LEGO Fantastic Beasts Grindelwald’s Escape review! 75951

hello this is Grindelwald’s Escape a
set based on fantastic beasts the second movie which as of the time the recording
of this video has not come out yet but that’s ok there are no real spoilers
beyond what’s already shown in the very first trailer the absolute highlight of
this set to me is the brand-new thestral which gets its own unique mold let me
take it off so you can see it by itself it’s dare I say majestic in addition to
being creepy and scary at the same time they’ve got the glowing eyes there which
have good opacity with the print actually and in some lighting conditions
almost looks like it’s literally glowing there this is not able to articulate at
least the body is not so you’re not able to move the legs around but they haven’t
in a very dynamic pose that makes sense for a number of different speeds of
movement and they’ve got the ribcage and some of the the vertebrae that are
visible beneath the skin and the wings are able to be flapped so those can be
brought all the way down or all the way up one portion of that these are dual
moulded and one of the plastics is translucent dark brown or you call it
trans black in some cases just very very thin and looks great and every single
one of these will be a little bit different no two will be exactly the
same with the way the process works but I think it looks very nice and they make
it very easy to connect the carriage here with the bar pieces on the sides
those are a modified one by two pieces with bar on either side and there
they’re fairly stealth they don’t stand out too much so you can just kind of
leave them on there and I think that’s perfectly fine thing to do with the
harness and wing sub-assembly removed I just want to show you what it looks like
with just the single piece itself so they’ve got open studs there and you can
fill that up with whatever you want even if you want to turn this into something
that doesn’t have wings this carriage meanwhile is I would say larger and more
detailed and more believable than the total peace count of the set would
suggest this looks really really good it has the steerable front axle so you can
just rotate that around to get some different poses comes with a pair of
doors frequently these days Lego does these old train doors with
just one for a given color which is very very frustrating for folks who like to
do custom stuff but this comes with a pair in black you’ve got a little bit of
space at the back to place some some cargo here if you want they’ve recolored
these these foliage these sprout pieces into black which is fantastic I can see
a lot of people getting a lot of those and using them to make some very
interesting shapes and some very creepy large creations as well and they’ve used
that up at the front we’ve got room for the single driver there and of course
the roof comes off because you know it’s it’s a vehicle and you need to be able
to put a person inside and you can put just a single person in there they’ve
got the nice probably red velvet covered bench style seat there and just a little
more of that suggestion of the velvet covering I believe towards the front but
you can’t really put any cargo up there I guess you could stand to figure in
there as well so I have one seated in one standing
look at how they even used the inverted curved pieces underneath to help with
the shaping there it’s structural but it also helps with the shape you see a
little bit of the Technic holes but from most normal angles you don’t see that at
all and then they have the the inverted tile underneath there just so that if
you put a lot of weight on this and it starts to bend down it has a little
little something to to keep it from wanting to collapse too much and also
keeps it from getting caught on carpet quite as easily as just leaving the
sharp edges of the bricks down there this is the first figure to represent
just Grindelwald in his natural appearance and not the
duality between his natural appearance and his Percival Graves disguise the
prints unfortunately did not line up here the leg and hip
are offset a little bit to the left you can see how it on the legs comes right
up to the edge on the left but has a gap on the right and then it just doesn’t
line up quite properly with the torso that’s too bad I think that that will
vary from from individual piece to piece hopefully if you get this set you won’t
have that issue but it bugs me a little bit that the emblem there is is not
lined up properly he has the wand and then a power blast piece they include a
total of two of those power blast pieces in this set and that’s us I believe
that’s not supposed to represent magical power that’s coming from his haniss but
I believe it’s supposed to be an attacking spell that’s coming from his
wand but this does allow you to have that that more realistic play you know
where you have a blast coming out and you know you meet shooting at people so
I think it’s a fine compromise you don’t want ones to look weird it’s good that
they kept those nice and small and pretty well scaled the torso print on
the back is not all that great but he does have an alternate face so you can
get two expressions it’s strange to see just a just a blank expression from them
I’ll have to see how that fits into the movie I have to say I’m liking that
hairpiece the mold the shape of it less and less as a match for this character
just his hair sticks up so much more in the center and as depicted in the movies
and really would have been nice if they had come up with something new or found
a better match here’s Madame president Seraphina Picquery
with the other of the two power blast pieces included in the set and she has a
purple wand that’s fancy and special they they include two of every wand in
every set because they come on a little sprue so you get a spare of that the
face for this one is done very well I like the curls of the hair that looks
very good I don’t know if there’s supposed to be some hair around the back
though I haven’t seen her without any headgear on in-universe
the back torso print is you know a little bit plain again but I think it’s
okay and they use the relatively new lower leg piece
represent robes or skirt or dress in this case I think you kind of get a lot
of stuff for the number of pieces in this set just the the overall volume of
everything completed is very very good it’s too bad they didn’t price it to
match the the price count you know based on an average price to part ratio basis
but I do think that it’s priced fairly based on how much stuff you actually do
get except in the euro zone I don’t know what’s going on with the price there
that just doesn’t make any sense to me it’s it’s too much but everywhere
everywhere else I’m happy with the volume definitely very happy with the
design of the carriage and the design of the new thestral as well as its wings
the figures are okay but not great certainly not the highlights of the set
and I think that’s fine but I am biased there I am personally more into Lego for
the builds you know for the major things you put together than for the many
things different people will have different perspectives on that but now
you’ve seen the set hoped that I’ve shown you everything you want to see
here about it I’m going to continue working bringing more reviews hopefully
work on some custom stuff again soon and I’ll catch you later you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Fantastic Beasts Grindelwald’s Escape review! 75951

  1. He keeps talking about this "Thestral" but I don't see anything? In fact in one part of the video, all I literally see is a white screen (occasionally with his hand). Weird………

  2. Jang, look up the Tested YouTube channel, they just put out a great video about a dystopian city that you may want to check out for the fan section of new jang city.

