LEGO City Mining Experts Site review 👷 60188

hey everyone this is the lego city
mining experts site a proper playset that even in just preparing to do this
review got me wishing I was a kid again because there’s a lot of fun stuff to
play with here for a long time so let’s start out with a look at this big ol
thing it’s a rock grinding machine that is surprisingly well finished on the
outside feels like they were trying to make this thing look nice and not just
play well it does have a large number of pretty brightly colored Technic pieces
that are exposed on the outside but because of the color scheme they fit
right in so this really looks like they were gone for for a nice finished
appearance and they do use a good amount of studs on the side construction to
smooth around the the engine compartment here and what impresses me actually the
most about this build is how finished this tunnel is here this this arm the
top of it it’s so nice and smooth and well covered there’s actually a
mechanism inside of there there’s there’s a gear train within there you
use this thing like that it turns the the grinding heads at the end both of
them together so all that is completely hidden within there the only things that
are exposed that are really noticeable from the outside that are exposed
Technic stuff which is where you have these Technic bricks and to me that
feels like it just has a nice amount of little texture in there that that adds
doesn’t detract they have these covers for the sides of the track segments they
use a bunch of these linear gear segments you see some of those on the
back as well and this does have the cheater mechanism to make sure that the
tracks are always turning when you move this forward and backwards they just
have a large wheel that you see here wheel and tire go ahead and turn this
over to make that a little bit more obvious one for each pair of tracks on
this to make sure that if you’re driving over a very hard surface these don’t
just kind of skim which they normally would do if you’re on my
yeah you know linoleum or tiled floor or hardwood floor or something that like
that often times these would just skim over this is so much more effective than
than forcing poor kids to have to put in a million of those little rubber inserts
that they also have available that are useful in some places in some
circumstances but this is just simpler and it’s a lot a lot a lot more reliable
you can also move the head of this thing the entire arm up and down so it has
quite a range doesn’t go all the way down to the ground but it goes pretty
far and you can easily operate this with two hands so you can just keep this
going and you can just go up and down the face of something there’s really not
much else to do with this but this looks really good to me it feels good there’s
some friction in there all the mechanisms seem to work pretty well this
is nicely detailed at the end here the cab has a little bit of protection with
the the bars going over the front I don’t like this gap right here but
whatever it’s no big deal and the guy the operator in there you just easily
take all of this off he has a plenty comfortable looking seat and you’re able
to put actual control sticks in each of his hands so that all works well I also
like these I think they’re supposed to be air filters either that or they could
be related to the exhaust system then I’m not sure I think these are supposed
to be air intakes I’m not sure where exhaust would be then and then you’ve
got stuff that’s related to the the cooling system up on top the set does
have quite a few stickers you’ll see a lot of decorations around here and none
of them are prints the good news about that though said if you don’t like
stickers you just leave them off and this will still look really interesting
the colors are so bright and there’s so much texture that’s actually built up
that if you really hate stickers especially these clear backed ones that
are easy to mess up with air that you can see getting getting through if you
let air bubbles in there or you know stray hair especially if you have
animals or you know just dust and stuff you can easily mess up the look looks of
things so if you hate stickers don’t worry about the fact that this set has a
lot of them you can just leave them off and you’ll still end up with something
that looks really cool not to mention plays really well
is really fun speaking of which let me now demonstrate rather than just talking
about it the idea here is that you are in an underground mine essentially
within a mountain or perhaps it’s just down below I think that it’s ultimately
above sea level above standard ground level but then you’ve just bored into
the place quite a lot and you know you get this thing going
and you’re gonna be hitting some of those some of those gold nuggets and
eventually they’ll start popping off only one thing that’s not that great
here is that the weight of the mine segment is not very very great so it’s
easy to kind of push it around you see just continue to push it back but you
know you’re just knocking these things off I think this just needed a some form
of weight or some form of friction little little footing for it to help it
to stay in one place with some rubber pieces they’ve got those technique
rubber bushings I think could have been used to create something hold in place
but this is how it works so I’ve now harvested all of those brand new gold
nuggets off of this face you may end up scratching up this surface over time but
it’s just so much fun to go through there too to go back and forth to
operate this arm and the the grinding wheels at the same time it works really
well I just it makes me want to build up a lot more you know wall face and rock
face like this to be able to do a lot more work so now let’s talk about the
rest of this actual mine structure that you build up which is a little bit
larger and definitely more complete I think than the last mine site that they
did some years ago this one does use the new roller coaster pieces and you’ve got
a handful of length of track including some straights and a little bit of turn
and you’ve got these nice carts that just roll back and forth so smoothly
it’s so smooth it’s great and they’ve just attached just a little tipper bed
onto each one so that you can offload some stuff I’ll show you how that really
works with the other parts of the set in just a second but you know this is this
is a nicely completed corner terrain element here you know
that the whole assembly doesn’t look too unfinished gee I mean obviously you cut
into it back here to be able to see in it and to be able to play in it but I
think it looks pretty nice that’s obviously a sticker there it’s a good
use of these kind of Paul or claw pieces that it kind of look like they’re rock
