LEGO City Race Boat Transporter review! 60254

hey everyone in this video I have just
one pretty straightforward Lego city set to share with you this is new for 2020
it’s the race boat transporter let’s check it out this one gives you a 6 stud
wide cab over 2 axle semi rig to pull a trailer which has on it an 8 stud wide
race boat and then you get two minifigs the cab unit honestly is nothing too
special you know it’s using the same basic formula for its build that Lego
has been using for city cab over semis for quite some time now most of it is
just studs on top construction with a single core studs on the side piece
that’s used on the front 2 by 2 by 6 by two-thirds piece and it’s just if
basically if you’ve built any anything that looks remotely like this from LEGO
City then you have built essentially this in the past it’s a 5 plus set so
there is not intended to be a tremendous amount of complexity here you do see
some awkward colors with the completely unnecessary blue a little bit of extra
lime green showing up at the back I think that could have been done without
it could have been covered up a little bit but as you can see just two axles
there’s a some sort of canister on the back I’m assuming that’s supposed to
represent a fire extinguisher they’ve got some lines that they brought in to
kind of bring in some of the extreme team design without using stickers but
then it does use the sticker up on top for the arrow bit up here and then on
the front you can see a couple used and just to make this a little bit different
from things that they’ve done before they change the shaping of the bumper so
just above the bumper it kind of curves in a little bit to make it slightly
unique you know it’s nice they at least try there to not have them be just the
exact same thing from season to season and the cab is pretty simple it does
have an offset seating position you’re you may have the ability to put a second
figure in there it’s theoretically possible but you need to have the arms
very carefully set up so that they don’t run into each other but inside instead
of a coffee mug interestingly this one has a water
the trailer is all about function over a forum it’s a pretty straightforward
gooseneck design doesn’t really even latch into the fifth wheel there but it
stays well enough and then you just have this narrow core and it’s really just
the absolute minimum to hold on to the boat the good news is that does hold on
to the boat just fine so it definitely does its job just want to get that
slotted in and as a little thing to hold on to the nose so this won’t go anywhere
and yeah it’s stable yeah yeah does its job honestly the more I look at this
race boat the more I am satisfied with its color scheme originally well this
may be just a little bit of my home bias I generally don’t like red and green
trying to contrast against each other yeah they’re supposedly very
complementary colors Christmas and all that but it just doesn’t work that well
for me usually but with this one I’m I’m getting it I’m definitely getting it you
know with the the red in the graphics and then these two stripes right here
they’re very strong and I like the shape I think I think it’s really the shape
that works out for me so you’ve got a little bit of curvature right here and
then this long curve interrupted by it just a little bit of texture there and
then the use of this canopy piece which is the the wider one that has a weird
shape along the sides I think the first time I saw that used in a set was in a
black panther jet set from from the Marvel series and I really didn’t like
it that much there but thought it had potential here it works great I think it
just adds add something a little different to the overall look and feel i
I would probably like to see something right there’s but a tile right there too
to start the dark color right here just a little bit I think would look a little
bit better but just a tiny nitpick this has these huge engine intakes are they
supposed to be actual Jets or are they just intakes or are they both their jet
intake you know maybe this thing is actually turbine powered but you got
your two surface piercing propellers on the back which are actually lined up
very nicely there and a little bit of extra detailing down the center look at
that with those five sided Nexo Knights shield add-on
pieces those tiles in there to just add a little extra shaping and these are a
little extra as well you know it’s just it’s just not the minimum that is
necessary to make this thing work I think it’s it’s definitely much better
than many of this type of race boat that Lego has made in the past and you open
up the canopy and inside you have a steering wheel and a single seat plus a
printed console piece so yeah everything that I could reasonably ask for in a
single seater also I don’t have any water right here in the studio with me
but this is a unitary hull and this will float it’s not set up to have any motor
connected to it or anything but it’ll float these things work well and that is
an excellent bonus to be able to actually throw it into the bathtub or
throw it into a pool or even a small pond here are the two figures there is
one personal flotation device or lifejacket whichever you want to see
that as between them because only one of them is going to be on the water at a
time and there’s one helmet between them the hairpiece is kind of gender-neutral
so you can swap that between the two if you want to switch their roles or
whatever and the torsos are also identical so you are not missing
anything underneath that big orange blob on the right and as for alternate faces
between these two sorry nothing lastly here are the spare parts
from the set over here just a handful of little things and this is the spent
sticker sheet to show you that you had three stickers for license plates and
then just a small number of additional ones that I felt were an appropriate
number for this set to give it some extra oomph and some extra texture and
interest so this thing goes for $30 u.s. do I think that’s a fair price for this
set yes I do I absolutely do for the amount of stuff that you get here for
the quality of the build especially considering that it’s intended to be a 5
Plus set I think they did a pretty good job with the design and just the volume
of stuff I think is pretty proper for that price I mean look at the price to
part ratio even I mean that’s kind of in just what oftentimes is the norm
range for lego city sets even that don’t have a huge pair of pieces like the
unitary boat hull set involves the top part and the the inner part that’s gray
on this one is one piece and that’s ABS plastic just like regular Lego pieces
and then the bottom piece is a softer part so you know for that to be the
price to part ratio with that set of huge pieces yeah
nope no problem right there overall I just think it’s a pretty decently
designed basic boat set you know there’s nothing too special to fancy about it
certainly the the cab unit is well not really I was gonna say the cab unit is
the least interesting thing here but no the trailer yes the trailer is
absolutely just 100% function over form but at least you do have to build it and
it’s it’s a fine build you know it’s basic but it absolutely works you have
to put it together yourself it’s not using one of those old preformed large
semi trailer base pieces which I personally really liked but they didn’t
give you as much of a proper Lego building experience unless you put
together pretty quickly so even for younger kids I think that you know
they’ll get success from it pretty quickly and easily and yeah just overall
this I think was well designed for what it’s intended to be it’s not for
everyone but for folks looking for something like this I think it’s well
done at a respectable price that’s it for my thoughts this was a fairly quick
build so if you want to see how anything went together on the inside just check
out the speed build it goes by rather rather quickly indeed or you can
either on the pure build if you just want to have something to have going in
the background with nothing but the sounds the pure sounds of the lego
pieces being put together no talking and no music check out one of those if you
want to it’s entirely up to you and I will talk to you in soon thanks for

