LEGO city update: Hillside foliage, mine backdrop, & more Feb. 18, 2018

every one I want to show you what’s been
going on in New Jack city since the last time you were here the changes are kind
of subtle when viewed from a distance but up close they’re pretty important so
I’ve started to bring in some of that fourth layer of material on to this
mountainous hilly thing here and the idea that I came up with that just kind
of came naturally was that there would be a little bit more moisture right down
in this this crease this gully here along the the path where two major parts
of the structure kind of come together so this would be an area where the
bright green crispy leaved vegetation would be able to thrive and that would I
believe mostly come from kind of morning dew that condenses coming off the the
water you know with fog coming off the water mostly down in here so I tried
some different things this was actually interesting my very first time using
those medium nougat colored stud pieces from Clayface I just I didn’t want to
bring in like something super colorful you know not all flowering plants have
traditionally colorful fruiting bodies and flowers on them so I wanted to bring
a little bit of color there I would have gone for actually dark tan but I don’t
have any dark Ken studs I don’t know if any have been made but I certainly don’t
have any but that actually worked out really well with that D saturated orange
that is medium nougat giving a lot of color contrast in there and I just like
this this the space just looks like a lot of places that I personally like in
the type of vegetation that grows in in damp wild areas so it makes me happy to
look at this again try a number of of different things and as you get farther
away from that morning damp area things start to dry up so it’s not homogeneous
all the way around and this is steep and rocky so in real life very little
vegetation would be able to stick to this at all you know
you need to be able to form some soil there was no topsoil above this this is
what geologists call a a laccolith I think this is how it’s pronounced it’s
kind of like Devil’s Tower in Wyoming the main main major setting for the
movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind so it’s it’s an almost unnatural like
geological formation and it’s all rocky and very steep and just doesn’t have a
lot of good a good support for life upon it so a little bit has been able to
stick to the side over here but this gets dried out from the midday Sun so
that’s not able to stick around very much but as we come around to the other
side over here there’s another area that is able to get some collections of jus
down here so that gets a little bit damp again yeah it doesn’t make sense to have
like trees and stuff on this this is not a a Sierra Mountain it’s just way too
steep it’s not very tall and the type of minerals that this very hard thing would
be made oh just don’t break down into good substrate so kind of the plants
have to make their own soil so to speak with the help of mosses and such and as
I placed every single one of these little bits I thought about just how
kind of material would accumulate you know how dead the foliage would it would
accumulate and and create fresh usable soil and kind of resell free seeding
distribution patterns and such I don’t know if it really makes that much
difference ultimately it kind of looks random which which is the intent but
with a little bit of purpose behind it a little bit of actual thought behind it
so this is kind of going in the direction that I want to probably add a
little bit more to it but not too much this is not going to be in one of those
super you know evergreen covered things just does not make sense for what I
personally want to do I also did my first little lab tree built with arches you know part
arch pieces and such I’m completely new to that so I was just experimenting with
some different techniques oh the the tunnel so it’s actually starting to look
like a tunnel a little bit from one side because I’ve extended that inward you
can see a little bit a light shone through right now but eventually you
won’t be able to once that gets closed off some more and I also brought in the
additional a little bit of terrain to bring this right out to the edge of the
table going all the way up since I know at least for the moment actually have
some dark bluish gray bricks that I can use so here’s how all that looks now
from a little bit of distance that’s just about right I don’t want too much
greenery there there will be a little bit more around this side a little bit
more around here as well probably put in a few more shrubs and or very small
trees around this I hope I’m not gonna overdo it
no the small thing that I did since the last time you were here was start
bringing the brown back into this space to start to redefine the different
colors of soil or ground at least that will be out here because the the
ultimate intent is for the ballasts of the the entire train line including all
the yard over here not this line are not this yard this passenger really related
