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Hey everyone! This is the Lego City Pizza Van! But unlike the famous little pizza van that they did in 1994 originally, this is not just a pizza delivery van, this is more of a full service truck, a food truck. Which just happens to specialise in pizza as it’s sponsored and run by City Pizza, the company. Now the frame and cab of this is pretty standard fare for a six stud wide build of a light commercial vehicle. The sides can close down pretty well. Nice and snug down there. And you can lift up both sides or just one side. So this actually works well with left hand drive and right hand drive countries as which ever curve you pull up to you can provide service from there. Inside at one hand is a preparation table and you can see there is a pizza that is ready to go! And you’ve got a couple of condiment dispensers built into the cabinetry or the wall. That represents French fries! This is the second time that they have given us that old cristal piece. in yellow to represent French fries. So that’s a good thing. Good to see that once again! On the other side over here either a clear soda or maybe some sparkling water in a can there. It’s actually like a plastic can with just a pop top. This is the small cash register, they wanted to keep that nice and tidy on one side. And towards the front is the oven. And that is enough space to put the pizza in there and it’s got a little timer on it and the green just represents when things are ready. So you can open that up, put the pizza inside They only include one pizza in this set but it’s enough to give you full service. And there’s plenty of room in here to pose your figure. At least place your figure. So that gives you a nice presentation. When you pull up to the curve, you gonna have somebody who’s right there ready to give you service and take your order. The cab is pretty standard stuff. A couple of small opening doors that really aren’t that useful. I like the aerodynamic device with the sign on it as well Very easy to take this roof off, and then you can just put a single figure there seating in the center. A little bit of color in there but once you put a figure on it you don’t see that anymore. This small outdoor table is apropriate but there is nothing too special about it. However, what is special is this thing that’s ON the table. A pizza slice! Made with a one by one corner tile piece. And that is printed. Two of these are included in the set. They give you one spare. The inclusion of this little Vespa stile delivery scooter is interesting because it means that you can actually run your whole pizza business just from the truck. You can cook up the pizzas in the truck, put one into this box here, and then deliver it off to a remote customer. This is just a tile with a sticker on the top not a print and it is able to rotate around because it’s on top of just a jumper. Of course, you can use this as just a regular scooter the same one that’s been around for a little while now. Both figures can be used as employees of City Pizza with obviously the guy on the left being the chef and the one who will be spending most of the time inside of the truck. The lady can be a driver for the truck, she can also be working inside, or you can use her as a delivery person. So she can get on the scooter while the guy stays behind to deal with local customers. She can be delivering others off. And they do include an alternate head piece. Head gear piece. So you can place that on there because you always want to be safe when you’re driving around on a scooter motorcycle. Very nice print here, with the female specific light blue color. And you’ve got that little bit of print on the back of the guy. No alternate faces for either of these. The thing I like most about this set is just what it’s looks like overall. It looks very complete, very modern. It has some texture in it all around, has good striping. I like the color scheme with the use of the dark red, so it’s not too bright. And also how these side doors open up to give you access to the inside. I’m also a really big fan of these small pizza slice pieces. What I like least about this set is the fact that the roof is not designed to come off easily. So, if you wanna pose two figures in there, which can be done. They have to be back to back like that. But you can see two will fit in there. You do have kind of do a little bit of gymnastic with your fingers along the side, or just rip the entire roof off. taking some pieces with it. It’s not always gonna come apart consistently. You see there this came off partly, and the other side didn’t. It works! It’s not that big of a deal, but I would have prefered some use of some jumpers up there and some tiles to make it a little bit easier to do this. So you can get all that easy access from the top. Access you pizza if you wanna take that out. You know, the smaller things… It’s good to be able to get full fingers all the way in there. All told though, I think this is a good set, I like the price for the size, I like the design, how it looks. I like mostly how it works. I like the new pieces, I’m very happy with this one. Let me know what YOU think about it though by sharing your thoughts in a comment down below. It’s always good to see different feedback from different people so I look forward to that, and I hope to have a chance to talk to you again very soon, because my next video is on the way!

