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What’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies. And today… We are showcasing one of the biggest Fortnite builds We’ve ever done entirely from LEGO bricks. This is a Lego Fortnite supply llama. And it was built from over 4,500 individual pieces. It weighs over 16 and a half pounds. And it measures 85 centimeters tall, complete with an articulating mouth. And we’re gonna be filling that this bad boy up with some candy and some building materials. And we’re actually gonna be dropping it and cracking it open at the end. So do stay tuned for that. But as far as the build goes: For the angled legs, I did use a couple of hinged pieces tons of blue, and pink, and lavender pieces. Lots of little 1 by 2 base plates also to give that texture to imitate the strips of colored crepe paper that Pinatas have on them. So I got to use a lot of fun bricks in colors that don’t usually use to build. In Fortnite though, supply llamas were added in March of 2018 They drop 1500 materials. With 500 wood, 500 brick, and 500 metal. So they can absolutely change the course of the game if you come across one. They’re extremely rare though, as there’s only three of them in every game. And they can spawn on top of the trees, rooftops… So you can definitely pass them if you’re not looking out for them. So here you can see we’re filling it up with a couple of red “brick” kind of stone-like materials. It can hold an absolutely… A massive amount of LEGO bricks. I did also make the “treasure chest” motif on it with a lock and that was built with dark tan, tan, and a bit of chrome to simulate the hinges that it has. Also, for the inside it doesn’t look quite, as nice as there’s different colored pieces. Some pieces from the Knight Bus: a Harry Potter set, just to get that purple brick. As purple bricks can actually be kind of rare and hard to find. And this Lego llama pinatas’ saddle opens up and that’s how you can add in the LEGO bricks. I used some dark brown for that, and these also do drop over 400 rounds for your weapons, as well as three traps, Shields, and med kits. They can be especially helpful when you have a squad and you’re short on materials and ammo. They can help you to get that victory. The color scheme of it is quite cool. I do love the medium lavender, and the blue, and the pink. I think it makes for a really fun design. But there you guys have it. We’re gonna get to cracking this thing open. I do Hope you enjoy and do be sure to leave the video a thumbs up if you guys want to see some more stuff like this. But as always thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys next time. What’s going on guys? It’s ZaziNombies here… And we’re gonna be opening up this Fortnite… Llama Pinata… [Sound of breaking plastic] Alright, okay… [Slow motion sounds of breaking plastic] Three… Two… One… [Crunch of breaking plastic bricks] [Slow motion sound of falling plastic] [laughing] Lego Angels! [Girl shouting from above] Loot drop! Ouch! Don’t freaking hit me. [Laughter] Okay, so this is a count of the Lego bricks that did not hold up to the fall You can see some of the tubes. These are little hinged brick plates and some of the base plates Couldn’t quite handle the llama. So… [Deep male voice] You can’t handle the llama.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Fortnite Llama

  1. I’m sad cause a llama saved my life in fortnite I was being shot at when looting a llama and the llama was my shield and it took one for the team and saved me and gave me 200 of all the mats and ammo and I managed to kill the guy ;( R.I.P My hero!(My llama/hero you will never be forgotten about ❤️

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