LEGO City: Polar Accessory Set (850932) Exploration

Hey everyone! Jaystepher with Polar Accessory Set by Lego City. Recommended building ages are 5 and up. The set contains 42 pieces. The item number is 850932. This set is packaged in a blister pack. So it looks like we have two minifigures already pre-built. Looks like we get various accessories. Seeing that this is a blister pack, we will have to open it up the unprofessional way. So we’re going to have to rip it open. Well that wasn’t much help. I’ll have to rip it open some more. Hmm… Man that is tough. That just doesn’t want to open. Oh wait a minute, there we go! Okay! So here’s the two minifigures. Looks like cloth for the tent. One small folded instruction manual. One bag of accessories. Now let’s take a closer look at the minifigires. Here’s a closeup of the two Arctic minifigures. We do have one lady and one gentleman. Let’s have a closer look at the lady. The jacket and pants are printed. Nice warm hoodie. Print work does continue to the back. She’s one nice minifigure. Let’s have a quick look at the gentleman. He’s almost wearing the same outfit. His jacket has a slight different print work. Print work on his jacket does flow to the back as well. The headgear does remove easily. For some reason these come off really easy. Even pressing down firm, they still tend to fall off. Now let’s take a quick look at the accessories Here in the upper-left we have a small cooker. Simple construction with a blue minifigure head to store the fuel, and a frying pan to warm up our food and drinks. Next we have a crate with two fish. Here we have an ice boulder. It is transparent blue. It does open up. Inside, it looks like we have silver. In addition, two mugs, an ice hammer, pick axe, and a small popsicle are included. Finally we have the tent. This is really nice. It is made out of heavy cloth. All the graphics are printed. It does open up. There is 8 by 10 studs of space. Let’s grab a minifigure and place one inside. There we go! Now he can take a nap and get warmed up. Everything does close up nice. Very nice tent indeed. This wraps up the review for Polar Accessory Set by Lego City. Item number 850932. The set contains 42 pieces. Recommended building ages are 5 and up. This is one nice accessory set. It comes with two minifigures, some accessories, and of course the tent. This set will be perfect to add to an existing Lego Polar theme or to a winter scene theme. Thank you for watching!

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11 thoughts on “LEGO City: Polar Accessory Set (850932) Exploration

  1. Great review, as always Jay! But the only thing that bothers me is that they don't sell these types of sets where I live… 😪

  2. Everybody that's a jaystepher fan subscribe if you haven't so he can get the YouTube trophy for having a hundred thousand subscribers cause he makes us really good videos this is my second favorite channel if I could I would subscribe a million times

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