LEGO Dimensions – Meet that Hero: Excalibur Batman Meets the Goonies | PS4, PS3

swashbuckling, so I brought my sword and
everything. Oh, hi. ALL: Meet that hero! EXCALIBUR BATMAN: So let me tell
you about the Goonies. They’re a bunch of kids who
sneak away from their parents to go on an adventure. They should be
grateful they have parents. Anyway. They’re in search of some pirate
treasure to help save their neighborhood. Should have just
asked me for help. I’m like a gajillionaire. On their way, they
meet up with this guy. SLOTH: Hey, you guys. EXCALIBUR BATMAN: Sloth comes
from a family of criminals, and you know how I
feel about criminals. But Sloth proves to be
on the side of justice. And he loves candy bars. Come on, bro. How about a costume upgrade? SLOTH: Wow. EXCALIBUR BATMAN: The Goonies
eventually make their way to
this giant cave. I’m kind of an expert on caves. This one’s all right. I give it a solid
B, maybe B minus. It doesn’t have
high-tech super computers, combat training, or a
crime lab, but it’s got music. [ORGAN MUSIC PLAYING] ROBIN: We found
the pirate ship. SLOTH: Pirate? EXCALIBUR BATMAN: Pirate ship? That sounds awesome. Hey, you guys.

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43 thoughts on “LEGO Dimensions – Meet that Hero: Excalibur Batman Meets the Goonies | PS4, PS3

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  2. Love playing these lego games with my little bro. Played Jurassic world and had a blast. Is there any story to this or is it just open world?

  3. Since sloth is finally at Lego dimensions, I think that in year 3 their will probably be a captain underpants figure.he'll probably have a transformation between captain underpants and mr. Krupp since they are the same person

  4. The Goonies was a funny movie to watch especially when one of them did that thing in the movie. Glad it's in LEGO Dimensions.

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