LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport & Highway Arrest reviews! 60244 60242

every one I have here a couple of the
LEGO City 2020 police sets this is the police helicopter transport and over
here is the latest version of a highway arrest set so here they are I’m gonna
start with the big one actually so this is everything that comes with the
helicopter transport set and traditionally for sets like this Lego
would focus just on the police related stuff but here you see there’s a little
bit of bad guy stuff as well a bit of criminal related material of course most
what you’re paying for is the combination of the helicopter the
trailer to haul around and the truck to pull it all now keep in mind that this
is a relatively low end lego city set that’s designed to be assembled even by
younger builders so it can’t be too complex and how it goes together and
it’s not it’s it’s fairly simple to assemble but I appreciate regardless the
strong attempts by the designer to make it look unique you know what to make it
look at to make it look different from other lego city cab over semi rigs and
and and front ends for various trucks with the curvature to the side window
there also the curvature in front with the relatively new pieces the 1 by twos
that are used here you know it’s it’s different they use the speed champions
wheels interestingly they’re not the 2020s be champions wheels they’re the
original speed champions wheels that are no longer being used on speed chef Ian’s
cars but I think that they do scale well here in something of this size the
difference between the the old and the new is that they just swapped between
axle holes Technic axle holes versus Technic pin holes that are used on the
newer ones the side back here has that door that that cab box there’s your
cargo box really back here that opens up and you’d expect to be able to really go
in there but instead it’s just a cop computer it’s good to be able to have
easy access to that and probably a lot easier than putting it in the cab where
it might make more sense you know on the in the interior it’s got a couple of
clips on the back to hold on to accessories I
would have expected to find those inside but again easy access here I don’t mind
that you know a little bit of function over form definitely makes sense
sometimes on the other side wall jail cell so that’s convenient you know use
it as a prisoner transport as well catch criminal while your help transporting
your helicopter around maybe transport your helicopter somewhere where you need
to catch a criminal and then you have a spot to put them rather than having to
call in another vehicle entirely the inside of this cab is pretty simple just
has a single seat there there is really you can see it there a steering wheel on
one side there’s just enough room for a single person to sit in they’re offset a
little bit which you know at least looks good and of course there’s room for the
all-important coffee mug I should point out on this side as well that you don’t
have to open the jail cell door or the holding cell door you can also just tear
the whole door off so that’s just an available play feature you know for
simulating breakouts as opposed to having to find the keys and get through
here and you just do it even possibly while it’s well it’s on the road while
it’s moving around now the trailer is not built with a preformed trailer piece
trailer base like a lot of older Lego semi trailers have been you build this
up from scratch with just regular pieces and it’s not too complex you know
doesn’t have too many pieces but man it works really really well this is
actually part of the launcher for the new helicopter then take the helicopter
off just temporarily this has a couple of nice little handlebar holders right
here to keep it in in place these can be used for traffic direction and you know
blocking off areas and then there’s a zip cord for the launcher that also gets
a nice convenient spot to be held in here and though these things tend to
like to be coiled up on their own and everything there’s actually a spot at
the front of this that keeps it from coiling up so it keeps it relatively
straight it gives just a little bit of the front of this just tucks in under
there so is really really smart design for
convenient use and convenient access with helicopter itself this is my
personal first time looking at one of these new actual flying helicopters that
Lego came out with for this year it’s not as cool as I thought it would be at
least to look at and to behold I mean this canopy piece is specialized it’s
not connected with any studs or pins or anything I’ll have to try to figure out
if there are ways to adapt it to work with other building pieces but the
entire fuselage here is just one big piece with the skids and everything and
then there are just a couple pieces for the rotor and of course I’ll show you
how that works because it does supposedly actually fly I’ve not tried
it yet this is a separate piece back here piece of plastic I don’t know if
it’s styrene or something a little bit more durable than that but you just
attach it onto a clip on the back and that’s just really it for the design of
the chopper let me put a person in there for a scale and see I figure just kind
of sits there it’s not attached to anything
doesn’t even have anything between the legs to hold it in place and then the
canopy piece just snaps over that so a little bit disappointing from a build
perspective let’s see if it flies though it’s not particularly great at flying is
it it’s disappointing it they put so much work into this specialized very
