LEGO Dimensions – Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN Easter Egg / Reference

Hey whats going on guys HiddenBlade here and
today what I have for you guys is an awesome Spider-Man Reference in LEGO Dimensions. So, this can be found in the Portal Adventure
World and was discovered by a user on the LEGO Dimensions Sub-Reddit. So in the Portal Adventure World, the Announcer,
says if you suddenly find yourself able to excrete Spider Silk, you should let one of
the associates know. And I’ll play it for you in just a moment,
but the guy that voices Cave Johnson in the Portal Adventure World played J Jonah Jameson
in the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man Movies. So, I think that this is definitely a subtle
reference to Spider-Man. First of all, I think that it’s amazing that
LEGO Dimensions has subtle references to Marvel Characters considering we didn’t get any packs
throughout the game’s life cycle and that people are still managing to find
Easter eggs and references in this game. Like, just thinking about, how many more undiscovered
Easter Eggs do you think are left in this game, because LEGO Dimensions had A LOT of
content over the past 2 years, so you can only imagine how many undiscovered
Easter eggs and references are still left. And to top it all off the Portal packs came
out in year 1 and its pretty surprising that NOBODY made any videos or online articles
mentioning it, until now, so who knows what other stuff is hidden away in the game. But anyways, guys that’s gonna be it for me! Let me know what you guys think of the Spider-Man
Reference in LEGO Dimensions. Thank you all so much for watching and I’ll
catch you in the next one! [Outro – LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Theme]

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25 thoughts on “LEGO Dimensions – Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN Easter Egg / Reference

  1. Given how J. K. Simmons/Cave Johnson talked about spider-silk coming out of test subjects' fingertips and spines, not their wrists, I think that this is just a coincidence.

  2. Every time I see something dimensions related I get sad cuz I was never able to play the sonic pack because I needed to update the game first. I tried but then it told me to get Xbox live and that was another mindfuck… I'm sure it's simple and I just to dumb

  3. The song from vorton in lego dimensions is the same song from brifosty reception in lego marvel super heroes

  4. He also voiced j jona jameson in ultimate spiderman which is what the spiderman from lego marvel 1 and lego avengers is based on

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