LEGO City expansion reveal! New Jang City re-work Progress 3

everyone welcome back to my lego city
where absolutely everything is just a work in progress and everything that is
obviously out of place temporary and or incomplete is indeed a temporary
situation so there’s nothing to worry about
all that’s temporary all this is incomplete all this down here is
incomplete it’s all work-in-progress and I’ve got plans for everything so just
follow along and also be sure to check out the pinned comment and the link in
the hen comment on this video which gives you a partial list of major things
that are planned to be added to this layout as well as a list of a number of
major things that definitely will not be added to this layout most recently I’ve
been working on this side this western coastline new coastline for this city
and I have some more new incomplete work-in-progress temporary stuff to show
you over here mm-hmm yep it’s all work in progress in incomplete and not done
and things will look almost 1% different when they are done from how they look
now because this is just temporary stuff has just been sat here but it’s all
planned out everything is being worked out according to my plans that I’ve been
working on for a month and I’m very happy with how they are going to turn
out you know kind of seen the the final vision of this thing and it’s it’s good
this is this is really good I’ve moved out all of my my parts you know all of
my Lego parts and also the building area where I would work on my custom stuff
which was over here all that’s been moved to a different part of the house
which has opened up all of this new space for layout for stuff to actually
be placed so my cargo porch is being moved over to this side which is going
to give it a lot more room a lot more prominent so now I’ll actually be able
to see it when I come into this room rather than having it the way it was
where it was all kind of hidden back there in the corner and something that I
personally just want to be able to look at something that I will like so bring
it over here is just good for me in general and this is this will give it
more room more space to breathe they’ll have more space for some of the cargo
handling stuff on land as well and it also helps to create this kind of
unified more sensible wet edge of the layout that just basically establishes a
body of water like I’m essentially right now where I’m standing is in the middle
of a big body of water and it’s just going to have a road that ultimately
will turn into a bridge that will not actually be built because I need to be
able to walk around the place and I’m not going to add any more tables to this
this layout as it is right now I need to be able to to walk around things but you
know you can imagine that there would be a bridge here that would connect to
another body of land but at least I’ve got the water here that’s going to
continue around and it’s all the same body of water you know gaps are
absolutely necessary don’t worry about stuff under the table it’s all just
temporary and everything is a work in progress it will be fixed up over time
but I wanted to show you progress as it happens as I promised that I would
there’s a lot going on this is the the new rail line is fitting well I told you
some months ago when I moved the mall to its new location that I had big plans
for the planetary defense Force Base a planetary defense Force Base is going to
go over here and it’s going to have more breathing room than than it ever did
before I’ve got this all planned out don’t
worry about how it looks right now it’s going to look like I said very different
when it’s done but just stay tuned for my updates as that all gets worked out
and again be sure to check out the link in the pinned comment on this video
that’s it for now I just wanted to show you the latest stuff that’s been done
and there’s a lot more to come a lot of temporary and incomplete stuff to finish
up and to work out and I will continue to show you as more stuff gets done
things just get more exciting every single time at least for me I cannot
describe just how happy I am with all this after
all the months that I’ve that I’ve put into planning this out thinking of
different possibilities I mean I really went all out thinking of planning out
several different dramatically different possibilities for how to change all of
this including taking everything out starting almost from scratch I’ve I
explored a large basically the largest possible single rectangular layout that
I could fit into this room that would take up all of this space going all the
way down here and come up fairly far and just leave me a little bit of walked way
along the side I explored another option that would kind of make it more of an L
shape similar to what it is now but pushing things farther against the wall
and I also explored a possibility of switching over to an edge based layout
inspired by model railroading stuff that I used to be interested in as a kid
where stuff would be up against walls going around the edges and then then I
would have a long island that would jut out but everything else would just go
along the walls which makes for something interesting but it’s just not
feasible with Lego train tracks basically the radii of the the possible
turns and the smallest radius possible just doesn’t make that work out for me
at all so I considered a lot of possibilities and I have 100% confidence
in the the final direction that I’m actually going at this time and there’s
a lot more to come well there’s a lot a lot of stuff that is not apparent at
this time that is going to happen it’s going to make this whole room way way
more interesting than it is now so again thank you for watching stay tuned for
updates and I’ll talk to you again soon

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95 thoughts on “LEGO City expansion reveal! New Jang City re-work Progress 3

  1. List of major things I'll add and things I won't:
    Everything is a work-in-progress and everything that's obviously incomplete or temporary will be changed, but don't worry, it has all been planned out for months and I'm building things just the way I want them!
    The next update will be published the next time there's an update!

  2. Unrelated to video: when Lego makes a small thingy hanging from a pole/rope/ceiling/etc. they almost always use the 1×1 clip piece with a 1×1 tile on it. I think they should try to recolor the Skeleton leg with boot, and use that as the thingy.

  3. I remember when all you had in your city was some train tracks, a police station and some small buildings. Now you have a skyscraper, a mega mall, a LOT of trains, and a lot of other stuff.

  4. A public service building would be cool, it consist or a fire station, police, and dispatch and say the right is fire, have that 4 stories the dispatch in the middle as 2 stories then police at 4 stories, just a idea!

  5. At first I was thinking about how you keep finding room for all these rooms of collections, bu then I realize how much space i just got by moving a couple shelves and suddenly had another desk area all set.