hollow relatively lightweight package still has some weight to it though
probably more than it needs just the thrust to weight ratio is not
particularly good what I’ve pulled really really fast on the zip cord I was
able to get it like three feet up in the air maybe four but it comes down really
really quickly so I’m still not a particularly great flyer but some kids
would appreciate it I think it also comes with the cop
and the criminals a TV you know for the number of pieces that this used up in
the budget for the set this is pretty good you know quads don’t need to be
super super huge this can fit a writer and also a passenger on the back got the
money that’s been stolen here as always and the hook on the back with the chain
so you can connect that up to the the bars
I wish the chain was a little bit longer but you could attach it up to the top to
give it a little extra room a little bit extra space so you can break somebody
out of the transport you know the prison section the cell section of the
transport and the bike just has the single clip on the back to hold on to
some handcuffs otherwise pretty simple couple stickers the cop on the left here
is a named character that is rookie partner that’s that’s her name partner
with it and you are at the end of it you have to watch the lego city adventures
TV show to really understand how they’re completely on the chin humor works but I
think it actually does work if you follow along for long enough it doesn’t
necessarily work so well without context no notice the torsos are exactly the
same which is great because they’re just cops so you can just swap pieces around
if you want to have one be an actual you know named character one not want to
customize them put your own faces on there whatever it works just fine no
alternate faces though unfortunately for either of these the other cop doesn’t
have a name in this set here’s one good thing inclusion of one particularly good
thing the inclusion of a hairpiece for rookie so I guess this guy is just bald
that’s fine I appreciate the inclusion of hair pieces as alternates always or
helmets as alternates you know just giving us more choice for not much
additional cost from Lego on the bad guys side we have another named
character on the left is Frankie Lou Pelle
and yes the criminal therefore Italian trope is tired and needs to be retired
even if they don’t do stereotyped accents for the characters
still just come on Lego let’s let’s move past that stuff like that as much as
possible there enough divisive things in the world nowadays no need to perpetuate
unnecessary ones but beyond that it’s nice to see something a little bit
different for the torso prints at least and also the face prints you know
nothing going on with with the legs but I’m ok with that
as usual they’re sticking to their guns with the inclusion of the stripes
you know stripe clothing for the criminals and Franky over here
unfortunately it’s not able to fully cover up his alternate face but it is
nice that he does have an alternate face we can have him mask on you can’t tell
who he actually is and mask off but you can identify them by the bandage ah see
anybody can be a detective even me no alternate headpieces for
either you know for either of these their head gear pieces but that’s ok we
got at least one and of course if you want I mean you do that as an alternate
right as an alternate right and then maybe that not too many left over spare
parts in this set and there’s the spent sticker sheet so you have an idea of how
many stickers are used in total this is Justin retail price for this set is $50
u.s. which I personally feel is too high I want to see this at $40 u.s. tops I
think for the amount of stuff that you get here I will give it an allowance for
the fact that it has the very specialized pieces in it for the
helicopter a bunch of them that are definitely expensive relatively
expensive to make and you know have more value especially given that it can
actually fly but 50 is still just too much so this is definitely one I would
recommend waiting on it is a shame that the helicopter doesn’t fly all that well
but I do have to blame most of that on the fact that this is a 5 plus set so
the fuselage for instance that I talked about that is hollow yet fairly sturdy
has to be able to survive five plus play and there’s only so much you can do with
physics I think the rotor could have been designed a little bit better
honestly a lot of kids especially younger ones will enjoy seeing it you
don’t get just a little bit off the ground I think that a lot of kids
unfortunately won’t quite have the strength and let’s think we’re really
crazy with it which they can thankfully thanks to its durability to get it to
fly to its maximum capability and adults you know outside going crazy with it can
probably get some impressive height off of it but overall it’s it’s not a great
set I think it’s I think it’s cool I think it does accomplish what it sets
out to do it’s just definitely too expensive looking at the highway arrest
set this one’s really simple very straightforward and very well balanced
this police car is like a muscle car it’s souped up it’s got up big induction
scoop in the front and reminds me a lot of a Ford Mustang like a modern Mustang
there’s something about this eye I thought that I would kind of hate it
with the hybrid for stud wide six third wide more than six ten wide proportions
of it but no there’s something very pleasing to me personally about the
proportions of this yeah it looks very tight you know overall it is a very
