LEGO Ebay Haul Set 326 and Parts Box 224

Welcome to Brick Trains and I’m Joey got
a quick haul for you here today first ones from Portugal both these are eBay
items and this one is another parts box this is gonna be a European Parts box if
I can get it open pick this up eBay pretty good price This is some vintage news Paper it’s all yellow And it smells really well too. smells vintage. alright just gonna close that back up
get rid of that okay so didn’t have my microphone on so I’m
not sure what that’s gonna sound like prior to that okay so get rid of the
bubble wrap and it looks like it’s got some bubble wrap inside it what this is
is a 224 these are blue macaronis and again you can see this is a
european-style box and yep they get a little bit of bubble wrap in there any
blue pieces looks to be vintage parts so this oughta be this be good little addition
to my collection I don’t believe I have well I know I don’t have a 224
blue macaronis okay so that’s the first one the second one this one wants
continent oh it’s really glad to get this this is a Samsonite set or I should say a Samsonite era set
it’s it’s Lego sounds like the parts are here quite a bit of parts here – okay
rid of the box no this is going to be Oh an FAO Schwarz exclusive it’s the
Suburban set set 326 so this set came in a colored box
because most likely shipped to you in a brown mailer but had the full color box
inside it some of the other companies like Sears and JC Penney’s to reduce the
cost which would sell basically the inside or the trays of the set and not
the outside sleeve the colored part so I’m guessing they got a discount from
Samsonite I’m sure it sounded terrible on the mic they have it wrapper real well oh
there we go so like I was saying they would WOO I
know that didn’t sound good sorry headphone users all right let’s
get yourself straightened out here a My little Futuron Poster is getting
all messed up all right and it’s upside down
awesome I can tell because I can feel the bricks trying to slide out the side
so let’s turn it over oh yeah it’s full of bricks and fisher-price letters so it’s probably
way more bricks hear then are supposed to be in this this is probably
somebody’s collection huh looky there one by one grey I think I
need some of those for another set Cellulose acetate bricks there’s some trees wheels rolling away so I’ll do the
inventory but like I was saying companies like Sears specifically Sears
would sell this set and it would just be this tray would have the little milk
white colored trays inside and then you would have this outer tray and then then
they would just have a brown shipping box FAO Schwarz being the premier
department store wanted to have this box and which is what normally you would see
at a LEGO you would see a little bit of schmutz there on it this
is what you would see like in a toy store or in the department so if you
were go to buy it it Sears in the store you would see this it was this was the
online ordering I guess is where you would not you would see the shipping box also FAO Schwarz wanted everything to
have a better name so they would have this 326 which was the piece count it’s
also the part number there’s the the number but they wanted to have an
upscale name so this this set was the Suburban set he had things like the
Diplomat it was just their way of differentiating themselves and back then
Samsonite and LEGO they obliged I guess really was more Samsonite since they
were the ones that had the license to sell LEGO in the United States and
Canada so here we have a pretty good example of the Suburban set it is a set
that it didn’t have I’ll have to go through I don’t know if there’s an
inventory I’ll do some research and see if somebody has an inventory my guess
considering this stuff doesn’t fit in the box and it’s full of things that are
probably not well I know this is not but I’m sure there’s other things in here
they’re not LEGO this this piece counts not right but that’s okay extra parts
it’s always a good thing so that’s my little quick haul thanks for watching comment contest
you saw the haul for my Suburban set from FAO Schwarz
what was the piece count on that first correct answer in the comments I’ll pin
you to the top

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6 thoughts on “LEGO Ebay Haul Set 326 and Parts Box 224

  1. Well this is a strange coincidence. I just filmed a video the other day with black, clear and red macaroni for set 224. The Black wasn’t listed on Bricklink. On line could mean on the phone line – lol

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