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58 thoughts on “LEGO City Race Boat Transporter review! 60254

  1. As of the time of this comment it's actually $24 at Amazon:

    If you use my affiliate links I may get a tiny commission to help keep the channels going!

  2. I'm glad you're continuing with your videos as normal Jang. These are tough times but at least we've got your videos to get us through this. You were a great inspiration for my channel and I put you on my featured channels page.

  3. I cant remember what year it was maybe 2011 but there was a great boat transporter with a low profile cab over semi

  4. That boat would look waaay better if it was black/with red/yellow. Black hull, red deck surface area, then the tiles in the center being a yellow from the front to the back. 10% darker canopy tint.

  5. How well do those stickers deal with water? I've never had a boat set and it just occurred to me sticks and water often don't mix.

  6. I get what you mean. I’ve just built this set just this morning! (I live in the uk). But I got delivered brand new 60079 which I only paid £35 for and it was strange seeing one with a preformed trailer and one without (oh I built that also today)

  7. The red coffee mug is very anti-Lego, it's just Lego hadn't realized it before now. Coffee breeds addiction, and coffee isn't for children; children shouldn't know about it.

  8. don't ever like it when they put stickers on parts that are meant to be in water, but this seems like a fine lil set otherwise

  9. Any chance you could do a 'live build' stream during the coronavirus to give us all something to watch while we're socially isolating?

  10. I used to HATE these styles of semi-cabs from them. I still don't exactly like them, but I've learned a little more about the European styles of things and I at least GET it now. What I DON'T get is why there aren't ALSO a larger number of AMERICAN style cabs. They sell to America, America's a large body of customers– and America loves it's semi rigs. Why not also better cater to us? They've made a FEW over a LONG space of years– most of which were back in the "makeshift" design era when stuff was a lot sparser and didn't look quite as good– I dunno, but I want a larger stable of American styled Lego semi cabs.

  11. I would gladly buy the boat separately for $15-$20 USD. The truck and trailer don't really add much imo. The trailer is super bare-bones, and the truck is fairly bland. Despite the boat being mostly comprised of a unitary hull, the little amount of added building adds so much personality and detail to the design I can't not love it. Also I really dig the lime green on red, although maybe not as much as lime green on blue.

  12. for play, I think $30 is a pretty good price. For the building experience I'm on the fence. A lot of the cost is built into that unitary hull, and a pretty boring trailer. But I do like boats, a lot. I'll probably end up picking it up at some point X3 but it's not high on my list of sets to get.

  13. Didn’t like the truck or trailer until JANG reviewed it, and turns out they don’t look so bad upon closer inspection

  14. Jang I had a question are you going to do a thoughts video on the new idea set, The pirates of barracuda bay?

    Other than that great review on a set I now know I’m gonna get this set now

  15. Although I love the city trucks, I hate this one! Way too expensive (£) and 11p per piece!

  16. Nice boat.Colors eh. Lego likes adding animals to sets so one green and red surf board,a new alligator mould to allow standing energy drink and a Tony Hawk gater size helmet would be EXTREME ! Thanks Jang 🤠

  17. Hey jang loved the review. Nice boat not too keen on the truck and trailer. On an unrelated note, I was wondering if you were open to a suggestion for the name of your tech store moc…. Voltech.

  18. Now that boat looks very fast! Like it could go over 200 km/h! And what's great in this set is the fact that it can float, that's always a welcome bonus. I know Lego has made quite a few of race boat sets in the past, having a second set to have them compete against each other would be quite cool, and I like the color scheme as well, very flashy! Cool review Jang, hope you are doing well in this whole quarantine situation, stay safe, and that goes for all Lego and Jangbricks fans!

  19. Just another remake on the Truck+Trailer+Boat like the 4×4 with Powerboat or Powerboat carrier. But this one is not terrible in particular,I can understand the 30 dollar price tag since it includes the specialized boat piece that actually floats. I'd definitely get one of this

  20. Lego does a Truck/Trailer/Raceboat in city roundabout every 5 years.
    Its good its not as frequent as a Luke's Landspeeder!
    : )

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