elements and that is a glow in the dark spider the newer style of spider let me
get a a UV flashlight actually just to show you yeah there we go so you can see
just how much that picks up the the UV light I mean even without turning down
the lights anywhere so you can just imagine when you turn out the lights
completely that’s a pretty spooky looking thing it’s great to get that in
that color and I hope to be able to get a lot more of those because you know you
know really contribute to all sorts of scenes you know horror scenes Halloween
related stuff and it’s just fun to have glow-in-the-dark things as you look
inside of the mine well there’s the the turn it’s just one single 90-degree turn
here which which is fine and allows you to bring the the carts around real close
see these come up nice and close like that and there’s a chute here that can
be turned so it can be aimed a little bit I recommend just leaving it right
there that seems to be the best place to put it and then this is this is
fantastic use super simple but great use of the interior of one of these extra
large rock pieces this so-called big ugly rock pieces because they’re using
the space inside of it as if it was hollowed out space inside of a rock face
which is exactly what it’s supposed to be you can get in there with one of your
figures and start mining out some more of those nuggets I’ve not moved nuggets
from the wall to here to reuse them you’re only going to see unique one so I
still have that whole handful from from the outside so you get a few more in
here and the idea is that you know you would get these get these out and then
as you get them just dump them in the chute and allow that to go down to here
so I’ll go ahead and move this guy out of the way temporarily we’ll take a look
at all the figures you know a little bit later on but go ahead and take these
out put a couple of them in here and you got enough room to bring the little mine
train around but oh that went too far there we go so you know load some stuff
here and then I’ll show you how that gets unloaded in a second there’s a
great action feature here it’s so good it’s so perfect
I feel like Lego has has done kind of dumb stuff with these exploding features
before where either they look really unrealistic and just unbelievable it
really takes you out of the imaginative world of what you’re doing or they just
don’t work well this looks good these look like plungers for actual you know
for actual explosives and they work really well too you push down on either
one of these they blow up in these rock faces so you can see it from this side
as well just push down on it it’s great it’s great and again they don’t use
ridiculous colored parts so knock that out unfortunately there’s only one more
spare nugget but I mean you do want to get every last bit of gold if you’re
going through you know a certain amount of terrain that’s that’s been allocated
to you so you get that one last nugget there and of course if you want to you
could allocate some of the ones that were on the wall into here I recommend
putting you know just a few in there in total but the mechanism yes and it’s
really easy to reset – it would not be cool if you had to line everything up
just perfectly here you don’t you just put these two rock pieces there and
you’re ready to go again I love this this is perfect play feature action
goodness so just a minute ago I pushed these minecarts out of the mine with the
the or that’s already in there the gold nuggets complete ready to go and now you
just roll this small dump truck up to the side and the idea is that you would
offload here just by dumping this out unfortunately the the rim of the the
dump bed here is just a little bit high if you like this is a a low profile
relatively low to the ground truck you know tipper truck or dump truck but it
needs to be just a little bit lower still either that or these carts need to
be elevated up just a little bit more so they more consistently will actually
dump out what’s inside of there but this is how these are intended to work there
we go so with a little bit of just turn it a little bit more quickly this stuff
is good to go and ready to be hauled out this truck looks really nice to me but
it is unfortunate then it has that little bit of flaw of being just
slightly too high and there’s also one other flaw that’s just a consequence of
how Lego goes together things that are long and flat with plates don’t tend to
stay straight they tend to warp when you connect them together and that’s exactly
what happens here and there aren’t enough pieces to work against that warp
you notice that the rear tires aren’t moving or they rarely move because
they’re just a little bit off the ground because the entire chassis is just
worked up ever so slightly towards the rear I don’t think it’s a big deal but
with my toy trucks I’ve always liked to see all the wheels turning when I move
it so to make that happen you really need to just push down on the whole
thing all the time it’s not that big of a deal
the dump bed works perfectly though nice to get this force to roughly force dead
wide bed you know long bed in this red color and this is just the most
traditional style of dump system that has been around for decades now they’re
you know they’re more recent pieces then was used back in the 80s but and I think
in the 70s used the same previous generation parts but it just it just
works perfectly I really like the shaping of the cab it’s kind of unique
amongst Lego stuff looks really good to me again you can easily leave out leave
off the stickers and as for the driving compartment there this guys down nice
and low and he just has a steering wheel which I feel is plenty
so it also comes with this small skid steer loader with a cab cover roll cage
that’s angled too far forward that’s just a little bit awkward to me just how
far they’ve been is you know sometimes they’ve done ones that that have like
like that kind of setup but they wanted to keep it nice and low I guess and it
just doesn’t line up quite right also it’s a
little bit awkward to me the way they have to attach the the bucket to the
front just sticks out a little bit but at least it does work pretty well and I
think it’s best to have this flat like that you can get it right down on the
ground and get it to be you know right against the surface and the idea with
that is that you would use it with the the grinder and the grinder just makes a
mess of all these these nuggets all this this gold and you just would yeah you
use a finger to help load things up but see being able to get this right down on
the ground is so important that’s why I talk about that a lot
in sets that have loaders and have buckets that are intended to pick things
up off the ground it’s important to get down to the ground to be able to