simple build but the proportions I don’t know they’re kind of working for me kind
of like that for a six stud wide build it’s not too flat
it’s kind of small you know the it has a very short wheelbase is based on a
specialized chassis piece but I want to I want to try using that piece because I
don’t know there’s just something interesting about this size notice that
this uses the fenders or the wheel arches that are tucked under to allow it
to be a little bit more rounded looks pretty dang good from the front again
you’re a Ford or fort and/or Shelby like modern Ford or classic Shelby kind of
design with the front end especially so yeah it’s a car
some people like it some people will hate it somebody will be in between
holds one person has steering wheel and that’s pretty much that uses just
stickers you know for its decorations no action features no clips to hold on to
accessories or anything that is that the bad guy car yeah I had the slopes on
backwards when I first built it sorry about that
but beyond that still this doesn’t have as much soul as Duke could detain this
car has pretty much the same proportions uses the same specialized chassis piece
underneath there but it’s just not as good in my opinion definitely not as
good as the of course more complicated version of this car that they did with
the last version of this set back in the chase McCain days you know it’s just
kind of following the the for like early 90s Ferrari kind of look I think is what
they’re going for but it it serves its purpose
but it’s pretty simple and nothing special
I guess there is one thing special about it take the figure out which is easier
to do with the windscreen removed it has a bit of cargo space and that’s
something you don’t frequently see in a sports style car from Lego for sure
because it’s able to hold on to this safe safe can be removed at the black
main piece sticker on the front and they do come with some some parts they do
include some parts to put in there a couple of ingots that are just the
molded pearl gold color and a hundred denomination bill not really space to
put a second person back there or anything but figure you could adapt to
something else to work and lastly this is just a small side build that has a
little bit of a curb that you can drive over and then you can knock over this
box of fish so I don’t know if it’s out back of a restaurant or if there’s a
street fish vendor or something but yeah it’s a little something extra personally
I feel like would’ve been better if they had used the parts budget for this to
invest instead into the red car to make it more interesting more special maybe
give it a roofer then I do like the street sign though in
this set both figures are named characters on the left is Duke detained
and on the right is veto now granted it may be the case that they were trying to
make fun of the whole criminal therefore Italian at least in name trope but it
doesn’t come across that way it’s not well enough maybe some people will see
it I don’t see it yeah man the figures themselves though are fine
I appreciate Duke detains textured hair you know it’s just something different
from most of the hero characters that we’ve gotten in history from Lego and
yeah there’s the criminal the typical criminal striping for Vito there but you
know it’s a little bit subtle and it’s a little bit more
I’ll just integrate it I just think it is nicer than the usual full-on prison
shirt underneath kind of look so it’s just kind of showing it that’s criminal
fashion as opposed to you know all of them have just broken out of jail and
then here you have an alternate face for Duke and an alternate face for Vito as
well and finally here are the leftover pieces holy handful of them and the
sticker sheet for this set is pretty small and simple and now for the
important stuff you’re looking at a $30 set right there
$30 us even more the price depart ratio just look at what you get doesn’t look
like $30 worth of stuff to me not on the box not in person now even if
both of the cars were even in my personal opinion as good as and
interesting as Duke detains not afford they’re still the amount of stuff that’s
here is not worth $30 25 tops yeah 25 tops I would prefer 20 myself
but I could give it 25 given the side build and the safe yeah but 30 not it’s
too much and honestly what you actually get relative to what you see here for a
box is not even as much so this one kind of fails in the price Department as well
and altogether we just have two non hits here in my opinion neither is bad just
neither is particularly good they are definitely crippled by the the target
age range I do understand that you know they had to be simple in their build so
I don’t expect them to be super complex and advanced like the design work that
was done here I think is very good the design work that was done at least for
the blue car here is good the side build is good the figures are good I just
personally don’t like the red car that much helicopter good attempt doesn’t
work great but it does work you know they just both they just both need to be
significantly cheaper in my opinion so that’s it for those I did build both of
these sets together I’ve got the pure build which is in real time and I’ve
also got the speed build which is the normal you know time-lapse style with
some music check out one of those if you’d like to see how these actually
went together and I’m gonna keep working I’ll talk to kids soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO City Police Helicopter Transport & Highway Arrest reviews! 60244 60242

