LEGO Dimensions 🎮 Simpsons Level Pack story insanity!

You’re ready and welcome to the Lego dimensions the simpsons level pack story level Oh, well people with speaking annual. I’m sure they’d have mention it in the newspaper of course onions chili Powder Alright Here we are in front of the simpsons house, and yes I am playing as homer because who else would I play as this is his story after all? I’m looking forward to finding out what he can actually do Destroy, so now her class what? He should not have such a technical ability oh I Should have seen that coming. I should have seen that going here. We go here we go Wow Okay, what do you even say to that? What do you even say that? I’m just gonna move past that I’m sure hopefully using that plenty the three-eyed crow Very good There’s no reference. I don’t thought of a fish – is this what? It’s the whole comer If this is ground pound is a total face plant and face a Very satisfying crunch blue a purple one purple when he lands okay very good Yeah, I can’t build can’t build when I’m big all right. That’d be some kind of trade-off And is a Jack and it is a very big jack Hopefully I can reach that far up into the air. I hope I hope not there. We go what? that’s Every time he wasn’t gonna do that Go on go on yup Alright ah no car. What is this ah? Time to build the car so you will see a speed build and I’ve also done a slow build and a review of the physical toys that come with the same That a car is in game on the pad. Oh yeah, a Half car will travel yes indeed. Yes Hey, Mrs.. Krabappel Mr… Krabappel I Need gandalf for that Dang it. Oh Well, I’ll have to bring in another character, and it’s a one of the default characters at that darn Where is my gandalf? I have so many of these figures there we go Hello gandalf Where are you? What are you doing? All the way back here? Well, that’s it. Just some coins man. I went through all that just for some coins forget it this lined up fail Such as one that backpack and go through it. I’m not even gonna worry about that that a Lot of people around on the streets. I guess that’s pretty normal. Oh, I can’t go through the fence Oscars Obstacles has crashed is it blocking the road very good? It’s gonna line up on this here. Yeah Mm-Hmm Something inside of here. That’ll help me maybe achieve dirt Means he’s a Batman after all what it’s why are they blue? Tones oh, I’ve seen some of these I thought you had to have a tow truck you can use homers car Sweet now I have something they can actually open up all of those spots anywhere I see them in adventure worlds, or other story levels Ha ha nice wow? Never would have expected that. He’s not without a upgrade and now Rage meter okay, so that’s what the in the upper Left-hand corner. That’s what the red ring is Allows me to transform, and then I can beat this to bits Right now. I’m very very powerful. We don’t need no car make a rage mode Don’t don’t don’t don’t I need a car good sir you? Can’t walk over a ramp I’m happy one bit So I’m gonna Destroy all these things in order to express my displeasure with the situation. Yes Yes, take that city Down whatever Springfield is yes, yes and pay me a lot to do this too, okay? That’s even more satisfying Okay, I’m feeling better The more money I get that’s better. I feel the more things. I destroy the better I feel ah Okay, I’m good again What is this Gonna be Midway arcade? Ah dang it You know I’ll probably have to wait until the Midway arcade pack comes out and then actually put the arcade machine on to the Pad, and then that’ll probably give me like a Make it piece Yeah, probably to peace All right, Julie Julie ahead yes, one more these quick little build let me in there It’s all like prologue to the main story. Yeah Wish it wasn’t quite so blocked off though like the adventure world would probably be far less blocked off in this Alright here. We are No Let me in I don’t want a parking lot. I don’t want a park. I want to get in there and destroy all the things Well first, let me save what is this Gonna be? oh Must have been an American car lots of money wow even more still Just getting started with this level and sorry 50 mm studs Haha, 54 this is great alright. Can I do anything with these haystacks, but I? Know it’s alright. What are they what are they asked me to do here please him the TV and removing it blows it up But I don’t have a TV Yet Is this what I think is Gonna be? That yep time for a build once again. I’ve already done those videos separately so check those out Tada has a real TV and has a digital TV Okay Rage Meters full I Want to put it on the car need to blow up the car. I think just move on its own I didn’t blow up I Gonna need to have it on the car What no come yeah? Yeah? It’ll actually walk well If I can’t put it on the car, and it doesn’t work when I blow it up next to the car I Try it one more time Okay, that worked cool Interesting so the TV is a bomb seems legit And but at least now. I have something that can do stuff with silver stuff once again in other adventure worlds and in story mode Now I can always bring the TV in and it’s just a temporary thing and I’m in the fair. Yes Yes, yes, and there are a lot of studs yes. Yes. Yeah Yes Destroy all the things yes, yes, I’m so glad I mean if I actually drive around in here It would be more satisfying is there of people though. We’re all the people juiz Okay, how’s good? You know in real life. I’m not destructive at all. I’m very extremely respectful of people whose poverty Look very upset when folks don’t respect each other’s property, but in-game come on Oh, I can actually drive inside the booth There’s nothing here. You can destroy darn it. Oh boy. Oh, that’s that’s fired fired pot Fortunately it looks like I’m opening up the pieces to put together my own fire engine oh Well sit back here that I haven’t found I Guess that’s pretty much it