  3. I think the my collectible Minifig of Graves/ Grindelwald is more accurate. I like this set and if anything I would switch the head for that Grindelwald with mine if I get this set.

  4. As a Lego Dungeons and Dragons builder, this set looks great. Lots of elements in there, even those minis will be handy for parts. Great vid as usual.

  5. Just built this set last night. Loved this set despite the fact I know nothing about it. I think the carriage build is wonderful even though its relatively small. I wish they had included a the pieces to fill in the animal if you elect to take the carriage off.

  6. I'm not even sure if I would want a more accurate representation of Grindelwald's horrible hair style in the movie.

  7. £14.99 on Amazon.Found the Fantastic Beasts suitcase for £32.99.So soon after release,shows that these sets prices are about 25% too high!

  8. Youtube unsubscribed me from your channel so I subbed back up, obviously. Another excellent review. Thank you, Jang!

  9. This set sucks the old thestral was way better looking and isn’t grindlewald supposed to have a moustache

  10. Clearly, there is something wrong with Euros prices ! I live in France, and it's getting more and more difficult to buy sets at a "reasonnable" price (though it is toys, and toys are expensive). 🙁

  11. For the first two minutes or so, you were talking about a blank screen, and you were acting like you were touching something that didn't seem to be there. What's up with that?

  12. Grindelwald was shown moving Newt and his suitcase around without his wand in the movie, so maybe the powerblast is supposed to be coming from his hand

  13. Hey Jang, when are you gonna do some progress on your city? I’m very sick of all these set reviews, and the main reason I subscribed is because I thought that your city was cool, and I wanted to see it being developed over time. Obviously, it’s your channel and it’s your decision on what kind of videos to make, I’m just putting out my personal opinion 🙂

  14. the blast is actually comming from his hand. in the last trailer you can see him using some sort of blue fire thing to attack

  15. I love this set, the carriage looks great and I love the Thestral! I just wish it could rear up on its hind legs like modern LEGO horses but it's not a big deal. It's really unfortunate how inaccurate Grindelwald is especially considering how important he is to the movie. I can't help but think of the Grandmaster from the Thor Ragnarok sets with the serious inaccuracies and that awful choice in hair piece. It isn't even close, I have no idea why they chose it! Newt's hair piece in white would've been at least a better fit. He's also strangely missing his mustache which makes the inaccuracies worse.

  16. I really want one to convert into Dracula's carriage. Always wondered why Lego keeps using the red axle piece when they at least used to have a black one. I swapped them for black in the cloud swoop bikes, and will do the same with this

  17. I've been looking at this set, love the carriage build and need the Thestral in my life – those eyes!

  18. Where do you buy your storage drawers? I am trying to do something similar but I can’t find any of the right shape or size.

  19. Thanks again Jang. You slipped in a comment about working on custom stuff just at the end there. I’m keeping fingers crossed for you planetary defence force… can’t wait!

    Love your reviews and watch 90% of them, but for me, your custom stuff is what I really wait to see.

  20. For some reason I thought this set included 2 Thestrals pulling the carriage, so I'm a little surprised and disappointed to only see one here. Nice looking carriage build, though.

  21. Doesn’t grindelwald have a small mustache and is this like killmonger in the black panther set which has killmonger with an inaccurate faceprint

  22. wow at the price in euros
    it is just outrageous how they expect europpeans to pay such amounts of money
    are we that rich??

  23. Is it just me or does Jang's version miss his mustache? Because he has one and it looks like the fig has one on the box

  24. The blank expression is because in the movie, Grindelwald barely has any facial expressions. He just stares the protagonist down and says a very creepy line. He also doesn't blink.

  25. I think for this scene they should have had the longer snape hair in white. Also they should have given him a mustache or beard

  26. Ah. I understood the title wrong and thought you did a review of the escape scene in the movie using these Lego figures since you don't want to infringe copyright. ^^

  27. Im still pissed about visual look of Grindelwald figure, had to buy Percival Graves instead of this set (not same price ofcourse)

  28. This looks Nothing like grindlewald :(( i think in This set he should have a bit longer and more special hair. But the most importavgifterna part is his face. It needs to be a bit more rough and a beard. Dont understand Why he has no beard. And i didnt see one different eye which he has… ://

  29. The figures aren't great; Grindelwald just doesn't look much like the actual character, and Seraphina seems a weird inclusion since she was both a very minor character in the movie, and wasn't even present in the scene this set is based on. But I can forgive that as the thestral and the actual build in the set look great (really should have come with a trunk to put on the back, but that's easy to customize if you have one). Honestly I can easily call this my favorite set of 2018, among sets that were $30 or less.

  30. They better give us at least 2 of these LEGO thestrals for the order of the Phoenix sets!!!! Please LEGO please
    I don’t really want this set… if it can’t with 2 I’d buy it

  31. Why is Lego wasting money on moulds for pieces that have a very limited use, the "thestral" could have just been a regular horse with special print.

  32. I´m most probebly picking this up for $8 at target,really good deal for a really good set plus the Persival Graves minifigure will be cool standing next to my Persival Graves from the minifigure sereis!

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