Lego Dimensions Wave 9 Unboxing Teen Titans Go + Beetlejuice + Powerpuff Girls

hey what’s going on coin-op TV
subscribers Robert Welkner here now this week Lego dimensions wave 9 is coming
out including Powerpuff Girls Beetlejuice and a couple more Teen
Titans our friends over Warner Brothers were kind enough to FedEx over a big
giant box of Lego figures therefore wave 9 now we don’t quite know what the story
is if this is the final wave ever more lego dimensions or not the future is
uncertain if you guys subscribers have seen some of my videos in the past you
know that I’ve sort of speculated that there might be a lego dimensions to
announcement maybe sometime soon we’ll see if not this could be the end
of an era right now I don’t have the instructions so I don’t think I’ll be
putting builds together but I’ll show you the minifigs and show you the front
the back of packaging so you get an idea for yourself not an affiliated video at
all Warner Brothers just sent him over and said Rob let’s do some gameplay
let’s do some boxing I gotta wait a couple of days for the update to do some
gameplay so hopefully check that out but for now let’s get to the unboxing so we
got them all out of the box here so we can check them out one at a time it
looks like we’re getting Teen Titans go Starfire
Fun Pack Beetlejuice Fun Pack The Powerpuff Girls team pack and then
back here we have the Powerpuff Girls Buttercup fun pack and then over here is
the Teen Titans go team pack and here’s something interesting that I’ve never
seen before a sticker that says unlocks exclusive episode it’s the first time
I’ve seen a sticker on one of those so looks like this team pack unlocks some
new gameplay content which is cool cuz none of these are sort of story packs or
anything like that so let me get to these individually one at a time right
now so we can look at them front and back Center and opened up okay so first
we’re gonna start off with the Leto dimensions Teen Titans go team pack
again this is the one I mentioned says unlocks exclusive content this one comes
with Beast Boy Raven also has Ravens spell
book and the t’car let’s go ahead and spin this guy around now I don’t have
the instructions for maybe these so I won’t be able to put the builds together
but I did want to give you guys a little idea what to expect here it says over
here adventure world and battle arena will unlock we get the spell book let me
know let me zoom in a bit here there we go looks like we got the spell book of
Ezra Raven wings and giant hand on the top and then we got the T car the T
forklift and the T plane which looks kind of like a car that flies so let me
get this open so here’s a quick look at the booklet there with Raven and Beast
Boy and we can see their build instructions right here here is the
packaging just imagine what this is gonna look like when they get it all
assemble up they’re called they get Ravens cave inside so let me get this
open so here’s a quick look at Raven and Beast Boy all assembled of there you can
see Raven holds a lightning lightning magic effect there in her hands she got
her purple cape on and beast boy’s got a little short stubby legs there so it
makes him a little shorter and he holds a little banana in his hands of they’re
not many not much detailing is back there and let’s pop this off so we can
see the different faces so there’s the face I went with for the defaults spin
her around and she’s got kind of a magic glowing eyes there as an alternate and
beast boy’s hair is attached as ears and hair attached to say in that case you’re
wondering I went with kind of the smirky smirky silly look there
schooner around he’s also got a little bit of a smiley smiley face kind of look
there so give you a little idea what to expect on the two phases so keeping with
Teen Titans go let’s check out Starfire’s fun-packed she also has the
unlocks exclusive episodes sticker up there probably the same episode I’m
gonna I’m gonna assume with that and I’ll have the game plan lock jet but
here’s a quick look at the packaging she comes with the Titan robot let’s flip
this around and get an idea thing serious unlocks the adventure world
battle arena here is a look at the transformation the Titan robot into the
T rocket fuse EA t and the robot retriever so let me get this open and
see what the minifig looks like okay so here’s a quick look at Starfire’s
minifigure out of the box of course we have the pieces here lots of whites and
purple and the other tag there so here she is some purple and uh kind of violet
on her hair there I like what they did with her hair goes the whole way down
the pasture back there a little bit and good facial expression they pop off her
here so we can shake out both of her faces there I hunt with kind of the big
eyes and this one here is big eyes of course but more of like they worried the
