Lego City Mini Sets! Tire Escape (60126) and Deep Sea Scuba Scooter (60090)!

*Coughing* “I’m sorry.” *Music* Hi this is Jack, from that Kid Jack And today I’m going to be showing you two lego city mini sets! As you can see, we have the Deep Sea Explorer Set, and the Tire Escape set. So, which one should I open first? Eeny mini miny moe, catch a tiger by the toe… If he hollers make him pay, $50 every day. My mother told me to pick the best one and you are it. Okay. We’re going to be doing the deep sea one first. You punch it out with your thumb. You sometimes have to do that with a lot of mini sets. Man! Oh, look an octopus without his eyes. Oh, and here’s the instructions. And an empty box! Thank you, Lego! So, we’re going to do this in high speed, so you won’t have to have to wait, and you won’t fall asleep or anything. So, let’s go! *Music* So this is is it all built. It has two harpoons on the side, and has two blades on the back where the pilot is. You know, when you’re a scuba diver, it’s a really big risk that you don’t get chopped up by any of the blades. And this has two arms. One arm has a diamond in it. And here’s the octopus This octopus reminds me of “Octodad,” a videogame where you have to pretend you are a regular person, but you are actually just an octopus. This build was pretty easy. And now let’s look at the next mini set! This set is a police chase one. There’s this guy in a tire with a paddle. And this other guys is on a speed boat. A tiny speed boat. So, let’s open this up! Ignoring Octodad, and the scuba diver chasing Octodad, trying to make him into sushi. So, let’s open this up. We’re going to do the same that we did with that set and speed it up. *Music* So this is what it looks like when it’s done. As you can see, we have two handcuffs right there, because it came with two handcuffs, and those two things. This one was from the aqua set, that we did earlier. And this one came from this set, that’s right here. And, he has a little siren, that can go back or straight up. And this guy, he doesn’t really have any abilities with this. But, I like how he’s trying to escape in the tire. But I know he’s going to get outrun like this. And that he’s just going to have to swim all the way back. Because there’s no room. *Criminal Mini Figure Laughing* “I’m finally escaping!” *Screeching Sound* “Not so fast!” “Awe, man!” “You’re captured.” “Okay, I guess I’ll have to go back to Prison Island.” “Sorry, dude, there isn’t much room…” “…you’ll have to go in your tire.” *Sound Of Boat Speeding Away* “Oh, come on! It took me an hour to get this far!” *Paddling Sounds* “Bahahahaha I secretly went the other way.” “Oh, no you don’t!” “Get him, Octy!” *Yelling* “Okay, okay!” *More Yelling* “Well, at least it’s going 10 times faster!” “Hey, where’s my octopus?” “You are under arrest for stealing lots and lots of fish from the market.” “Octy, is that you?! You’ve committed a crime?” “Blub, blub, blub” “I can’t believe it!” “Well, I guess you’re going to Prison Island.” *Sound of Boat Speeding Away* These are two cool Lego sets! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment! And I will see you all later! So goodbye!!! *Music*

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