what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day what is going on outside oh my gosh why is
there so much smoke out there what is going on whoa whoa whoa oh my gosh what
what is going on Carter Sharer, what is going on out here oh my gosh is that your fog
machine yeah I got a fog machine whoa that thing is intense yeah this
thing is awesome check it out ready whoa Korda that annihilates the house whoa
Sharer’s can’t even see myself can even see me whoa
so much falling ever court I came and see you right now yeah this is the same
fog machine that we use for Halloween it’s totally awesome it’s so much smoke
and it’s super scary yeah shout out to all the sheriff’s who came
trick-or-treating it was so epic whoa all right let’s go down to the basement
Carter let’s go Wow too much smoke let’s go down the basement the neighbors are
gonna think something Crazy’s happening to the basement let’s go let’s go let’s
go let’s go we got here whoa a little mini fog machine oh yeah the mini fog
machine and then what are all these hoses and water bottles what are you
working on I’m trying to make an awesome fog cannon oh yes sure is if you don’t
look for cannons are they’re the coolest thing ever oh I can’t wait okay Carter
let’s get buildin this could be so cool yeah so I’m thinking maybe we can use
this too let’s try it here you hold this in okay put this on the fog machine is
this a vacuum cleaner hose this is a vacuum cleaner hose okay let’s try it
I’m gonna put this one in up against the fog machine like this and I’m gonna push
the button let’s see what happens here we go hello I didn’t see what happened
lose that weight do it again oh oh that’s so cool oh did you see the ring
shares oh oh we go over here now ready and go
oh I see the ring that’s so cool oh this is so cool oh that’s trying to
make a little mini air cannon from just a water bottle check this out first
things first let’s fill it with some fog okay just like that
no all you have to do is oh like a missile of smoke whoa that is so cool Oh
Carter here’s what I’m thinking that smoke and probably has enough power to
blow out a candle so let’s light one up oh oh I see where
you’re going with this hang on get that candle lit come on light there we go
okay so you can stand there I’m gonna grab my smoke bottle and I’m gonna stand
here and then in slo-mo I’m gonna try to blow a smoke ring and go you blow that
thing out I think it’ll work sure what do you think you think this little mini
smoke cannon is gonna have enough power to blow out a candle comment right now
I’m not really sure if this is gonna work there’s only one way to find out
let’s do it wow that was so cool hot wax dripping
everywhere that was so cool Carter that was awesome work that little smoke in
have all my power if you smash the like button you were right it totally worked
now it’s time to step things up a notch let’s go bigger oh yeah let’s make a big
smoke cannon now Oh what if we can mod this Lego nerf gun to instead of
shooting Lego Nerf darts but to shoot fog whoa that’s a really cool idea you
could shoot fog bullets oh yeah does it still shoot a Lego Nerf dart though oh
yeah okay that one broke that was crazy all over the place well now that we know
that Lego nerf gun still works Carter let’s mod it to shoot some fog yeah I’m
just trying to figure out how we can even do this because right now it shoots
and it works with the Lego Nerf darts but not me just making shooting bullets
a bob oh you know what I’m thinking we can use a balloon how was it balloon
gonna make this thing shoots fog carded check this out take this giant green
balloon this is huge let’s get some scissors got some
scissors check yes get to work I think what we can do with this I think I’m
starting to get a good let’s take off a few of these pieces
like this so we just get the barrel that’s what we want now they’ve got our
Lego nerf gun barrel let’s put it down and get this balloon yeah I want to lay
it on here just like that and I’ll stick a rubber band around it to hold it on
like this let’s put another one on just to make sure it doesn’t come off okay
cheer over bands on and now what I’m thinking is what we can do is fill the
barrel with fog and they can grab the blue like this stretch it back okay
we’re off to a bad start anyway this trip over time if we could
stretch it back like this and let go and boom put some farm work and maybe it’ll
shoot a bullet up ah sweet I’m on the farm which means duty Carter reload with
five reload of fog here we go and reloading Oh plenty of fog at that time
okay ready I’m ready I have a good feeling about this one here we go three
two one Oh it’s like it’s not very good it does
work but it’s so small I can barely see hey alright you can barely see the fog
like I can see it but it’s like it’s so little this is not a very good design
sure we can do better than this yeah let’s make one that’s bigger and better
back to the drawing boards let’s go going through the garage I got just the
idea this should do the trick we got the bucket now we got this drill with a
special tool lets you save huge – be careful you’re ready Carter yeah let’s
drill a hole in this bucket here we go that is literally a perfect hole hello
Steve I want to try this drill I’m gonna drill it in oh I’m gonna try the pumpkin
Oh pump oh that pumpkins rotted yeah this pumpkins looking nasty let’s give
it a whole going full speed on this one here we go okay ready just take two Oh pumpkin smash whoa
that’s gross let’s see if it comes out perfect oh look at that that’s one way
to carve a pumpkin yeah I wish I knew about that before Halloween oh we’ve
been a lot easier to carve my pumpkins we got everything we’re felis get back
inside and make the thing a working Lego fog cannon we got the bucket and this
will serve as the barrel for our fog cannon the next step is we’re gonna put
something on the back you can use a balloon we’re gonna try to use a swim
cap just grab one side you want to just try to stretch it across uh-oh this
might not stretch this is a lot to stretch okay let’s do this pull and
stretch ah go go go we’re almost there I think this
