite sure what its exact function is for. Here we have a small palm tree with a banana. That comes with the set. The chimp can easily hang from the tree. Here we have a small mushroom. That is printed. One nice set. Here the spare pieces after assembling the First Aid Jungle Bike. As you can see, we have a few Technic elements, an extra syringe, a slope, studs, and an extra visor. These pieces may come in handy for other creations. This concludes the review for First Aid Jungle Bike by Lego Freinds. This is one nice small set. It does come with lots of features and lots of accessories. Emma and the chimpanzee are also included. This set will be perfect to add to an existing Lego Friends collection or as a source for spare parts. Thank you for watching!

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