  1. This time I covered the two sets separately to make it easier if you're only interested in just one of them. Is this better or worse than using a single mixed summary/discussion segment?
    Note: I am not entertaining the idea of stopping multi-set videos.

  2. you can get a remote control mini helicopter for 20 GBPs. So couldn't Lego easily adapt one into Lego form.

    Similarly, you can get models which use small solar panels to provide movement – windmills, non flying helicopter blades. I'd like to see Lego use such panels to provide small movements to some of their sets. Sets with movement which DONT require batteries, well I think they'd be cool and great things to have on ya desk.

  3. I don’t know why but for some reason, since you combined these two sets together it reminds me of my LEGO store where they combined three city sets together to make a small town

  4. I held myself back from buying this till I’d seen your review due to the worry how bad the helicopter looked. After your review I was right to worry

  5. I don’t usually like to compare things from today to their counterparts from when I was younger, but I can’t help it with that Helicopter Transport set. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a child, but back then the Police Truck sets from LEGO City were flagships of the line. They were mobile command centers that were actually fun to play with, not to mention, they actually looked good. I can’t help but wonder just how much play value this set actually has and if given the option, what would a child choose? This thing or one from 9, 6 or even 3 years ago? And that helicopter, don’t get me started on that helicopter! It sacrifices any possibility of a cool, unique or interesting design for the sake of a play feature that doesn’t even work that well. Besides, watching a toy helicopter flail around in the air for a couple of seconds doesn’t have as much play value as picking up a meaty toy chopper and flying it to wherever you want. It simply makes no sense to me that LEGO, a company that encourages creativity by letting you build basically whatever you want, would make such a helicopter, one that not only is made up by only two or three extremely pieces that are so specialized that you can’t repurpose them, but also limits play potential. I’m sorry for writing such a lengthy and negative comment, but I had to vent. This set is ridiculous to me.

  6. I’m curious: Would you happen to be Italian? Obviously one doesn’t need to be something in order to see a problem about it, just wondering! 😁

  7. It really seems like Lego has been trying to go as bare bones on sets as possible lately. Sets that have minimum pieces to the buildings, cars, etc., and interiors that are really tiny with hardly anything in them. Yet the prices are still high. The good thing is it's turned me off of so many sets I haven't bought any of them.

  8. That highway chase is pretty much the same price as the previous version, which had better cars and a whole helicopter! I still want it but only if I can get it on sale for 40% off.

  9. That helicopter is just too heavy. You can even HEAR it, when Jang grabs it. I remember similar toys from my childhood, same rotor, same function but the main body made out of ultra-thin plastic or styrofoam…THAT worked…
    I think this review format is far more clear, I like it.

  10. Honestly, both of those sets are prime examples of why Lego isn't good anymore. Such a boring design with little sustenance.

  11. It looks like the excessive US prices for these City Police sets are the price you're paying for getting the Speed Champions sets so much cheaper than us Europeans.

