LEGO City: Arctic Scout (30310) Exploraiton

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with Arctic Scout by LEGO City. Set number 30310. Contains 39 pieces. Recommended building ages are 5 through 12. So here we have the Arctic Scout. Here’s his airplane. Here’s the back of the package. And this is, of course, packaged in a polybag. Let’s cut the top off and see what is inside. Parts are packed loose in the package. We even get a free ticket to go to Legoland. That sounds cool! We have one folded instruction manual. Various parts. Let’s take a closer look at the minifigure shall we? Here we have the Arctic Scout. Nice print work on his outfit. He is wearing a helmet with a visor. He’s even wearing sunglasses to cut off the glare. He has print work on the back of his jacket. The face on this minifigure is single-sided. He even has the blue gloves. Now let’s take a closer look at his aircraft. Here is a closer look at the aircraft. It is simple construction. First thing we’re going to take a look at is the cockpit. There is no seat or windscreen. Do have two controls. This element is printed on. You heard me correctly. Printed on. That is not a sticker. We have two lights on both sides of the aircraft, as well as a red and a green light on the wings. We have three skis for it to glide on the snow. The tail wing, and one rear propeller. This does actually rotate. The plane can tip up. Looks like it’s ready to take off like a rocket. Let’s take our minifigure and have him take a seat. He does seat fairly well. His helmet does hit against the wings. That’s quite alright. This aircraft does tip back very easily. I’m not sure if that it’s intended purpose. Nice aircraft. This set does come with a few extra elements such as an extra Technic tie, aerial, a visor, three transparent studs, and one tap. These pieces may come in handy for other Lego creations. This concludes the review for Arctic Scout by Lego City. Set number 30310. Contains 39 pieces. Recommended building ages are 5 through 12. This is not a bad polybag set. It is easy to construct and fun to build. This will work good for any Lego city or Arctic theme. Thank you all for watching.

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