actually pick up stuff appropriately you know it’s it’s part of it’s part of
what’s necessary for the engineering that’s required for good play and there
you go you just dump it right in this the width of this bucket fits the length
of the dump bed really well so play wise it’s really good
visually it’s just a little bit off to me what I like about this most of them
well there are two things I like about this most one is what it looks like from
the back because I’ve used this relatively new people very new piece
kind of bumper guard piece that just makes anything it’s on look better to me
I also really like what they’ve done inside the cab with the two control
sticks that use the the two modified 1 by 1 tile pieces with the bar sticking
up on top of the mini peg holes in and they just look great to represent
joysticks minifig isn’t able to quite reach out to them you know but he gets
pretty close you could turn the hands outward and it would look a little bit
better still so a lot of things about this look good something especially this
one thing not so good to me in terms of how it looks but it plays perfectly
checking out the figures up close here are the specialists if you will with I
believe the mine boss there on the left and in the center is I believe a
demolition specialists and on the right is the scientific prospector she’s got
the metal detector there looks like she’s got some test kits to test tube’s
on the strap going around her all of these have interesting prints and they
do have the carbon dioxide / carbon monoxide sensors to make sure that they
stay safe when they’re actually in the mines and you know they get some
accessories including a nice little small addition to the metal detector for
this one over here you just see that the print that’s on that that piece to show
a little bit of a readout that’s a nice modification to that very very old piece
just adding a little something on it that’s useful and all these have good
prints around the backs too I think I think they could have gone with a
different color for for the hair for one of these here would have been nice to
have just a different option there but you do get one alternate face at least
on most these three and here are the other three figures the faces of the two
on the left looks similar because of the facial hair I think and then the torsos
for the two on the right are identical which is perfectly fine you know and
you’re gonna have some uniforms for sure those two have the mining company logo
on the back and that’s basically just a slight update to a logo that they’ve
used before so it’s nice to have that little bit of continuity and again I
think these prints themselves are good with a nice little bit of detail in
there a little bit more than they even really need I’d say so yeah I’m happy
with these cannot complain and if you want to see just the rest of the print
on the front of that guy has a little extra dirt on there it shows his
expression a little bit better – here are the last two things in the set and
this is another one that comes with the brand new black bear which looks great
to me I think it’s absolutely ideal for a lego a vacation of that animal snout
looks really good the print is good and this has the the standard articulation
that all of these do so you can get it stand up like that to be reaching for
something and then this is just a little monitor I’m gonna put the bear behind
there to give you a little bit of darkness behind so you can see a little
bit better thank you bear for your your help with that it’s just showing kind of
a heads-up display you know to to give you essentially a map a digital map of
the mine site so it gives you a place to kind of bring your figures around and to
to talk about your plan for what you’re gonna mine and lay out you know where
you’re gonna put your equipment and stuff it’s it’s such a small thing you
know just has a few pieces and a single sticker but I feel like it it adds to
the imaginative experience oh yeah there’s also a poultry leg that can be
used for food for humans or for the bear Wow now I’ve liked construction site
related stuff my entire life so you could say that I have a very strong
positive bias in favor of things like this however because I like this type of
stuff I am definitely critical of it and I expect it to work really well I expect
it to be especially fun and I’m not forgiving of things that don’t work well
like loaders that aren’t able to reach the ground dump beds that aren’t able to
dump quite properly things that aren’t able to really dig into surfaces or
really pick up materials and stuff most most of the stuff in this set works well
though a little bit of quirk with this one I think that should have been fixed
you can easily fix it by just adding a single additional plate underneath here
just to lift that up that’ll totally solve that problem but most of this
works just great I just want more of it I want more of this especially you know
more work space to actually work against that I’m sure that a lot of kids are
going to take this out into the garden the yard you know wherever they can find
some actual dirt some actual material and start chewing stuff up with this
because it’s it it just asks to be used it demands to be used as much as
possible and that’s great it’s pretty sturdy
– so I mean yeah if you do take it out into actual dirt you will scratch up
these wheels but I think the whole thing will continue to work just fine for
quite a long time I don’t worry about any of this falling apart everything
here is really sturdy the least sturdy part is just the the track out here just
cuz it’s not connected in too many places and I think that’s fine I didn’t
find it to be annoying if you if you move the whole thing around a lot you’ll
just want to just take apart the track back here you know just take this part
by itself everything else stays together really well this especially is sturdy
and even these smaller pieces of equipment hold themselves together just
fine and I feel like this is this is a playset that can be played with for a
lot of years and to think this is just one of the mining sets I feel like this
alone could take care of the entire theme however it is you know a big set
which means it’s an expensive set and not everybody can afford expensive sets
so fortunately they have made some smaller sets in this theme as well and
I’m very much looking forward to checking those out hopefully they will
integrate with this stuff well and with each other and they will work at least
as well as the individual pieces of this so stay tuned for more videos to come
more reviews I’ll be talking to you again as soon as I can
thanks for watching you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO City Mining Experts Site review 👷 60188