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100 thoughts on “LEGO City Pizza Van review 🍕 60150

  1. French fries vs breadsticks: The things I called French fries look like French fries in a cup to me, they use the same piece & color as LEGO's last official French fries, and LEGO officially calls them French fries in this set.  However, it also makes perfect sense to imagine them to be breadsticks if you prefer, as that may go better with the pizza theme!

  2. After I made this set, added the vendor for the hotdog stand from the fun in the park pack as a secondary cook, but since they have the same face I swapped the hot dog man's for the type of head JangBricks uses as his minifig's head, since it seems fitting for a cook.

  3. In nz it is 40 dollars 🙁 hopefully I can buy this and the fishing boat as they're the same price. Nice video. I really enjoy your channel and if I need to find out something about a Lego set I always search up your review of it!

  4. You get fries with pizza but not bread sticks in my experience bread sticks come with pasta in Italian restaurants fries is perfectly normal to get from a food van even a pizza one.

  5. I like the colors of this set and the theme. I had an idea to make a pizzaria moc using multiple sets of this.
    Mainly for the oven, pizzas and stickers/prints. For the moc you can easily match the colors, yellow is pretty common.
    As for looks, you could base it on the Corner Deli and Cafe Corner sets. Interior to order pizza and an outside terrace to eat your pizza. And work the top of with apartments and/or second story for the pizzaria. If you go for three stories. I could just imagine one of these in your city. 😀

  6. It seems to be one of the most popular sets of 2017. According to about 1800 OWN THIS SET, and 2000 want it as of today. No wonder considering PPP. You may have relatively cheap bricks for other builds.

  7. I just got this Lego set today. For a decent price and great review. Jang I appreciate your Lego reviews

  8. I think this set looks brilliant! The yellow crystal piece usage especially excellent! Thanks for presenting this!

  9. I love the design of this little van, I think the new series 17 hotdog waiter will go really well with this as an add on. great review as always Jangbricks. Ash

  10. I modified the truck so it can old the scooter in the back and i added a scooter driver so the women is a customer,more cool like that.The scooter guy is just wearing black scooter pants and jacket and grey gloves,more realistic for driving it 😉

  11. This looks like a Mercedes-Benz van.I think it's the Springer,or something like that i dont remember srry

  12. Is it Rare to get a spare pizza pie and 1 extra pizza slice piece? I got 1 extra of both, not sure if everyone else got that 😭😭😭

  13. I own this set and I wish they would have added a customer in the set that would be great for my city that I make like u Jang but smaller

  14. This was my favourite set of the last couple of years. Such good value, so many pieces, good quality, good detail. Fantastic.

  15. 0:55 You know those auto tomato sauce dispensers you see in those pizza restaurants in Costco? I think that's what it is. (The pizza spins while tomatoe sauce is being dispensed)

  16. I love lego city i whant all of them couse i whant to make a big city and im going to get this set for christmas leave a like if you love lego city

  17. As someone who likes eating pizza, I recently ordered this set online. Two things I disliked about this set are the stickers and the lack of a comfy seat for the driver. Overall, it's still a fine addition to my relatively new collection. Thank you for the review.

  18. my friend and i have been so stressed from school that we wanted to have a taste of our childhood again so we went to meijer and bought legos. this is the first set ive bought since elementary school

  19. I never finish building this set for some reason so I’m going to look for the bag so I can finish building this set

  20. awesome set!. I hope they get rid of the old pizza and include the one with cheese way way more.

  21. Jang, subscriber request: since you’ve done this set and the City Corner with pizza shop, you should vintage review the LEGO 6350 Pizza To Go if you have it. Great little set!

  22. Just bought this kit for something to do on holidays while I'mstuck in the house, looks like a fun simple kit.

  23. Just grabbed it for $16 at Target. Can't wait to build it and add it to my City collection. 🙂 Thanks for always putting out such wonderful video reviews!

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