    Toy helicopter was always going to be very toy-like, and will probably fly better if you remove the pilot. The truck has a bunch of ideas I can't wait to try, both for the tractor and trailer, and should be fairly easy to modify into something that will fit just fine on any AFOLS city layout.

    The other set I was never that interested in the first place (six-wide cars don't go well with six-wide trucks, and Lego has yet to make a windscreen that makes me interested in trying to make eight-wide trucks), and the pricing looks atrocious, especially in the US. Sixteen cents per part? Can anyone name another set that was that expensive that wasn't a Technic motor set or something?

  12. I absolutely hate the fact regular passenger cars are going 6-wide. It seems a bit funny to have SUVs, semi trucks and passenger cars all be six wide. The same effect could be achieved, for kids, by two 4-wide cars with keeping the price down. I can see a set with Two 4-wide cars easily being $20 while still having play value, besides the semi truck is barebones and the chopper is a joke, needed to get that off my chest

  13. A terrible lego city set has fallen onto store shelves! Start the review


    Make the review! And off to uploading it to youtube! Point out it's serious flaws, and save the consumer from making a poor finacial decision

  14. A police helicopter has fallen into the river in LEGO CITY. Stop making these kind of helicopters. HEY! Destroy the helicopter, and off to the rescue! Retire the pieces, lower the prices and make the rescue. The new Police collection from LEGO CITY!(each set sold separately)

  15. That helicopter is an abomination, its not Lego at all either in play spirit or style. They truly have come off the rails with this one and need to go back to the drawing board by providing a proper build-able helicopter.

  16. Lego City might be a Microcosm for Chicago or New York, so an Italian-American gang may have some historical basis.

    But I do agree that the trope is old, unless they start including some Italian Cops too, to balance out any questionable representation.

  17. Nice review 🙂 but overall terrible set (the truck with helicopter). I have great memories of playing with lego in the 80ies as a child, but these sets are so disappointing. As parents of three young kids we actually got close to ditching LEGO from our home alltogether.
    Free building (when you get bored with the original design, which happens pretty quickly with young children) with a set like this isn't possible. They just don't contain enogh (if any) simple generic pieces. Our experience was: if you as a parrent (along with your children) are disappointed with the first few sets you buy, you easily can lose interest in LEGO altogether.

  18. FINALLY, the first ever time I see Lego has gotten rid of the 20-30-year-old generic tires with ridges (larger, but similar to those on the trailer and motorcycle), and has pus some more decent- and realistically-looking ones! 🙂

  19. I got this and the helicopter set that has the magnet, modified that helicopter to have the older helicopter skids on it instead of the wheels and it fits snugly on the trailer. Wasn't a big fan of the helicopter that came with the truck so I keep it off. I also removed the back computer/jail unit. I like a more traditional semi look and it feels a lot better to be honest.

  20. JANG, I’ve left it till now to give feedback on the new format. Love it, I think it works really well, mate. As for your reviews… awesome as usual. Cheers, Lee UK 🇬🇧

  21. I had such high hope for the helicopter. So disappointed that it does not fly well. I would appreciate a review by a kid, whether that is actually something playable.

  22. why has the City line been plummeting downhill the last few years? since about the Mountain Police a lot of mostly Police and Fire-branded sets have been increasingly ugly, simplified, expensive, and reliant on new, highly specialized car chassis or action feature parts. the whole theme has not fallen prey to this but it is a trend I strongly dislike and these sets – especially the heli truck – are no exception

  23. Wow these sets look bad. I know they are aimed for baby children, but they look too simplified. LEGO City sets never used to look too bad. The cars look terrible and the truck does as well. The helicopter is worst looking and does not even look like LEGO. It looks more like Playmobil or something. If I hadn't seen it before and somebody asked me what sort of toy brand it's from, I am sure I would have said Playmobil and definitely not LEGO!

  24. Apart from the flying helicopter not really flying very good and having almost nothing to do with Lego anymore the whole idea/concept of this helicopter transport set is just strange. How often is a helicopter transported by truck? It usually flies to it's target location.

