LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist review! 60245

hello hello this is another lego city
set for 2020 it’s the police monster truck heist set but the name is a lie
kind of like the cake there is no police monster truck in this set they just
wanted to have police in the name as a keyword so folks would know what it is
when they’re looking through text lists the thing I don’t anyway let’s take a
look at the same there is a monster truck here and then there is some police
related stuff five figures in total and then a city bank which is not affiliated
with endorsed by are sponsored by in anyway City Bank of North America I
figured I’d show you the monster truck first now do keep in mind as we look
through this set that it is designed for kids aged 5 and up so it’s just the
smallest possible step above a junior center what previously would have been
known as a junior set so I think context like that is important what I like most
about this monster truck right here is the fact that it actually literally
suggests physically through parts individual parts that has a v8 engine
there are eight exhaust outlets there and that’s just rare it really is I
don’t little things that sometimes make a difference to some weird people like
myself that does make a difference to me I just don’t see it that often it’s kind
of kind of cool for folks who know what a v8 engine is I think plenty of kids do
especially who would be interested in something like this now on the back here
is well there’s a hinge so it kind of looks like a tow truck this comes up and
down but that’s a magnet inside of there it shows you the horseshoe logo there it
is right there there’s a magnet inside you can kind of hear it rattling around
a little bit maybe just a little bit loose inside the actual magnet itself
this is on a ball-joint so it’s able to turn from side to side you can angle it
in different ways and I’ll show you in just a minute how that’s going to work
what that’s used with in this set there is no working suspension here there are
quite a number of weird colors that you see from the side like okay blue axle
pins I’ve ranted about those too much by now but the white in there
that’s weird why did why do we have to have those white pieces and then the
blue grille pieces that you see down here those could have been done in red
and they still would have stood out during the assembly process I think no
unnecessary little color weirdness there’s a clip on either side to hold on
to minifig accessories here’s just a crowbar on this side this uses one
single well now two stickers wait where’s the other one no no no no no no
just one sticker that’s right this one is just one sticker right there easy to
leave off if you don’t like stickers at all and looking inside I’ll make that
even more clear for you it’s a generous space for one single figure to sit in
there and they just get the usual steering wheel that’s pretty much it for
this one the bank is kind of small and simple as you would expect but it’s not
one of the smallest buildings that Lego has made in this style you know
typically it’ll actually be more like I don’t want to thirds that that width and
you know there’s some extra height here I like the color scheme as well with the
medium nougat regular green and the light bluish gray I think those all work
together pretty well not just a little rubbish container out front this is just
a security camera that’s looking out for folks who are about to walk in to
stickers are used for the big sign up here looking around the back there’s
some interior detail to look at but we also need to look at what’s up here on
the roof because that is an ingress point that is where the bad guys will
try to get in through this skylight just open that up and then there is a laser
in there which I’m assuming is trying to be related to some sort of a tripwire or
just a you know a laser detection motion detection little line so you need to
move that out of the way and it’s connected to the camera over here move
that out of the way and bad guy can drop down in there there’s a single teller or
security personnel seat there that’s practically on the ground and they also
have printed piece to act as a console for
whatever they’re gonna do that’s good to see
and on the other side where all the goodies are that’s the safe I guess it’s
an exposed safe with safety deposit boxes in there and those are all able to
be opened but they are a little bit difficult to get to you know you can get
to the lower ones relatively easily but the upper ones a little bit more
difficult to get to for us with our huge human huge figure hands fortunately for
me the bad guys with their monster truck can help me out with that by backing
right up to the exterior of that safer safe deposit area using their magnet
crane and just pull it right on out so that’s how that works very simple
there’s plenty of attraction there the magnets have good strength this is not
gonna fall off you know this is a decent-sized assembly here but it’s not
