LEGO Duplo Deluxe Train Set (10508) – Stop Motion Speed Build and Review

Hi, my name is Jacob. This (is) my first video. Today, I am building my train. This (is) my train. I like it. It’s really big. This (is) how it works. This is the gas tank. This is how you fill up the train. It makes this sound…He’s gonna crash in the tunnel Train Stop! Oh no! It’s missing… It’s missing people! Let me find them those people! That was my train. I hope you liked the video. If you liked it, give it a thumbs up! Bye Bye!!!

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5 thoughts on “LEGO Duplo Deluxe Train Set (10508) – Stop Motion Speed Build and Review

  1. Cool set jacob! We love everything LEGO. Liked the video and subscribed to your channel. Keep up the good work. We would like to see more. We also make LEGO videos. If you have time, come check out our channel.

  2. Great first YT video! Cool train set build. Love how it's interactive. Very cool! Enjoyed watching! Thank you so much for sharing your experience dear. MEGA Like!

  3. Hey! I found you at your big sister's channel. I have a lot of duplos at my house too. i had a battery train, but it's very old and doesn't work anymore. I think you do a fine job building. Frutz wuz here.

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