might work oh my gosh were so close is it go oh yeah oh no I think we’re on
is it gonna stay I don’t know that’s the question hey it might work though I
think this might work we got the cat Bowl that went on a lot easier than I
thought let’s try filling with smoke Oh back on
fog duty let’s do this three two one keep it going a lot of fog inside okay
oh it’s loaded will it work Sharra’s come right now hashtag Lego be think
this is gonna work let’s try a little one whoa whoa no way it’s still going
that was insane oh no way whoa whoa whoa no way this is the coolest ever big one
whoa no way this is so cool oh that’s crazy wow this works so well
okay so our first Lego smoke cannon it was okay it was a prototype it didn’t
work too well but this one the other hand oh yeah this was totally awesome
now let’s decorate this thing with Legos and make it look awesome oh yeah now
that’s what I call a Lego cannon let’s see if it still works let’s fill it up
with some fog here we go three two one overload it with fog tell me when Carter
I think that’s good okay oh yeah keep the fog sealed in I’m ready I’m gonna
shoot one straight up okay here we go oh this is so cool go oh whoa
it makes perfect rings – aw let’s fill it up again this is so cool overload at
this time yeah I want to put a lot in this time okay we are all filled and
ready to goon I’m watching this one straight at you sure oh yeah let’s do
this you ready in three two oh and it’s
coming whoa oh that was so close so slow everyone whoa how are you doing that I’m
just like very gentle that is so cool no way
I go narcan and woo see how much you to get them already Oh blast
oh whoa whoa it’s so cool this is so awesome
okay I’m gonna do a deal I’m gonna punch it ready yeah oh that’s so awesome
Oh perfect rings look at that those are so good your cards sit on the stool okay
I’m gonna take the Lego nerf cannon oh I’m gonna try to mess up your hair my
hair yeah okay let’s do it oh there’s the cannon let’s see what happens when
it hits me in the head that’s gonna be a headshot what’s gonna happen ready yeah
three two one whoa that was so fast try that again three two one Oh move your
hair I just got hit by a fog bullet deaf Oh
do you like rapid fire whoa that was so cool let’s try to get in slow-mo slow-mo
headshot let’s do it oh that was crazy hit me right in the
head in my hair just with my boo that was so cool doesn’t even hurt no it
doesn’t it just feels like a gust of wind it’s like a bull as a poo it’s so
cool oh I think this just got home who should be tried on this we will tell her
what it is what it’s like surprise her shares let’s go do the Lego Fogg Canon
on this hey Liz come down here oh there’s shoes please come okay we’re up
to something awesome so just come and sit on that
chair bucket bucket made of Legos I’m scared okay so close
your eyes are you ready awesome keep your eyes closed two one it’s a leg of fog cannon whoa it shoots
ba greasiness perfect circle rings every time or even better make a share the
love logo that is so cool if we cut this circle into a share the love maybe we
should share the love smoke that would be so epic we’re coming right now would
that work oh let’s do a really slow one let’s take us out they could do really
slow ones and they float in the air okay yep to 100 it’s going it’s going it’s
going try to catch this one on your arm like a
bracelet okay go ready mm-hmm oh that was cool and go oh
yeah that was awesome okay try to catch this one in your mouth ready okay open
up ready three two one Oh what’s it taste like fog Ohi one ready Oh too much
oh speaking of eating fog I gotta go feed baby otter okay bye oh don’t fall
oh you know what’s really cool what what if we don’t fill it with fog then the
Rings that shoot out will be invisible and you’re like invisible air bullets
let’s try it over here you ready yeah okay sure that means if there’s no fog in
here it still works they’re just invisible Oh Steve I wonder if we can do
like a long-distance sniper shot with this oh let’s try it go behind the Lego
box board over there and try to hit me from all the way over there I’m gonna
see the ring coming you ready yeah and go oh yeah yep oh that got me in the
camera oh you got me that was so cool whoa this thing is so cool you can shoot
like far distances too yeah it’s so cool all it shoots is air so you never have
to worry about running out of ammo yeah you always have more ammo Oh quarter
let’s do some target practice oh I got just the thing I’ll be right back okay I
got these cups so what we’re gonna do these cups is we’re gonna stack them on
the table like this boom just like that we have an awesome pyramid and now we’re
going to do is we’re gonna test and see how powerful is air cannon is we’re
gonna blow this up a fog and give it a big blast and see if we can knock those
cups over Oh sure is you think this leg okay is gonna
work come right now hashtag Lego I’m not sure it’s gonna work I have enough power
to move my hair but I don’t know who’s gonna have enough power to push those
cups over was only one way to find out let’s do it adding fog now let’s see if
we can knock this over as comment right now what do you think
is it going to work I don’t know let’s try it though here we go
Lego odd cannon versus cups in three two one go oh that’s awesome let’s try again
in three two one oh no way oh one left get it off and go got power
that is so cool wow that was so cool shirts let’s set it back up and do it
again in slow-mo oh it’s a mass destruction yeah this thing is powerful
and it worked really well I didn’t think it was gonna work this good no way
shares this is so cool you’ve got to make one at home and if
you do don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see your epic Lego
cannon so go follow us right now on Instagram and comment right now what we
should do with this Lego bhaag can and I drew do some trick shots with this yeah
which is the next vlog be with this thing oh yeah shares come right now and
until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace!

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