line which will have actual concrete beneath it but all the rest will have
that dark bluish gray color to represent ballast and it’ll have multiple colors
just like I’ve done before it won’t be all just completely plain but this will
be old dark grey with the metal rails on top of new dark bluish grey going
beneath it and then the spaces in between here will have the brown and
then I’ll start to add in you know again layering things right so this is kind of
just the base layer for just the base color and then on pond that I’ll start
to add little bits of additional colors to randomize things a little bit a
little bit of elevation change just a little bit and also some weeds and
things to kind of bring it to life a little bit more and then lastly over
here in the mining area I have brought in a backdrop I just
went around on eBay and Amazon looking for cheap photographic backdrops
something roughly this size I ended up getting something that was just about
the right length but a little bit tall actually quite a bit too tall so I was
able to cut it and create two backdrops so one goes here and that really just
helps to frame this out just like all my other displays kind of turns it into an
exhibit that’s the the look that I want for this and while I was working in this
area I went ahead and brought the power miners underground mining station main
build over here and also it’s its little build down there and this was one of two
places since the beginning that I’ve thought of putting that so I just
swapped things around a little bit but that has a little bit of space to live
now and that’s yeah just looking a lot better like say just more like an
exhibit that’s what I want this to feel like like a like a museum exhibit like a
Natural History kind of thing even though it’s at the time of all of this
it will be just its current time but yeah I’m liking like in the look of this
a lot better and then with the other half the other piece of the the backdrop
that I was left with that’ll go around and actually has already started to go
around the space where the the dinosaurs are going to be set up so pretty soon
I’ll be able to start working over there I’m going to continue working on my
terrain on the hill and the planetary defense forest area but eventually I
will start to put some effort over there because the Jurassic world to stuff at
least the dinosaurs not not all the builds and everything but the dinosaurs
will be placed over there kind of in the wild as that display will be set up and
then who knows there might even be a little bit of crossover between that
space and this the last thing I wanted to bring up here is just a little
reminder that this Mellanby district area is going to be worked on this year
it’s really going to be kicked off this is intended to be a project that will
involve a lot of your feedback so all stuff on top of the table and most of
the displays in here are really all about my creativity but I have and just
kind of kind of what I want you know how I want things to be set up but I set
aside this area which is going to be expanded all the way down to the the
black cover back there basically out to the the underground ask me the
underwater display because the Nexo Knights stuff is going to be taken out
within the next month or two but all this space has been reserved to work
with all of you so this will be kind of a co build if you will between us where
you’ll be able to bring in a lot of feedback and to help direct what will
end up showing up down here so I just wanted to keep that on people’s radars
some probably haven’t heard about it I think I’m mostly mentioned that on
Instagram probably a couple months ago now but I didn’t want to make sure y’all
are thinking of that so if you have any ideas for what would make sense in a
space beneath new jiaying City this is intended to be in the same universe it’s
supposed to be just an underground city where you only they just decided to have
more space to use more space with the same amount of the same amount of the
earthy they dug down and created a city beneath so anything that you think might
make sense there including things that break away from some of my own personal
rules for the stuff up on top of the table you know you couldn’t get into
some slightly more unrealistic stuff and it’ll be a lot more lenient and be much
more willing to to do silly things fun things you know fanciful things just you
know whatever whatever seems fun so start thinking about ideas for that I’m
definitely still not going to allow an airport down here because it doesn’t
make any sense and will take up way too much of this valuable space but a lot of
other things that I am definitely not going to allow up above will be allowed
down here and I think that the could potentially be a really fun thing
to kind of combine my own ideas with many of your ideas so I think some good
stuff is happening and a lot more good stuff is on the way thank you for
watching this update I hope you’ve enjoyed this and stick around because
more is to come tack you can see