  6. This is not aimed to be an offensive comment or a disrespectful one, however there is something that you say in most of your moc videos that I dislike. When you create or change an element of your city, you often say that you are making it the way you want and do not want suggestions or building requests. It is understandable that you want to make your unique creations. It is your city and you want it to be made by you from your own ideas. However, by saying that you are not interested in hearing suggestions, you might as well be saying that you do not care what your viewers think. As a result, you shun creativity of others and prevent brilliant ideas from coming to fruition. With a product like Lego, such ideas come naturally and the possibilities are almost endless. It is unreasonable to expect your viewers, most of which are young children, to keep an exciting idea to themselves. When posting a video publicly, you welcome feedback. You should not expect the viewers to only comment a certain way, nor should you request them too. Your comment section is an open community where ideas should be welcome. Although you may not desire suggestions or advice, being provided with it does not mean you have to take it. Others may choose to do so, but you are not obligated to. Simply put, asking for viewers to not suggest new ideas for your city results in a general feeling of disinterest for your fanbase and reduces the beneficial exchange of new ideas.

  7. hey Jang, im loving all the city updates!
    i am loving them more than when it seemed you were just reviewing ever set that came out. i love seeing when you move stuff around its amazing what it can end up doing and the ideas that may come from them!
    cant wait to see where you end up going with some of this!
    not sure where how or even if you have the space, but a live band/DJ concert would be pretty cool 🙂
    keep up the great work!

  8. Your videos are a ray of sunshine in a gray world. When I see a New JANG City update, I stop everything and watch with a smile. Today I found myself standing and cheering for the new expansion of your city. MOAR tables! You transmit happiness JANG! Thank you.

  9. I watch every video just to help out with ad rev, because I want Jang to have a bigger home to expand more.

  10. So um,is everything temporary and just a work in progress? hehe I love how often you said that. It still won't penetrate a few brickheads,though and there may be a few that panic. 😉

  11. I want to see the metro station badly!!! It's gonna be the coolest thing!!! And 3 more skyscrapers are gonna be awesome!!! Like and love you channel^ your reviews and of course NewJangCity!!!

  12. I'd like to know, will hooking up two electric Lego trains work in a similar fashion to today's modern diesel trains so they can haul more cars?

  13. Every-so-often stopper-by of your channel, love the changes to the city. I'm especially interested in seeing what you'll do with the whole freight harbor and, neigbouring?, industrial area, so much potential for cool custom builds there!

    2 Quick questions if they get spotted: is there an option to just subscribe to a certain playlist from a youtube chan, e.g. here the city MOCs? And also, is there a specific reason you never seem to have the 'monorail' running during regular city updates?

  14. i love the expansion, but the disruption of the sea from the marina to the more open sea area, while understandable, it kinda breaks the immerssion.

  15. Nice. Big fan of the expanded look. Also anxious to see the boat area in more detail. And I like the trains. Looking good. Hope my comments aren't considered bad to you. For my subway thought, the wall tables design would work best, but I can definitely see your point of view. Also, it would be a major project. 🙂

  16. Your need to add:
    A footballing stadium ( maybe one that works for both American and real football)
    A theater
    An arena that works for everything from E sports to concerts

  17. I know I've asked this before and you answered (and also in your FAQ, sorry!) that you use the Ikea Linnmon + Adils for your tables to build your city on. I went looking at them though and see they have quite a few different size options. What size do you think works best and/or what do you use? Any that lend themselves to leaving you space to work, such as the holes in the middle?

  18. So you added a few more tables to expand the sea section and you also added your space Army to your City, you are provoking the Empire to attack it.

  19. I am not the biggest fan of the big skyscraper. It doesn't seem to fit in with the rest and is a bit bland and repetitive

  20. Jang, I'd love to see how you get in and out of between the tables. Hunching over the table has to be hard on your back. Thanks.

  21. Hi! Love your brickcity, just wondering what are your thoughts on adding mountains and countryside to your legoworld?

  22. Can you possibly reveiw the 2011 series ninjago sets and other series like Atlantis, Indiana Jones and pharaohs quest Because I can't find a good lego review channel that reviews those sets, like if you agree that jangbricks should review them

  23. JANGBRICKS it was only a few days ago that I commented on how I would like to see you expand your city lol. So I'm either sycic or you read my comment and thought "Yes Stevens 100% right, I need to expand, expand, expand" Lol just kidding. Looking good.

  24. Two years later, another Jang's update:

    Hi Guys, i wanted to show you my expanded city, however i had to move out and buy a stadium because my previous house was layered in lego bricks and this became too small almost gave me that feeling of walking into the cave where you could see bricks on the floor, on the walls and above my head. So it was the time to think big and act big.

  25. How do you access the further away parts of the city? You have some large tables and not a lot of access to them.

  26. Jang your vids are great and hey, don't feel rushed just pace yourself and I have a mic idea for you what about a news station?!!!

  27. Model Railroading stuff that you were interested in as a kid..

    Are you sure this isn't a model railroad that is focused on the lego city?

  28. I was just cleaning out my room making space for collage, but not before I had to go through massive avalanches of Legos, action figures, old toys etc. I haven't got new legos in years. but when you get older sometimes you grow out of things and get different hobbies. But you may have the same hobbies , here is someone who is doing exactly what they love to do and it's endearing to see. Don't short change yourself kids! Your dreams are as far away as you let them be!

  29. I'm currently watching the entire New Jang City playlist in order, and man, that pan left!!! What a reveal!! You must have a great poker face 😛 I'm excited to see what happens next!!

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