worried look this one is a little more of the chillin chillin look for me cuz
uh should be chilling on my toy shelf probably more than being worried about
anything alright next up we’re gonna check out the Powerpuff Girls team pack
this one comes with blossom and bubbles along with octi and PBG smartphone it’s
been a while since I’ve watched the Powerpuff Girls but I remember when they
first came around it was kind of a fun hip cool thing
going on with them okay so let’s check out some of the transformations here so
octi turns into sonic squid and the Super Skunk it looks like and then the
smartphone turns into hotline and the powerpuff magnet and over here it says
in unlocks adventure world and battle arenas so you might notice no sticker on
this team pack appear saying anything about unlocking any levels or worlds
like with the Teen Titans go so looks like we’re just gonna get some
adventure world action with the Powerpuff Girls let me get this open and
take a closer look okay so we got blossom and bubbles out of the packaging
here you can see their pizzas and the back lots of purple purple and white red
to match their colors now the interesting thing is their heads were
actually in little plastic bags by themselves so and you can see there
they’re a little bit oversized and the hair connects twith with their eyes and
their heads there’s no there’s no showing different fascias and your face
options I guess that’s what it’s called but anyway on the base here is a blossom
she’s got pow and bubbles has zapped down there that looked pretty cool of
course you know really colorful and spin blossom ring hagan see she’s got a
little hair going down in the back yeah of course bubbles has her little
pigtails going there it’s a little a little bit of an X on the back there I
don’t know if you could see that well so pretty cool looking I like the the big
heads are next up let’s check out the Powerpuff Girls Lego dimensions Fun Pack
for Buttercup and the mega blast bot I will spin this around so we can see the
transformation here we’ve got the mega blast bot turns into the slamming guitar
and also the Kapow cannon she’s got so the green colors to her there and the
big eyes as well so let me get Buttercup out of packaging okay so here’s a quick
look at Buttercup assembled again the big head light
other ones there on her base that says BAM kinda reminds me of old school Adam
West Batman stuff they’re sound effects so
let me spin her around she’s got kind of a green top quite sure what you called
this hairstyle she’s got kind of a little bit of a bump right there like
I’m assuming that’s intentional with her hair sticking up some bedhead or
something like that of course they’re pieces down they’re all green pretty
much a green coloring there for her blasted west spot there so but pretty
cool there’s a quick look at buttercup and finally we’re gonna check out the
Beetlejuice Fun Pack of course Beetlejuice was the original villain
that you couldn’t say his name or at least say it multiple times or you’d be
in trouble so of course we’ve got beetlejuice Saturn’s sand worm comes
with it there let me flip this around the VM scene the Beetlejuice movie from
back in the day is one of Tim Burton’s one of his better movies from from
old-school times here the sag and San Juan turns into the spooky spider and
the haunted vacuum this unlocks Adventure World and battle arena so be
interesting to see what kind of things old bill just can do when you bring him
into some of the other levels and worlds into the game let me get this open and
take a closer look okay so here’s a quick look at the Beetlejuice minifig
out of the packaging there I just really got a cool costume with his little zebra
design but Michael Keaton has kind of gone on to play many of classic roles
but this is one of his early ones from back in the day that really stood out
you know of course most recently spider-man homecoming says on the base
there beetlejuice and I like that he’s got like the crazy receding hairline up
on top we pop it off we’ll show you both both faces here is kind of the
intimidating looking face and then we’ll spin it around and here’s a little bit
more of the happy happy Beetlejuice taste there it’s for your options
so pretty cool see we’ll see you for the ghostbusters can chase beetlejuice down
and capture arm or something and Lego dimensions
alrighty coin-op TV subscribers there’s a quick look at the Lego dimensions wave
nine figures future is uncertain with the scheme as to what’s going to happen
but just make sure you tune in this week so you can check out some gameplay for
some of the Teen Titans go Beetlejuice and of course the Powerpuff Girls on my
youtube channel slash coin-op CB thanks so much for watching
for cornets TV we’ll see you guys next time

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