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100 thoughts on “LEGO city update: Hillside foliage, mine backdrop, & more Feb. 18, 2018

  1. There will still be no climbers or goats, no waterfall, stream, or other water features on the hill, no batcave inside, just what's been planned & explained since the beginning, Planetary Defense Force!

    You don't need an Instagram app or account to see my behind the scenes & work in progress pics. Just occasionally drop by to see what's new.

  2. The mountain looks wild, the grass really adds character to it and I am liking your hidden base.
    Edit: add a sun factory so the underground citizens have a light for their plants.

  3. For the under the table city:

    Underground Chinatown,
    The upside down (stranger things inspired)
    A more advanced, Jules verne imagined, civilization, atlantis type, or more like Steam punk
    A outcasts city, maybe with some iconic characters from death lines (like nexo knights)
    A Tron city.
    An abandom built on top city, like Futurama's city under the city…

  4. Oooh it looks so amazing😍
    How many of these rock pcs did you use?🙈
    Thanks for all your videos👍🏻 your‘re a true insperation! Keep on doing what you do!👍🏻😉

  5. If you ever decide to change the name of your city, you should go with Starship… but only if you built it on rock and roll.

  6. For the underground section of the city. How bout a rare and precious gems shop. Since ya under ground. I think you could make it look awesome. Thanks

  7. It’s his city, but a climber would be fun scaling that mountain. Also, a waterfall that becomes a small stream and leads to the ocean area. Tunnel is looking awesome though.

  8. I respect it is your build but I believe it would look better that if you do the one part with a little foliage to do the rest. At least see how it looks

  9. OMG you should literally build a old rundown underground cave city with people still living in it

    You know like something like a underground city with tiny little lights hanging from the ceiling with people wearing old ragady patch work clothes oh and possibly make it old and dreary looking

    Ps hey jang I've been one of you're subscribers for 4 years now and I'm just it's just amazing the stuff you build but this underground city might be a challenge even for you have a nice day from alex 😄

  10. In the under area you should have a move theater showing "Journey to the middle of the block"!!! and a little rotating popcorn machine or light up letters!!!

  11. You should have a few trees growing out of the mountain side, or maybe at the top when you're finished with that to provide more cover for the planetary defense force base. Also for your underground city I think you should have one custom creation, a stairway up to the main table with a little outlet in Jang city (like you did with the minecraft display).

  12. For the Mellemby district how about you use the nexo knights fortrex to build either a castle themed cyber cafe of restaurant. Once you're done with the nexo knights I mean.

  13. I've got an idea for you. You should built a Lego-Stone-Statue ontop of a big fountain surrounded by a walkway for minifigs and some other stuff surrounding it (greenery, etc.). You could place it in a park or something else you want it to be in. Would be nice if you could give me an answer back because I want to know what you think of my idea!

  14. I haven’t watch you in a while and when I saw this video in my recommend section U couldn’t click away, so much has happened!!

  15. hey Jang, When BIONICLE was canceled you made an interesting post about it on your website/blog. Are you going to do something simolar for Nexo knights? I'm interested in your perspective.

  16. You definitely need a nuclear powered hydro solar wind turbine in the underground city. They need a feasible source of power.

  17. JANG are you going to build a bank and I know you don't take fan suggestions but why don't you make your skyscraper a bank

  18. Oh my god you have a massive hill now I remember your shopping maul video from years ago and I loved that😃😃😎!!!

  19. just waiting for the next city update! any day now i bet! any day now… 😛 i know i cant rush creativity, love your whole channel jang! inspired me to make my own lego city, it sucks compared to yours 😛

  20. You should do a video that shows the entire city and towers and stuff. At this rate, you'll hit 1 million!

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  22. Amazing! Probably add the mountain police station next to it. If you do that then I recommend adding some more texture and rock-like pieces on the station. Also maybe a secret cave with a criminal’s base!

  23. i am thinking just an idea for mellamby you need like a strip mall with a bail bondsman, lawyer liquor store, maybe a gun shop,bounty hunter shop,pawn shop,
    something rough and tough

  24. Rather than seeing a new area I'd kinda like to see you take a smaller area of the main city like a semi-urban neighborhood and really complete it. Maybe not 100% with every detail but all the streets and buildings and important stuff.

  25. Your cargo/harbor area is absolutely incredible, not to mention, it's also the size of my entire city. Love it!

  26. The space underneath, that you have reserved for us to collaborate on, should have just what you mentioned, a beneath the ground, sort of center earth theme. It should probably be futuristic advance tech sort of society. What do you guys think? unless you already have started with a different them, as it has been a few months now.

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