and inside these booths little little purple studs hiding away No, no three dollar water Little bit, Eleni, take a lot of homer all right Oh, it’s a fire truck ride Fair enough sorry fool you have to do that. Yeah The job just being thorough come on. Okay here. We go here. We go nice yep Yeah, I actually get paid That’s good. Don’t have to be a volunteer fireman. I can actually get paid for it One oh, hey, what’s the big idea? So that five-alarm chili was actually two alarm chili Is that an apple – I just saw an apple – I? respect that nope Hi, here. We go water give me water I Have to break it if I break it and let’s fill it up little spill hugely everywhere in Splash No, I’m just gonna parts. Oh not another ramp And I’ve got my car stuck. I know unstick it No, no, no no don’t abject failure is me But of course I am playing as homer so I’m just kind of playing the part yeah there you go cool Yeah Yeah, $100,000 This is a lucrative level. I might have to come back and play this again That’s different whoa They are following me. I don’t like this What fire why are the rats following me? Why thought I could run them over wall good no dull dull dull dull exactly Okay, I better check out the hint there. I do not want to get torn apart by rats again Placing the bomb near enemies will distract them Makes sense don’t don’t no none of this none of this none of this let go let me go. Let me go let go yeah Okay, let’s try this Just close enough, but how’s the night? Oh no the rats are watching the TV? So many surprises so far well Yep, I know that already stop telling you that whoa the camera effects are crazy This is trippy. Oh wow, A Very different way to do a dream sequence All right The studs are forming little fish in these in the air that’s observations. Oh, whoa. What is going on here? Oh, that’s right It’s all a dream. So everything’s Gonna be weird All right, I’m assuming then it can break that it looks like I can rig it, right No logo feel my controller vibrating shit bricks Come on Area whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa? No, no? No, no, no Yell, come on. Let’s get past. This this is too much of a trip Come on. What’s this with this? It’s a ladder yeah, I guess there’s something that I might have Not a person although you always just take the vehicle and put it into the other spot well Like I’ve really missed smudge back here that is that dustproof seed But since I mentioned bringing in somebody else we just bring in somebody else just for the heck of it Hopefully, I’ll actually be able to have some use for Benny here. What what what was what is this, whoa? That is a lot of destruction. I am very happy about it excellent What can I build we’re Gonna build? It’s enough of those Tardis teleport pads And on pretty much every Lego dimensions video there are ten Comments saying why haven’t you done? Doctor who because doctor who doesn’t exist yet and released it and it’s released I’ll do it but for now just can’t get it no cactus All right What’s inside the rock whoa butterfly? Okay Yes I’ll let Benny actually do something. He has pretty cool building animations And from the pieces of the sun, I build a bridge oh It’s a very nice bridge to look at well support this arch underneath, okay. That’s good Well engineer. I’m gonna do it do it right? Oh? What? This is – trippy. I need to stop saying that but it really is I Hope that comes across in the video just how crazy this feels Perfect quote well done Amit well done Mmm that spell Gonna need to use the big big homer so once again Alternate characters, just not very useful except for just unlocking some little stuff on the side, what is that? It’s Lp long plane I’ve been playing this level too long All right here we go Sorry Oh, you want me to climb then huh? No problema? What is this level? What and those are giant Chillies which probably bond right yep? and This is not at all what I expected from a simpsons level not even a little bit Yes, I know that. I wish you would stop giving me that little tip I Get it already All right, let me try to scale this thing when I can find around that besides it good stuff hidden I Wonder if homer in his full rage mode again. I should climb these stairs Uh-oh no, it’s not really able to jump very far no ah Here we go is another one, and that’s gonna require that I bring the car in there nope nope All right car don’t whoa Forgot about that. I just wanted to take it off the board ah okay It there you go teamwork. Yes What I guess this rage mode ran out need to recharge The glass broke the glass ah another one of these Dirt dirt dirk the glass All right car you come either? indeed Get in there get hurt yeah dirt the car dirt the stairs This is where I no need the TV back Do not need the tip again. Thank you very much. Leave you right there perfect, and I take it off good uh Excellent finally a plan goes to plan all right here we go Not helping em enough nothing at all Really can go through this entire level isn’t just just homeless All right, those are the final stairs check out? What’s going around the sides there. Don’t do that don’t I’m not just saying don’t Because I’m in a sentence level I actually use the word dough in the dictionary of my life Unfortunately, I actually used that word during just normal conversation in Normal life Bitchy and scratchy are the keys the guardians to the ancient Mayan temple Hmm. No idea what that was one of those portal generator devices, but a ghost of one There is a lesson you must learn what? no, I speak of a deeper wisdom the problem homer is that the mind is always chattering away with a Thousand thoughts it was yeah, that’s me all right. You must find your soul mate Soul mate your kindred spirit the one with whom you share an unspoken Bond Ghost rain, it’s time to get out of the way golf course Maybe the desert was just discerned trip