  1. I think the dump truck is supposed to reverse the narrowest part of the up to the mine carts in order to drop in gold smoothly

  2. What a great set. Serious where it needs to be serious, silly and fun everywhere else.
    Great playfeatures whilst also looking like one of the more finished, robust and 'pretty' city sets.
    Thumbs up to Lego designers who made this one.

  3. Wow, I’m blown away by how many play features are in this. The gold mining theme has always pleased me, and this set is a great one!

  4. I like it, lots of stuff going on here. Until your hand entered the shot, I thought the crusher was a lot bigger. I think the dump truck should be articulated in the middle, it would give it a little bit more realism. There are a lot of great parts here, might have to pick two up. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. many many thanks Jangs for this Review : in my Contry (Italy) these items are still not arrived so for now i can make for my self a good idea for what i want and need for the next year thanks AGAIN

  6. I’m not sure if this could fix the problem of the pickup trucks bed bring too high for the basket on top of it but: I think I noticed that the back of that basket is not as high as the sides of it, but it could’ve been my eyes playing a trick on me, so you could therefore turn the truck around making the mine train able to dump the loot into the basket on the trucks bed

  7. Why I think they lowered the cage on the truck that jang said looks off: if you want to have the arms of the truck go all the way up, for any reason while playing g with it, so it doesn’t get stuck on the top of the cage

  8. Okay, a few thoughts…

    That front loader looks just wrong! (Same problem too in set 60185). The cage is definitely set at the wrong angle. The one in the old mining range (4201) was much better.

    Red loading buckets, etc on predominantly yellow vehicles. Looks odd.

    Personally prefer the old style gold nuggets to these new smoother ones.

  9. This reminds me of the good old days with power miners. (Even though I was really young at the time and never actually got one of the sets

  10. The little digger is not that good looking, the roll cage is just tilted forward to much. The rest is fine

  11. The metal detector is not as old as you say there is a very very old metal detector but the one in this set is quite recent and there isnt much of a difference the main one being the old one has a stud on the round end and there are also other small differences

  12. you said "wishing i was a kid again." and yet, i still play with Lego, and i am not a child at all!

    i sit there playing an actually engage in the story line my mind is making up on the spot, and occasionally my wife comes down and watches me play. she just laughs a little shaking her head. she doesn't mind, because i always tell her if she starts to have doubts "i play with my Lego to allow my mind to escape the constant bombardment of reality. the only thing that brings me back is that i have a wonderful wife waiting back at home."

    so, i have kept acting like a little boy because i now have the money to buy the bricks needed to build the things i always wanted to when i was young. and now is my chance to enjoy it.

    i understand that your wife maybe completely different, and your mind is probably saying "dude, what are you doing? your a grown adult. not a little boy, grow up!" but that is how and why i play with my Lego. infact, some of the vehicles buildings and characters have remained untouched apart from play time if you like 🙂

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