too stiff it’s not like you know if you’re a little kid you’re still gonna
be able to pull it off without much issue so I think that’s actually tuned
pretty well and you can rotate this around this is the very reason that the
magnet inside is able to to move around so that you can get it to connect in
different ways depending on how you want to grab things and then you can just run
away with this but now that the bad guys have so kindly pulled this out I can
show you this a little bit better and each compartment has some sort of
valuable in it so $100 or $110 billion here is a very precious popsicle frozen
popsicle and then over here just a couple of gold bars the next smaller
thing that you build is this police van with the current version of a police
logo which is intentionally bad you know it’s trying to make fun of itself and
you have to watch the lego city adventurers TV show which I’m not
sponsored by I just like it if you want to understand like how the police are
and what the world is like that they’re trying to
poor trade but it’s it’s kind of a joke it’s supposed to be but you know what
this this van is not that much of a joke like this is pretty proper looking
especially for something for five plus you know it has a lot more texture a lot
more interesting shaping than I would have expected just hearing a description
of it and who it’s made for you know it’s got texture and and some depth
along the sides the front is shaped up pretty nicely but it is pretty simple
and easy to put together it does have clips on the up on the
outside one on either side to hold on to some minifig accessories and then back
you can open up the doors and you can open up the top as well you’ve got this
transceiver dish on top you can bring back and forth open up the top gives you
a little more access to the inside and look at that it even has a couple of
printed consoles in there and you can put somebody in there and put at least
one person I think you can actually put two back to back if not in tandem and
then they also have a heads up displays the monitor that’s in there what that’s
represented by a sticker so you know that’s that’s not a bad level of detail
right just definitely could have used a couple of spots for some additional
accessories on the inside I think just you know it just clips or something
they’ve got the clips on the outside would be nice to have some storage on
the inside but I think it works out okay this just pops off the normal way the
doors are able to open as you would expect and this one’s again just has a
spot for a single person did to sit in there to drive it and they get a
steering wheel as well for the sake of fairness I should point out that once
again this has some funky colors like that green part why must it be green why
why or at least why is it not covered up I think there’s a red part back here
that does get covered how can you have this yellow which is not as bad because
at least there’s some light yellow on the color scheme if the green is really
weird and you do see it if you’re close to the ground or close to whatever
surface this is on rounding out the buildable stuff here’s just a street
light just can why not I do not mind the inclusion of
that that’s for sure I mean you can never have too many streetlights
although this is fairly low you get a police motorcycle alright which gives an
additional vehicle for good guys to use in this case these are I believe pretty
cheap to make by now they’ve made their money back
on the molds several times so that’s why they’re not not against including them
quite frequently evidently and this does use stickers for its sides it does not
have the printed version interestingly that’s just a single clip on the back so
you got some handcuffs and then lastly a couple of traffic control little
barricades and these can be carried inside of the van but not if there’s
somebody in there as well unless you kind of want to have it on them just
gets awkward but either/or is my preference the crook figures are big
Betty on the left and I don’t know the dudes name I don’t know if he even has a
name for that matter but it’s not listed on the box or on the site and I
personally don’t recognize him he’s relatively generic looks just fine for
what he is but big Betty is relatively unique new torso print they’re
interesting face that’s a little bit different and she has the dark red cap
dual moulded with late or cool yellow colored hair and blonde hair print
around the back of the torso as well kind of matches and she does have an
alternate face which is particularly useful for lego city crooks these work
and then looking at the cops the one on the left here is once again a named
character that has Tom Bennett and on the right mmm once again I don’t know I
don’t know if she even has a name probably does have a name but I don’t
know it I think she’s just intended to be just a generic person but of course
you can use your imagination sometimes people hate it when I say that
for some reason they didn’t really offend it it’s really weird but these
