LEGO Creator Winter Village Fire Station review! 10263

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Creator Winter Village Fire Station review! 10263

  1. Yeah it's here. Great vid. Most of the Winter set seem a little inflated to me.I come to think of it as a Holiday Tax :). My wife and I love your vids. Keep them coming.

  2. Great review, as always. I agree with you about the price point. For comparison the latest fire station is the same price, but I feel that you get so much more. It seems most creator sets are priced on the high side.

  3. Lego have made FULL use of the new Hotdog piece this year….even in a dinosaur set! Batman….hotdog……City…..hotdog……Friends…..hotdog……. star wars?…..why not…hotdog!….Duplo??…..go on….hotdog!!!!

  4. In my opinion, if a set is over $50 it should be more of a display piece than a playset. This looks really good but the price is really bad. I would get it but I hate how the back is just open for play.

  5. i always watch your videos at 2x speed. I think it's great that you tend to speak very slowly, it really must be a big help for non native english speakers! Thank you

  6. Definitely a charming set, although I'm not super impressed with it on the whole. My favorite part is actually the Xmas tree side build. JANG said he's not a fan of the toy train, but I have to disagree, I think it's pretty good looking.

  7. Hi Jang, you could also (additionally) express price to weight ratio. This eliminates the use of small parts in price to part ratio, additionally then you can better compare duplo/junior/normal lego with each other (as you only show the price of the actual plastic).

  8. I don't really get the guy with the saxophone. If he is one of the firefighters, why doesn't he have white gloves? Also, the other firefighters could have gotten some other instruments in that case. On the other hand, if he has nothing to do with the firefighters, he seems to be an odd choice to be included in this set.

  9. Yowzers. I was thinking it was a cute set in the review (though more of a nice creator set than a winter village set) but then the price! Does not look like a $100 set. Ouch.

  10. Thanks, Jang. Great review as always! For me, the price of this set is also the major problem. Here in Switzerland, we pay an additional 20 bucks compared at today's exchange rate (CHF 119 ~ USD 123). That is just too much for the volume you get but I think I have to get this one as well since I collect all of the winter village sets… More than ever, Lego is an expensive hobby!

  11. Definitely looking forward to having this set one day. Really appreciate all the little intricacies that they carried out. It'll make a great addition to our winter village. Many thanks for the review!

  12. Could you do a giveaway on some of the Lego Batman DC Comics Super Heroes sets, including one with Flash, there is only one available set including Flash

  13. I believe this will be the first Winter Village set I won't buy. Firstly, I'm with Jang. I do not see the 90 Euros built in there, and secondly to my eye a lot of this looks like being constructed in a very "old-school" way. Over the last years we got some very clever and modern designs and design elements that LOOKED old-school but were done in a very modern and up-to-date way construction-wise (am I making any sense here at all?). This goes especially for the vehicle.
    Then there's the fact that the garage seems incomplete to me. There should have been more space for the fire engine..
    The christmas tree (to me, just my VERY personal opinion) looks ugly and done in a very old-school way, too. Same goes for the snowman. Both tree and snowman look they didn't see much design-effort.
    I'm also not very comfortable with yet another bank for a minifig to sit on. I think the number of parts maybe could have been put to better use on the inside of the building.
    I think I could overlook one or maybe two of these "negative" points, but in the end they sum up to too much I dislike.
    The element I like best is the fountain with the basin. And that, of all things, is a side-build.

    Talking about the video itself: Dear Jang, I love your videos. I like your open-mindedness about things and the relaxed and unbiased way you are talking to your audience. I also like the way you express your opinions.
    More than once you have influenced my buying (in this case: not-buying) decision.
    This video is no exception. Very well done. THANK YOU for taking the time and doing this review.

  14. Hello, JANGBRiCKS! This is a good review of the new LEGO Winter Village Fire Station. I just picked this set up yesterday at my local LEGO store, and it took me one hour, forty-seven minutes, and thirty seconds to build it. Like you said in the beginning, it reminds me of the Modular Fire Brigade set from a while back. In fact, that's what I first thought of this set when I first saw it on Also, I thought the torsos on the firefighters looked familiar. Thanks for the comparison! In case if you were curious, the minifigure with the saxophone is just a musician. Have a good day, sir, and take care! Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 9/17/2018

  15. Hi Jang. I I thought that you could possibly add school to new Jang City. It was just a thought that came to mind. Like if you agree.

  16. dude! I just came back! I watched this from age 8 to 12 i am now much older but i cant believe your still here! THANKS for making my childhood cooler!

  17. I was just looking up legos and came across this video. Looking closer, THIS IS THE LEGENDARY JANG FROM URC. With the best videos of rc cars and reviews!! Really miss the videos of urc. I would have never gotten my first rc and get into the rc hobby if Jang had not done his rc reviews. (First rc was stampede 4×4 vxl) All i can say, is that we miss you jang in the rc community!! Will you ever come back?

  18. can you build a lego 2-2-2 pioneer

  19. i think the sacophone piece is supposed to represent a bugle, back in the old days before radio communication was a thing fire chiefs used to use those bugles to communicate with their firemen, that's where the bugles on firefighters uniforms come from.

  20. please make updates of your city make houses cars apartments police stuff with robers make a few restraunts and a better mall its to old your new costum buildings ar better model and coffee shops and a lego factory

  21. The set looks really wonderful, but that price is a bit of a let down. I really wish that last year's Train Station Cafe had a similar level of detail. Worthy to note is how last year's set was 80 USD and 902 pieces, while this is 1166. The issue is that this set has smaller pieces, instead of large and costly plates and parts, making that 100 USD overpriced.

  22. I went to the Lego store last night to see this in person. I'm just not feeling it, the building decorations seem a little too simple and the fire truck is a huge letdown.

  23. It’s not bad, I really like the fire truck, it looks pretty nice. And it’s not a bad LEGO set. But not fantastic. I do like it though. And I like the winters style. Which we don’t get a lot here in Arizona.

  24. I have been collecting the winter sets each year since I was 12 in 2009 with the first toy shop! This is one of the best. I enjoy displaying them all together each December.

  25. Did I miss it? Or, did you completely ignore the new Baby Minifig? The baby has a slightly different mold that shows a neck and the print is really cool.

  26. This set is already selling on Ebay for near $150.00! Sheesh…I just bought one from Lego online b4 it is retired…

  27. The interior is ok but I hate every single inch of the exterior because I can't see the seasonal/winter set appealing.

  28. Should have given us an extra fire fighter, and a little dog house for the Dalmatian. Then I would say its a good $100 set

  29. This set doesn't seem worth it to me? I have winter sets til the santa workshop except the updated toy shop which seemed useless to buy. I think the interior of the winter sets has gotten smaller and smaller and less playability.

  30. "Easy to build"

    Lego disagrees, they labelled it expert for some reason. Also the holiday catalogue with this on the cover has a construction error, the left most window bar is missing. How odd.

  31. This really doesn't seem worth the price to me. Should've dumped the bench and made the skating pond twice as large because it just looks ridiculous at that size.

  32. the one thing i dont like is the classic style fire truck it reminds me of 1980's fire trucks from lego XD everything else is awesome!

  33. I do not understand the the admiration of many people about the coolness of the set. At first look, it is good, but the models has a bunch of flaws. For example, the back of a fire truck (just a stump), and bricks with holes on the facade of the building? For a long time there have been bricks without holes on the second side. Also gray bricks (arch and others) among others burgundy bricks, the building is more like an ordinary creator than a creator expert, etc.

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