Lego City – Episodio 3

Hello everyone and welcome to this second update of our Lego City Brief Overview and right after i’ll explain the differences compared to the first version. So the first substantial difference is
one that we have eliminated the railroad that passed in the middle of
Modular and we joined the old route because for so it is much nicer
have modular all close to each the other as you can see on this side of
Street on the other side of the Parisian restaurant, the other half of the Pet Shop and therefore always here space for Brick Bank to be released
in 2016 the train station is still in the same place for the moment the park still, however, it is to build but we reassembled these small modular The Bike Shop & Cafe (set 31026) The Toy Shop (set 31036) The Bike Shop of the Town Square (set 60026) and this beautiful the sea house (set 31035) Now we have yet to decide where
arrange them also including other small modular
due out next year The Corner Deli (Set 31050) The industrial zone is still in its place We added a couple of gray baseplate the goods seaport is always here and civil seaport was slightly
rearranged the biggest news after the move of the railroad, is the residential area
that is beginning to come to life We added these two bases, one and two of an old set of the islanders (set 6278) plus the raised base of an old set castle (set 6082) above we have positioned the Mountain Hut (kit 31025) which will be slightly revised and especially better (i.e., improved) and on the side, the four seasons house (set 31038) Now here this part here It will be closed by a sort of cave on top of which will rest the mountain hut, and behind as we said last time apart from that which it is placed here as we said last time, there will be a large gallery that will come down down down down until about here where it is positioned, even this moment: the police station this exchange here if as they say in our country “if God
wants” It will serve to lengthen the city with a bridge rail bridge and road bridge, from this base, or this other base to arrive on another table where
currently, all they located the older sets why, why this, why still
we have the space center to be placed and if we can find, a nice old airport set Now also this was positioned here
at the moment we are finishing the construction of the last buildings of the set the square, 60097, City Square and then decide where to put them so
all together for the moment that’s all see you with the next update thanks for watching and see you soon

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  1. Bellissima città! anche io ho una piccola città😂 e' da 9 anni che c'è l'ho ed è anche un pezzo importante della mia infanzia💖

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