LEGO Friends Amusement Park Bumper Cars 41133 Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with Amusement Park
Bumper Cars by Lego Friends. Set number 41133. Contains 424 pieces. Recommended building
ages are 8 through 12. Looks like we got a small fun park with two bumper cars and a swing. Before we begin, this set
did required some stickers. Here’s the print work. I choose not to put the
graphics on the bricks as this is going to be a parts donor set. In the front, we have Olivia and Ben. Nice graphical print work for their torsos. On the right, we have a
cotton candy machine. This rests on a set of wheels. On the left-hand side
we have a ticket booth. The graphics on the 1 by 1 tile and the 1 by 2 tile are printed. So on the top-right, we
have our bumper cars. They work with the Friends figures. They do sit inside. Let’s give this a test. Now you two don’t go
crashing into one another. That’s right!
That’s what it’s for. Well this is not too exciting. Let’s take a look at the swing. The swing is pretty creative. We just rotate this knob
to rotate the swing. We have a safety bar in the front. This feels like this is going to break off. So I don’t want to move that too much, and Ben took a face plant on
the corner of the table [Laughs! Okay. Let’s set him in here. Well don’t be doing anymore face plants. It’s your turn Olivia. You’re going to go on that
ride if you like it or not, Looks like we can seat up to
three Friends figures inside. This will also work with
standard minifigures as well. Let’s put the bar down. We have to be extra safe. Keep your hands inside. We can just rotate this swing. It seems a little stiff, but it is a nice mechanism. Here’s the rear. The only thing that I don’t like about it
is all the cogs that are all exposed. It could have been cleaned up a bit. I think what they were trying to do was to synchronize the swing. It’s a nice mechanism.
Very simple. There is some bricks in this set. Lots of plates.
Lots of studs. So as far as using this
set for a parts donor, that would be about the extent of it. There are some accessories. We do have the tile that’s printed, a window, some of these wall elements, and there’s a small amount
of Technic elements as well. So this does have some parts that
could be used for future mocs or even as a great addition for a
Lego city or Lego Friends theme. It’s not a bad set. It does have some play-ability, but I wasn’t too thrilled with it. This will sure be a good source for parts for some of my mocs. Thank you for watching!

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