LEGO Creator: Mini Cooper (40109) Exploration

Hey everyone! Jaystepher with Mini Cooper by Lego Creator. Set number 40109. Contains 59 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 and up. So here we have the Mini Cooper. It is packaged in a polybag. Let’s crack this puppy open and see what elements lie inside. Parts are packed loose in the package. One small folded instruction manual. Lots of various elements. Let’s have a closer look at the Mini Cooper. The first thing we’re going to notice about the Small Cooper is the dark green elements and the white top. Tinted windshield and side windows. The rims are metallic. Front bumper and grill. Two round trans tiles for headlights. Here’s the rear. We have a bumper and a set of brake lights. I like the flow of the tilted rear windshield with the back. Top of the Cooper does open up. Not a lot of room for a minifigure. Top does easily snap back in place. It does roll perfect on a flat surface. There is a few spare elements after assembling the Small Cooper. A stud, one stud tile, a 1 by 1 tile, one slope, and a spare transparent red plate. These elements may come in handy for other Lego creations. This wraps up the review for Mini Cooper by Lego Creator. Set number 40109. Contains 59 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 and up. It’s not a bad little set. It’s easy to construct and fun to build. Although it is not scaled for minifigures, this would be a perfect addition for any Lego City. Thank you for watching!

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20 thoughts on “LEGO Creator: Mini Cooper (40109) Exploration

  1. Jay i just want to say that i discovered your channel about 2 years ago and your videos are just amazing and so interesting you should deserve way more subs, unfortunately there aren't that many popular Lego channels but you are the best of them i've watched your channel grow since i discovered it. You subbed to me when you had 25k i want to thank you for that. you deserve a lot more credit for the work you put in to these videos than you get now. hope that you reach 100k soon 🙂 

  2. Funny how you hold things so gently hehehe, i don't see any pressure on your thumbnail
    Not thumbnail but 👍 thumbnail! Great vid kay! I just love hearing those legs packages or bags when you cripple it!

  3. Maybe if i remove all of the small crap thats in the cabin and add a stearing wheel then i can put a minifig in there.

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