figures I think are just fine for what they are
nothing particularly special about him right look at the alternate face
selection here it’s very very slim not so with the security guard though if you
are a fan of Lego creator expert modular buildings you will recognize this dude
at least maybe his I don’t know his dad or granddad or something whom he looks
just like this is pretty good torso print shame that he doesn’t get a
special print for his legs or anything cuz I think he could’ve used some of
that but here it is the alternate face uh-huh well thank you very much but in
this case it’s not at all well thank you very much it’s a because he’s supposed
to be sleeping on the job that’s a good use for that face are you sleeping on
the job and that’s how the bad guys get in there you go story complete lastly
here’s a look at the leftover spare parts not too much of that is
particularly special and then looking at the spent sticker sheet most of these
stickers I would say are fairly optional except for the ones that are used for
the sign above the bank I think those are pretty important all right it is
time to summarize and talk about value and I’ve already put the prices on the
screen great okay so you already see it’s $60 u.s. you see how many parts it
comes with and you see that the price depart ratio looks pretty dang atrocious
right well let’s see I mean let me do the the exercise with this this is this
is large but it’s really simple does have that magnet on the back but I don’t
want that to cost a bunch so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna say this plus the
motorcycle plus the figures for those I’m gonna give that 20 bucks I mean it
would be 25 at the most but this is really simple if you if you actually put
this together look at the instructions for it you’ll see that it doesn’t feel
like it has the value that it would appear to have
and then so yeah I stole I want to give this 20 and we’ll see how that works out
this one 15 with the figure for it so we’re looking at 35 bucks at that point
and then this I’ll give I want to give it like I want to give it like 15 again
but I feel like I kind of feel like I’m stretching a little bit on each of these
things I’m looking at looking at 50 bucks being an okay price for this but I
would really want it to be 45 looking at the looking at the whole thing so you
know looking at them individually yeah 50 I can I can see even 55 I can I can
kind of make sense of but I don’t want to because when I look at all of it
together I would love for this to be about a 45
dollar set that feels it just feels good to me and sure that’s a subjective thing
when it’s based on all of my experience to date with other sets and then
considering the fact that things continue to get more expensive I’ll give
it 50 tops okay so $60 u.s. is too much in my
opinion 55 is is a real stretch 50 is the most that I would want to see people
paying for this and I feel like the amount of of play value that comes from
this for its target audience is good the magnet system works well the design is
really clever and convenient especially convenient and the yeah the design I
think the design of everything here for for five plus set for this to be a 5
Plus van it’s so much better it’s so much more complex so much more detailed
than anything that Lego made back in the golden days of the four-wide stuff then
I loved to look at as a kid you know and that I
still have a nostalgia towards a a lot of adult fans of Lego still have
nostalgia towards that is just better in every way there’s more you can do with
it there’s more space there it it’s better looking
this doesn’t look quite as good but it is large and it focuses on size over
detail although it does have that v8 engine I do appreciate that and the
magnet works well the bike is just a bike the figures are fine this is good
for what it is yeah so I really feel like most of this is is done pretty well
there are a few odd color choices for parts done in the interest of making
things easier to put together because it’s quicker to find parts when there
are different colors for unique shapes and such but beyond that I’m happy with
this for the target market people if you’re an adult fan and you’re looking
at this and going bad Lego no don’t do that don’t do that it’s not for you it’s
not for me it’s not it’s for our kids yeah okay good that’s all I had to say
about it still too expensive check out the build if you want to see
how these things were put together you’re not interested in my interview
and if you are kind of on the fence and you want to see if the building
techniques kind of make it worth it it’s worth checking out at least the speed
build where everything goes through actually fairly quickly you know given
that small number of parts it wasn’t that that long of a build for all of
this or you can throw on the pure build and put it in the background while you
chill out during these rough times thank you for watching hope that you’ve
enjoyed this and I’ll talk to you soon you