Wherever my soulmate is it’s not here. Oh Oh, I’m still in the dream no oh This is so weird Who wrote this? they must have been Chewing on some peppers of some sort themselves. I think this is crazy I Mean it’s not making any sense the way things fit together parts over there Yeah, you need to get up there Don’t get through there, okay? Hey anybody. Have a key I’m getting controller vibration which not over here It right here. I’m getting a lot of controller vibrations. So it’s definitely targeting something that I can take apart, but I Guess I’m not close enough. Yeah, nothing over here just in that center. Well, dang it. Oh another part Nope another part Hmm He shot me now. Let me break the door down nope Break already everything break you do good you yes? I want to take that thing down up there – all right? Oh what oh here. We go a little stuff. Just a little stuff it is that ah Controlling the Crane, okay create the parts Yeah, Iii think that is the case with this this whole level, huh? Wow Yeah I’m just I’m just following what they give me I didn’t I didn’t make this level, so I’m just I’m just going through it. I am I’m I’m fairly speechless because I’m feeling fairly speeches. I just don’t want to say about Office I Thought I could use Different character some good effect, but I still need to bring home wrap here. So those skylights can actually be Burped through looks like so that’s probably what it was trying to target when I got just closest to the center of them But he can’t reach there good There we go alright. That’s all I needed Of course there has to be nuclear waste everywhere some parts here Let’s get a little bit of damage. Oh another purple one look at all 173,000 yeah Definitely need to do this level again Hmm How oh here we go? This Sprinkler system going to make the radioactive Waste going dirt I’m just Gonna wash it away All right it’ll get High now I can finish taking these things apart, okay here. We go smash time Yes, yes One Smash Destroy. Yes When in Doubt destroy stuff. It’s kind of a bit of a universal like oh now the door opens spontaneously ah It’s a ramp and that’ll take me across to the pier All right, and the homework can’t just break this glass I’m gonna take him down to normal size so he can get his his hole y’all back there Nope, not sonic glass all right, so not a glass All right, let’s do this One step closer to the to the lighthouse Oh, hey check it out a couple of portal boards all right time for a little bit of good chill action here Yeah, what just happened there? Why why did she teleport? Does not make any sense, okay? Let’s see what I can actually do here get some money good And it’s a pink Pad all more purple purple purple two of them All right, bring out the companion Cube plunk it’s a trip you pick up the physical toy thing It’s it’s a big assembly with wings on it’s tough to be Reading game, and it’s just kind of mom What was that exactly quite catch it? One Mini kid part HmM. Come on one mini kit part in a bunch of money. That’s cool All right Since you are so enthusiastic about it in it. I will take your business. Oh It’s pretty clear what actually needs to be done. Just need to get in need to get in the car and drive up the ramp oh Once again hans Moleman r.i.p mole man All right more money fair enough, but I need a car Do something better than a car? Yeah, haha and homer gets to fly it. Yes Yes, it flies very nicely that’ll save you Shooting you and see if I can actually get off and just swim well No, you cannot swim in this water Duly noted I’m gonna try again anyway. Maybe that’s because I was in the spaceship Systems like what what are you trying to do trying to go from Benny’s spaceship into the water? I probably need to actually use that to make the save Yup Bow-bow He’s clatter. Sorry there. I didn’t have to build it um To blow this up, why didn’t he give me a tooltip? Yeah, there it is. Okay. Sorry am it You know or you’re coming? Break that wall down this. I don’t want to use the actual door hidden around here It doesn’t look like it all right time for a little more rage mode action final getting in the lighthouse and see what? Craziness, they have in store for me next What? That was different All right, you know there and we find and inside can we find What what? in your faith-based coyote ah I wish I had a face cam because I am just sitting here completely surprised and dumbfounded I don’t know what I just played through right? I’m so lost Who wrote that why? Why why why I don’t get it? I don’t understand. I’m just so confused I’ve nothing so confused in a long long time Well that was the level. I hope you all enjoyed it has left me very confused I’m very happy with the money, but I’m looking forward to trying out something different Maybe the maybe the adventure world will be a little bit more sensible and Simpson II Normal Simpson II not crazy weird special episodes density. Thank you for watching leave a comment If you’d like, I’ll talk again soon, shh?

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  1. The coyote is Johnny Cash, for those who didn't know. They re-used recordings from an episode this is based off.

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  3. Note to self, don't buy a lego set that rips off an episode of the show that doesn't bother to use more than %20 of the dialogue.

    The entire time I was asking myself "Does this connect to some greater story?". Nope, just playing through an episode with Marge's dialogue not included thus ruining half the point of that specific story.

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  5. This is one of my favourite Simpsons episodes, and I got totally excited when i figured out what this level was based off of . (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer- Season 8)

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