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100 thoughts on “Lego City Hotel – Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation

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  4. Your LEGO stop motion work has always inspired my son and I to start making our own stop motion videos. Always enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good work!

  5. OMG! the details in this film are just awesome! you inspire me to better job on my next Lego Stop Motion. Keep it up FK Films

  6. Great video Ive just started my own youtube channel i produce daily lego stop motions and im looking for more viewers 🙂

  7. what if the taxi driver forced him to give him 100 dollars because he is a part of the illuminati?
    Illuminati: stay right where you are.

  8. Cool vid, maybe you like
    My first LEGO stop motion movie 🎥LEGO roadwork accidents.
    🛣🚧🛑🚑 hope you keep posting lego vids

  9. great video! my daughter was so inspired to try this she made her own @ she would love any support 🙂

  10. no me creo que tubo que ir al taxi si estava a 1 metro el otel de la tienda de peritos calientes.

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