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77 thoughts on “LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist review! 60245

  1. If any Italians are reading this…
    Have a great day, stay safe from the virus and know that people don't all hate your country and think more of you than just "the coronavirus country"

  2. 🚓 Fantastic! I'm really old, but to be honest: I love Lego City sets more than any other sets! Something wrong with me? 🤓

  3. I really think this police series and last years police series are really week. Like last years series will be boycotting it. I do appreciate the building though. City needs to make more building.

  4. Hey JANG. Is there any chance you could do a video discussing all the different Magnetic Blocks that have come out lately? Thanks for the reviews, but I personally prefer your MOCs.

  5. Preaty sure the name is suposed to be Lego City Police: Monstertruck heist
    also the monster truck has a Super charged v8 engine.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that we're going into another dark age of Lego? I think most of these vehicles are uglier than lego city sets from 3 years ago, and I especially hate that one piece helicopter.

  7. Personally, every set so far in 2020 has been a disappointment. Seems like they're starting to make sets that are aimed for young kids. The sets are very simple, lack detail and the piece counts are low-ish.

  8. I'm excited about the chance that lego uses the magnets in bigger D2C sets. We saw them in the old UCS star destroyer, maybe we could see something like that again.

  9. i dont think its a good set, to make it worth 60 dollars, id want to see a bank that you can really infultrate, like more laser traps, more trap doors, and maybe a bigger security desk. but yeah its really over priced.

  10. Y did they stop the old Lego police theme? This new crap has a ugly feeling to it and the new chief of police sucks I want the old police line back

  11. Ah yes, this makes me think about the golden age of lego, when things didn't have funky colors, because kids were smart enough to read an instruction manual…Also, why is that magnet so ridiculously big? What ever happend to the "aquazone" magnets, they worked just fine and were small!

  12. i know this irrelevant, but how is the US handling the Corona-virus? i'm on 3 weeks lock-down here in the UK

  13. The UK price seems better but I still see this more towards a 35£ or 40$ value. Also those od colure parts are very commen in most kids collections so you could swap them out. No issue.

  14. While I don’t exactly like this set a lot as others in this wave, I love the return of the magnets. Due to me being young, I’ve never had the older sets that had them bad always wanted them to be used again.

  15. Hey Jang! Great review of this set. I like most of the new sets but what I've been noticed with the new city sets, it almost feels like lego reverted back to the jack stone era of designs.. Maybe slightly better but not as great as city sets of the past.

  16. I would divide it like this…
    Set 1: 4×4 with 2 crooks $20
    Set 2: police can, cycle, barriers and 2 cops $20
    Set 3: bank facade and security guard $10
    Total $50, still kinda high.

  17. This set is too expensive, even UK's RRP of £44.99 is too much. It should be £39.99 maximum, but preferably £34.99.

  18. Box Quote: "Proper Looking." – Jangbricks Seal of Approval This set is $47.99 on Amazon right now. Use JANG'S affiliate link in the description to buy!

  19. Wth… Lego getting sucky with lazy n pathetic designs recently. Price kept increasing with lousy parts count. Thanks for forcing me to quit on yiu guys…

  20. The main thing I don't like about this is the wheels and bright blue axel on the wheels of the monster truck. The rims feels modern and sleek but the monster truck is red, aggressive looking, and very rugged. The design of the main body of the monster truck and the wheels just doesn't work for me, and the price is just ridiculous

  21. Yo jang I'm a old time fan , was just looking at some old Lego mocs and I noticed most of your comments are turned off and I'm getting recommend the yt kids app. If this is Copa taking its toll I'm sorry for that. I mean I'm 27 and Lego was and still is a passion of mine. If yt is doing this to content creators like you I honestly have no words, never the less awesome vid! Hang in there 🙂

  22. I'm 24 years old, and I absolutely love the set, especialy the bank. Banks don't need to be large, and the vehicles are nice too. The price is unfortunate though.

  23. In the last couple of years the crooks have been getting better vehicles. Their VTOL from last year was the best they have ever had.
    I'd like o see more vehicles and buildings for the crooks so the conflict seems less lopsided in favor of the cops. It's just too easy for the cops to win all the time.

    I think the simple builds are nice as a starting point. People could combine several sets or buy more LEGO bricks to add to the simple builds to make more elaborate buildings.

    Your city needs a couple of crime lords terrorizing the citizens in their war for supremacy.

  24. the criminal car llooks bad but the police van looks ok i would remove the satalite and consoles and use as a transport van

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