today on REBRICKULOUS we’re here with
YouTube’s king of random Grant Thompson and he’s gonna help us to make some LEGO
drones to fly on a real drone racing court hey guys this week on ridiculous we are
racing LEGO drones with a very special guest what’s up guys Grant Thompson the
king of random if you’re not familiar with our channel we are known for doing
very uncommon things with very common materials and in this case we’re taking
LEGO Technic elements and building high speed racing drones. look at beauty. this
looks awesome so tell us what goes into building. the parts are actually really
quite simple the four arms are actually identical they’re based on an M 15 beam
and then for these motor mounts here we use an 8 shaped pin connector the reason
these are so important is because when we were putting these together the
motors that we used fit absolutely perfectly with the holes so we never had
to drill any holes we didn’t have to use any zip ties and nothing is glued
nothing is permanent nothing is modified in any way so I think it’s about as
close to the LEGO spear as we can get that’s amazing and then just for one
added benefit we put a couple of LEDs on the back for you as well. Yes. Grab your
LEGO Technic so I’m gonna help you build four different arms that are gonna be
completely identical and then we’re gonna use these 5 by 7 open frames for
the top and the bottom and then just use a series of connectors to click
everything together and build a little bracket for the camera mount
the next step is to make these things actually fly and to do that we’re gonna
have to add the brains the brains of the drone here if you look closely this
thing is something we call the squiddy in the spirit of LEGO we’ve designed
this that everything clicks together so we literally replace the top frame click
this down into place and then connect all the wires to the motors and your
drones ready to fly the only thing left for you to do is to customize it. so Grant
we wouldn’t know before we get started flying aside who do you think looks
better. oh my god these shock absorbers down at the bottom? There sure are grant I’m so
glad you asked that way if I come in a little strong it can take it a little
bit I’ve got a rocket. What is this on the back? a rocket booster a rocket
booster Dmitry’s gonna be seeing a lot of that in the race. it’s like a flying
octopus really that’s very feels very top-heavy I mean it feels like it’d be
more stable flying upside down but I love the shock absorber that looks
really cool yours looks a lot like a submarine to me yeah and what I’m really
loving here is like these things up here is this you
yeah it’s my little throne right here a throne and if you wanna go
ahead like me that’s a hair you know this is a really tough call I think they
both got some really unique features here all right so we’re for style points
yes all right. Team Tyler. we’re gonna do a quick repair job here yeah and then
take these things over to launch pads and get these things in the air we got the track all set up and on the
starting light both teams are gonna take off their drones and race around the
track to see who crosses the line first the first one across the finish line
will win let’s dive right in I’m taking you down No because oh oh oh you better get out you’re crazy to try and keep it stable yeah it’s not about who has a fastest lap
it’s about that right there all right so the blue team took it but in the end
pretty proud of our performance especially at the end there that was
pretty sweet but overall Grant I want to say thank you so much for coming out for
teaching us how to build these bases for giving us this amazing idea this was
absolutely incredible I’m totally stoked that this idea even
worked I mean when we went into this this was just kind of like a pipe dream
but these things flew and they ripped it up and yeah you really ripped it up! Hey
guys thanks so much for watching go check out some more REBRICKULOUS we’ve got
a link you can click right over here if you want to see how we built these
drones on our channel you can click the link right down here and don’t forget to

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Drone Race w/ KING OF RANDOM! – REBRICKULOUS

  1. I can't wait to try and build one of these with our Drone Interest Group at Horn High School in Mesquite Tx. @droneinterestgroup on FB Instagram and Twitter.

  2. I don't really understand what red and blue shirt were doing? It could of been made without them? Are they children's presenters or something?

  3. I'll bet neither one of these guy could even hover a quad. The red guy has no Fatshark module and the blue guy has different goggles in almost every clip. It's like when they use the wrong sound for a motorcycle in the movies, they think everyone is stupid.

  4. I really don't like over-edited stuff like this. It feels so fake its like I'm watching an episode of keeping up with the Kardashians

  5. As great the concept and TKOR's build are, I'd rather prefer it wasn't faked – how about showing the real pilots? Nothing shameful about not knowing how to fly a racing quad, why not instead introduce people to the hobby? It's a missed opportunity, LEGO. Disappointing.

  6. Anyone remember the old LEGO Racer game on PC? Well I reckon they could do a LEGO FPV Sim, fully customisable quads and kits, plus when you smash into something or another quad you get that pleasing LEGO Explosion like at 3:58.

  7. This is great but if Lego decided to do a Lego drone, it should use ducted fan like TinyWhoop. Wont be as fast as a proper racing drone, but it would be safer and still loads of fun! Kids would love it!

  8. Entertaining but unfortunately very misleading… Just wish you would have teamed up with some real RC quad pilots or hobbyists instead of these two fakes "pilots" acting and misleading the whole audience. Great work building these with LEGO parts though! Hey LEGO! Reach out to Rotor Riot or someone with social media presence in the community and work with them on a partnered video / LEGO Kit.

  9. I feel like this really needs to be said.

    DO NOT BUILD A DRONE OUT OF LEGOS!! These are dangerous machines capable of causing real damage. They are not toys. Treat them with respect. The video was done with the supervision of trained pilots/builders. Do NOT try this at home.

    That said? I feel for the pilots who had to fly with all that crap on their quads. A throne, some weird landing gear/hat thing…must've been a TERRIBLE tune.

  10. Wow, that "crash" sure didnt look scripted. Nope. Totally natural. I wonder what happens to a drone in full forward flight when you just abandon the transmitter after passing the last gate? Why not just have people who can actually fly.. idk.. FLY the lego drones?

  11. Stop calling them drones. they are not drones.

    They are quad copters, please lean the difference between a drone and quad

  12. Fraudulent, they werent even flying! Not for nothing but a drone made out if legos is like a submarime with screen doors…useless! Fun for an afternoon of destruction, but real world flying is laughable 🤣🤣😂

  13. you guys should have had the kids that were actually flying the drones rather than having your hosts fake fly them :/ you can see the real pilots at 4:03

  14. nice video 🙂 you can look into my channel i got some awesome fpv videos from tiny race drones, 250mm drones and fpv long range car

  15. 3:47 the dude screaming isn't even flying if your going to fake it at least slap a fat shark receiver and antenna aswell as a battery to the goggles to at least make it look real.

  16. Its funny there not even flying the goggles isnt pluged in and there wasnt a reciever pluged in en there were no antennas 3:47 there not even flying the quad thats just sad

  17. the dude in the red didnt even have antennas on his googles. he was defiantly not doing anything . well both. you should of let the real pilots do it!! and let the ppl know that they were not going to do anything…

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