  25. well you see Jang the thing is you are stereotyping that so-named "Frankie" is Italian based on the name. For example, say a terrorists last name is Jones but he's Arabic. It is highly unlikely, but possible.

  26. I know the helicopter was made like that to be cheap but they seriously couldn't put any studs on it? It looks like a toy from the 99 cent store.

  27. The criminals car has an early 90s Ferrari vibe, F40s ended production in the early 90s. Come on LEGO and make a speed champions Ferrari F40

  28. Man, i think we might have it pretty good with lego pricing in Australia. The larger set you can get for 50-60 AUD and the smaller on is only 20.

  29. Jang can you turn your channel videos just to adult on ninja go because I am pretty sure many people are tired of the turn off multiplayer so yeah please

  30. While we were at our local LEGO store, my brother ripped one of these helicopters so hard that the copter pretty much tore itself apart when it hit the ceiling…

  31. No Sir, no Sir, no Sir! – The Helicopter is just a piece of junk. It does not have any stud, it is not Lego. It will frustrate kids and their parents/grandparents. In German is the expression for plastic like this simply "Schina Schrott" (meaning: junk from China, intentionally written slightly wrong to get an alliteration).
    For me the real problem is, what this helicopter is telling us about the company Lego: Obviously nobody has tested this product or they tested it and released it anyway (ups too late …). For me this is telling me: "Hey customer, buy our stuff, give us your money, we don't care about you or about products! – We just care about money!"

    That makes me sad about Lego.

  32. That set is not $30 I’m sad they are so greedy like come on!

    The chase McCain one was $30 and so is this??? Ya they should be the same price

  33. The design of these helicopters is really unacceptable. Not even just because of the Juniorization but because there is hardly any adaptability to MOC’ing. There isn’t a single stud on the body of the thing (not even to sit the fig!). The skids don’t even have a single antistud. Its actually bizarre how bad this thing is when TLG’s overall design standards are probably the best they’ve ever been. This is worse than any piece that came in a Jack Stone set in fact.

  34. Too much repetition in City. The only thing that changes about the police is where they work. Everything else is the same. The explorers themes too. They should've kept police at classic police and no more.

    Overall, City has gotten boring throughout the 2010s. Every year, we see the same thing: Police, Great Vehicles and Explorers. Nothing really new.

    As for this set…. I'm saving my money for the helicopter chase.

  35. I'm feeling the bulk of the cost for the helicopter transport set comes from the gimmicky large chunk of plastic they call a helicopter that flies.

  36. In my opinion. the 2020 Police sets are pretty underwhelming and make me a little concerned about how this will effect later sub-themes in the Lego City range. I can appreciate the attempt at originality, but I feel the 2019 Fire sets did it better thanks to their more varied and creative builds. I hope the upcoming Airport and Deep Sea Explorers sets don't end up over simplifying their builds. I don't want Lego to repeat their past mistakes back in the late 90s and early 2000s!

  37. hey JANG. I wish I had got the last police helicopter and truck set, I will get this one, I also love the crime boss chap with a black crowbar. Big thumbs up bruv.

  38. The Ripcord helicopter gives me an uneasy feeling like the old Jack Stone sets. But the truck cab I found interesting. I could see some really simple changes making it into a yard jockey truck. And I have to agree that Duke Detain's car really seems to have something.

  39. I had hopes for the helicopter (mainly from a parts re-use standpoint), but seeing it in action makes me go: "Nope". Agreed that the design and build complexity suit the age range, but those prices are ridiculous. I'm wondering if they're priced to allow stores to sell them at a discount so that lego won't seem to be competing with its business customers as much? Maybe import tariffs, since they're most likely coming from a Chinese factory?

  40. A big molded piece of plastic for a helicopter is not Lego! This is by fare the worst police set ever. I wish Lego would go back to when it actual built good Lego city sets.

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