LEGO DC VILLAINS Video Game Officially Confirmed + Pre-Order Bonus Minifigure?! (And My Thoughts)

Hey whats going on guys HiddenBlade and today
I’m going to show you guys official confirmation that LEGO DC Villains is the next upcoming
LEGO game. So Walmart Canada, updated their game listings
and added ‘LEGO DC Villains’ as an upcoming game, so the game is going to be called LEGO
DC Villains and not LEGO Batman 4 or LEGO Justice League! There’s currently no other information yet,
but since this was updated literally today on May 9th, I’m expecting a trailer, screenshots,
interviews next week and possibly even more the week after. The game will be on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo
Switch and PC, just like with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. There isn’t really much else to say other
than a lot of LEGO DC Villains content will be coming out within the next month. So after we get the reveal trailer, screenshots
and some gameplay details. We’ll also be getting A LOT of new information
during E3 2018. I almost positive that this game will mainly
focused around DC Rebirth outfits because the rumored pre-order bonus minifigure is
Lex Luthor in his Superman Suit! So for those that don’t know much about DC
rebirth. Superman basically died and Lex Luthor made
a superman suit and declared himself as the new superman. it was pretty awesome seeing one of superman’s
biggest villains as a hero. I personally really happy with this pre-order
bonus minifigure. It’s definitely much better than the Giant-man
we got with LEGO Marvel 2. But Anyways, guys so LEGO DC Villains is the
next game coming out after LEGO The Incredibles, let me know what you guys think in the comments
below! I’m personally really excited for this. I absolutely love the DC Universe. LEGO Batman 3 had easily my favorite character
roster and really hope TT Games double down and make ‘LEGO DC Villains’ roster even better! I’ll have tons of wishlist and theory videos
once the game gets officially announced, so stay tuned for all those videos! So Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder
Woman and the rest of the Justice League will be in a brand new LEGO DC videogame for Fall
2018. Make sure to LIKE the video, comment your
thoughts, share it on social media with the share bar below and subscribe for more LEGO
DC Villains news videos! Thank you all so much for watching and I’ll
catch you in the next one! [Outro – LEGO Dimensions Theme]

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72 thoughts on “LEGO DC VILLAINS Video Game Officially Confirmed + Pre-Order Bonus Minifigure?! (And My Thoughts)

  1. If the Flash isn’t faster than he was in LEGO Batman 3 than I’m throwing the game straight in to the trash

  2. I wish in this game will be The "CW" shows characters like Arrow, Sara Lance, Rip Hunter, Ray palmer, Mick Rory, Spartan, Prometheus, Earth-x Doubleganger, Firestorm of Jefferson Jackson and Ronie Raimon, Jonah Hex, Zari, Vixen, Steel, Wally west (Cw), Citisen Cold, Reverse flash (Eobard thawn Form and Harrison form), Cisco, Golden glider, The Hawks, Vandel Savage, Demian Darkh, Malcolm Merylen, Thea and Roy Harper

  3. Guys, if you check Walmart listings from the past 24 hours, this is fake. Please do not believe this hack fraud. I mean, in his screenshot of the walmart page, the price is absurdly weird, there is no cover art, and he didn't even fucking spell "villains" right!

  4. Hope we get a toy story 4 lego game for the movie next year with levels from the previous movies as well. And I hope we eventually get a full doctor who lego game eventually.

  5. I hope that deadshot or deathstroke are part of the main story, i am excited for this game

  6. Can’t wait to see more about this game!
    I just noticed this year has 2 new Lego super hero games lol

  7. AWESOME! i also really liked Lego batman 3's characters but HATED the worlds so i hope you can go to big open worlds

  8. I hope we get a Lego DC villains game, but it is more likely to be called Lego DC Super Villains. I’d love to see the Syndicate, all the Rogues, Professor Pyg, Anarchy, Mr Toad, Magpie, Ventriliquist, Mongul, Black Beetle, Evil Star, Doctor Polaris, Tobias Wale etc.


  10. A new assassins creed is also coming out according to that leak. It’s kinda funny because your channel name is hidden blade and that’s the iconic weapon in the series.

  11. I dont believe you because it it was reel then how could the screanshot looked ligit its ovouesly fake the cover not the same if it was true then the delvolment team would confirmed it but nope its walmart its a fake admit its not a real it made since for incredibles because the lego sets confirmed it but not lego dc villains so its a fake

  12. I looked back at it and it was fake if you type lego dc villains then it will only show xbox one and ps4 and nothing 100%fake joshua 100% confirmed it was fake hiddenblade 0%wrong

  13. This is kinda unrelated (maybe?) but at least for some form of DLC, I hope to see the Teen Titans in this! I mean they were in Lego Dimensions so why not? Or as alternate costumes for the characters? I know many people hate Teen Titans Go, but I'd at least like to see them return in this like the were in Dimensions!

  14. I haven't played a lego game in a while but I member back in 2010 my 2 favorite games were lego games and Mario so I'm hoped for this game

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