Lego Disney Minifigures Series 2 Blind Bags! Full Set??

It’s time to open up some more Lego minifigs so let’s get started So if you guys did not know series 2 of the Lego Minifigs has come out and I believe I have tend to open for you guys today out of the 18 So let’s just get right into it So as I said, I do have 10 of these to open for you guys today I got them at five below and they retail for 399 each each set contains one figure and this is series two I did open series one on my channel a while ago and I’ll have that video linked down below so you guys can see that Series, I’m very excited for series 2 so let’s get started so Taking a look at the packaging. It is all blue and it has a bunch of Mickey heads and question marks The top says LEGO minifigures and then it has this collage of all of the characters available There are a couple not shown and it says Disney series 2 1 Lego Minifigure and then also says limited edition 18 to collect and this is for ages 5 and up and this contains small pieces Here’s just a quick look at the back. Let’s see who our first character is It looks like we got 30 leaves Let’s take a quick look at the checklist before assembling Hercules So here are all 18 characters, you can get Steamboat Willie Mickey and Minnie Huey Dewey and Louie along with Scrooge McDuck Chippendale, Anna and Elsa Jafar and jazmine Hades and Hercules Sally and Jack and Edna mode and Frozone and then also on this other side it shows some of a character assembly So here is Hercules he has his classic orange hair with a red little band Through it He has a dark blue cape and his classic armor Which is brown which includes dark brown and white and yellow? Detailing he has his classic yellow and gold shield and he also comes with two once Woodrum the hold and then an extra all of these minifigures on a black beast and the little cape is felt Onto bag number two It looks like I also reviewed the new Steamboat Willie boat set a few weeks ago as well so if you guys like to check out my review of the Steamboat Willie set where I Assemble it and show you guys all of its cool features. I’ll have that video linked down below and up above So here is the Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse He’s all black and white and includes a gray steering wheel for his boat His hat is white and black and his pants are white with his white dots and he also has grey shoes Mickey Mouse is one of my favorite characters. I am glad that we got hammer Now looking at bag number three, we’ve got oh we got shit Here is chip chip includes an Acorn accessory with an extra top just in case you were to lose it chip is the dark brown chipmunk And I love the facial Features of this one. I feel like they really captured Chip in it. It looks a lot like the character you would meet at Disney and it also has the black base I also like how they included the cream-colored fur details and the back even has the tail Let’s see who our next figure is pack number four We got frozen Frozen does have some special instructions and the big instructions they have on this is that he’s not meant to Launch his little accessories at people’s faces Now taking a look at Frozone he’s in his classic white and light blue Suit, I love how they even have the little like ice Accessories that go in his hands. I feel like it really adds to his character and it looks really really cool He also comes with a circle grey base on top of his black one just to give him that Superhero look and there is just a quick little look at the back as well The stand is also kind of lifted off of the black base also to show that he is floating another really great character now Let’s move on to bag number five Jeff our Jafar also has some special instructions mainly just about his cape and which pieces go on first Now taking a look at Jafar he is also in his classic dark red and black outfit I love how this one also includes the Cape and underneath the Cape is red. And the top part is black I also love how they have the little shorter parts of his outfit really really cool details along with his hat with a little gem and feather coming off of it like 3d very very cool perfect facial expression and he also has his golden staff and his cape is also felt like Hercules was So far no duplicates. I hope it stays that way. Let’s check out bag number six Also, we got aki-nee’s Hey, these was super easy to assemble I love how his hair is clear and blue and his hair is actually attached to the Minifigure head so you don’t have to worry about that coming off the facial expression is really cool The eyes are very very detailed and it also includes the clear orange flames which I love he has some great day killing in his shirt and I love the detailing of The legs and there’s just a quick look at the back as well I think we’re gonna have to start doing another row here as we move on to pack number seven We got another chip That’s okay because we still have three more packs to open now on to mr. Pack number eight So here is Minnie Mouse she is also all black and white she has a gray skirt with white polka dots and white shoes She also comes with an additional hat accessory and a little life preserver I love how our hat also includes a detail of the white flower with the black Center and there’s just a quick look at the back I’m so glad we can have Mickey and Minnie together and I love how these minifigures series Also comes with those little extras just in peace Now moving on to pack number nine Jack Skellington Jack Skellington also has some special instruction just to attach his little cape in his little present accessory So here is the Jack Skellington Minifigure, I absolutely loved the outfit. I love how they have all of the stripes very very well detailed I even love how it has the little bat Bowtie, I love it so so much and I even love how the Cape is layered it is the two layers and that is also the Fabric just like Hercules and Jafar escape are but I also want to show you guys this amazing little present Accessory the details on it are super cool with the black swirlies and the silver bow on a little white present and the present actually opens up and inside are these clear little LEGO pieces, but they are actually Snowflakes and there are different designs of snowflakes Here’s two of them. You get four but only two of them fit inside of the box at a time So you get two different designs of snowflakes, but you get four of them. So just in case you wouldn’t lose one you have two Extras, which is awesome a lot of details for that one, but those are a lot of great accessories for that character It looks like we got Louie one of the three nephews of Donald Duck So here is our last character here is Louie and if you guys are wondering how to tell the three nephews apart Huey is the red one I always think of Huey being hot or humid so he would be red Dewey I think of do which is water which is blue and then Louie being the last one which is green so that is just my little tip to know which one is which Also being able to tell which one is chip the darker one I always think is the color of a chocolate chip or his nose. Looks like a chocolate chip and dales is red So you’ll always remember which one is chip and the opposite one is Dale So that is just a little fun fact for you now taking a look at Louie This is the green one and I love how they have the head leaned back You can see the little coming up out of the Hat The detailing of the beak is really really good And I love how they made this one shorter just to show that he is a kid and this one comes with a flashlight Accessory along with an extra flashlight just in case you wouldn’t lose it and I love how this one even includes the little duck tail So those are all of the LEGO minifigures for this video. Let me know down below which character so far is your favorite I still have eight more characters to get so I’m not sure if I’ll be doing another video But if you guys like me to do a part two to this one Please leave a comment down below and I’ll be sure to do so as soon as possible I hope you guys had a wonderful day and remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you Guys next time bye

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