LEGO DC Super Heroes / Villains: New LEGO Game Teased? Reveal Soon? (LEGO Batman 4 / Justice League)

Yo whats going on guys HiddenBlade here and
it’s time to get HYPED because the official LEGO Batman Game social media accounts have
updated their profile pictures and headers to NEW LEGO Batman 3 pictures. Now, I know what some of you are probably
thinking that this means nothing, but the thing is the LEGO Batman accounts haven’t
been updated since July 2015, which was almost 3 years ago, so this is definitely not something to take
lightly. The characters shown are the Justice League
and Batman with their New 52 designs from LEGO Batman 3, which is understandable since
they obviously wouldn’t want to reveal anything to early, but I am expecting Batman, Superman, Flash,
Cyborg and the rest of the Justice League with their new DC Rebirth updated outfits
to be in the game along with all the characters that are getting and have already gotten minifigures
in 2018. So characters like Killer Frost, Reverse Flash,
Batwoman and the others, I’m hoping will be in the game. The game is rumored to be called LEGO DC Super
Villains, but we’ll have to wait and see on that. The game could be LEGO Batman 4, LEGO DC Super
Heroes or maybe even LEGO Justice League, but i think they’ll hold on to the Justice
League title for a full fledged LEGO DC Movies game,
but I mean we’ll just have to wait and see. So quickly looping back around to the characters. I absolutely love the DC Universe and everything
to do with DC Rebirth. The updated outfits are awesome, the stories
are just fantastic! If this game is focused around DC Rebirth,
I’ll be over the moon. Now for when the game will be revealed, I’m
expecting something really soon, like within the next 2 weeks, I think we’ll have a trailer,
some gameplay, a few confirmed characters, story details and screenshots. I don’t really think the title of the game
matters very much, since it’s not like the game isn’t going to have a wide variety of
superheroes to play as, but what I’m thinking is that we’ll be playing
through the story through the villains perspective, so in a normal LEGO Batman game, we’ll be
Batman fighting Bane, through the Hero’s point of view, but maybe in DC Villains, we’ll be fighting
Batman through the perspective of Bane, so though a villains perspective along with the
cutscenes as well, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Anyways, guys this clearly isn’t just a coincidence
that they’re updating an account that hasn’t been updated in 3 years, so something very
exciting is about to happen. If you’re new to the channel, be sure to SUBSCRIBE! Let me know in the comments below, what you
guys think of all this? Be sure to also give me your character roster
wishlist as well! I’ll be making tons of those when the game
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catch you in the next one!

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