LEGO City 2018 Passenger Train set review! ๐Ÿš„ 60197

hello everyone this is the new 2018
lego city passenger train it appears to be heavily inspired by one of the
Eurostar train sets in real life with a locomotive that is ultimately derived
from the somewhat famous German ICE 3 this is the track they include which is
pretty standard fare and ultimately a little bit more than the minimum you
need to actually run so there are enough curves to give you a complete circle
plus a total of four straight tracks to here on either side just to extend it
out a little bit and I’m showing you the range of speeds possible with the
included remote control system it is an updated system power functions 2.0 or
powered up they’re calling it on the box and in marketing it uses a motor that is
at the base of the locomotive right now very similar to the existing or pre pre
existing power functions 1.0 system and it has a battery box with a built in
receiver and speed controller and gosh this thing can go pretty fast and it’s
stable enough to not derail even in the most tight of turns so that’s actually
pretty good and this is using Bluetooth to connect rather than the old infrared
system so you don’t need to have direct line-of-sight and you don’t need a
separate receiver and speed controller unit in the locomotive there’s actually
a good chunk of this that is hollow and empty inside the locomotive here uses
six triple-a sized batteries and I strongly recommend that you use
rechargeables for this and then the controller uses four triple-a batteries
actually recommend that you use alkaline for this to get just a little bit more
voltage for a little bit more possible range and you don’t have to worry about
the controller batteries running out too quickly because it is using Bluetooth
Low Energy speaking of you can alternately use a compatible mobile
device a tablet or phone with the Lego powered up app which is free
and use that to control a train and you also get to take advantage of some
internal sounds that we’ll play from the speakers of your device not from the
train itself so again this is basically inspired by something that’s derived
from the German IC e3 and I think it looks pretty nice with the graphics that
they’ve used here these side stickers are absolutely huge there is definitely
a noticeable difference in the white color between the sticker area here and
the white line of plates down here and that’s just because of lack of opacity
here but it’s it’s not too bad I like how round this is in the front but this
is mostly one piece here at least they do have a common piece used for the
glass that’s actually using the speed champions style one of these speed
champions style windscreen pieces there and this outer canopy part was
specifically designed to accommodate that but there is no accommodation here
for any passengers in this part so this is just purely done as a locomotive and
you just have seating for your your main engineer your driver there he gets just
a little console facing towards the front and as I mentioned there’s a lot
of empty space here it’s a little bit of a shame the empty space goes all the way
back to right around here let me open up the top so the battery box is right
there it’s the same size and shape as the old power function ones were but
this gets the proprietary plugs put directly into it so it has all of the
circuitry built into it so you don’t need that a separate receiver box
whatsoever and you don’t need the extra two sets of cables this is using the
same connector system as we do 2.0 the educational system and also lego boost
so you may find that to be familiar if you’ve used either of those but yeah all
this space in here is completely empty and all the space back here is empty you
can certainly do some customization to take advantage of some of that space by
moving the battery box all the way towards the front and maybe converting
some of this into some usable passenger space but as it is right now
one driver and that’s it the motor like with the previous generation of trains
is just built into this unit here this truck so it’s all internal you just have
to add the wheels and a little bit of exterior detail plating and also the
buffer at the end and then it just has a cable that goes directly to the battery
box here’s one of the two passenger cars that you are not identical though from
the outside they look very similar at least no doors on this once again no
door no door why why don’t they put at least a suggestion of doors on these a
lot of people have asked for that but they haven’t gotten back around to it
yet but to put figures into this you just need to remove the roof so inside
you can find seating for four that’s that’s okay I think that’s a okay use of
the space certainly you can see that there is enough room to put at least a
couple more seats in there but yeah they don’t include anything for them just in
the center there that’s a little spot to hold on to some luggage just a little
bit of it this is one of the passenger cars the to look very wait a minute deja
vu editing error no no these these are your two different ones the difference
is the sticker so this is just a regular regular passenger car this is a diner
card no there’s actually more to it than that from the outside that’s the only
difference but inside this one is properly a diner car it has just a
couple of stand up tables very simple small ones one on either side and
they’ve got the little cafe at the back which just has a hotdog down in there on
display I guess it’s under heat maps probably a couple of they’re not even
full cupcakes they don’t have the bottom part 7
around bits of fudge or maybe very large truffles and they also have a coffee
maker over on the side so there’s enough room to put one service employee back
here and then to have several people standing up in here
you know having some food or waiting for service speaking of waiting the set has
the most basic of train stops with just two seats there there is a nice sticker
on the clear panel piece back there showing you a bit of the track map and
they also have the most basic of two aspect signal lights over here which i
think looks perfectly fine nice idea to put the white behind there to make the
the lens elements look brighter you know if you don’t put anything behind there
you just put that against the black it all just looks dark but yeah that’s
that’s it for Mike trackside structures or anything there’s there’s just nothing
else here are the two railway employee minifigures included in the set with the
engineer driver slash conductor I guess on the left and on the right is the
barista who would be working inside the dining car just the lunch car the snack
car can’t really call it the dining car the only have even have any seats in
there they have a very limited menu but she’s intended to work in there on the
box they actually show her walking outside and acting like she works at a
brick-and-mortar place where he can go up and order but it’s it’s just from
inside the train and there’s no alternate face to be seen there which i
think is perfectly fine these these figures are just fine to me I will be
actually doing another video about one of these very soon because reasons
you’ll see and then these two are the passengers of the set I don’t think I
recognise anything new for the guy on the left unless I’m mistaken about that
face but that’s a pretty new torso for the lady on the right and her piece of
luggage is very new that’s new for 2018 has the little rollers on the base of it
so this is intended for minifigs too to drag behind them obviously it’s too tall
to use in this raishin but you know you would rotate
the hand back like that and then they would drag along on the ground behind
him and that is also able to open up that piece just like the the older ones
could good torso print on the the back of the lady there as well
alternate face so she can be enjoying a little bit of a nap on the train ride
inside this it’s actually the other side that opens up nope it to this side I had
to right the first time it opens up inside there is a Lego set that’s just
on a little printed tile that’s that’s an existing one that we’ve gotten before
but it’s nice to see and there’s the guys torso without the man purse strap
obscuring the classic space face to me personally honestly I think this is a
little bit of an underwhelming set although it doesn’t particularly do
anything worse than either of the last two lego city passenger trains that have
been released in the better part of the past decade you know it’s very
compatible with those with its features overall I just feel like especially with
the new system that is so much more compact they could have included some
passenger space in the locomotive carriage you know and I think that could
have added a lot of value taking us back a little bit to the way things were with
the the old Metroliner set and I liked so much when they actually let you put
you know some passengers into the into the locomotive P search just you know it
gives you more space and let you do more with it there’s really nothing going on
with the trackside stuff you know that little stop it is very basic but again
it’s not particularly worse than anything they’ve done in recent memory
just I don’t know I don’t feel excitement about this set I think it’s
mostly the locomotive honestly that kind of dulls things down for me with that
large front piece that isn’t particularly inspiring to look at it
does rely very heavily upon those huge stickers on them on the sides I
personally am a fan the specialized canopy pieces
specialized nose pieces that Lego does for for trains I have collected those
have used some in custom builds and I think they’re nice generally but this
one in particular doesn’t do anything for me especially with how limiting it
is with the color scheme I did buy and build two copies of this train to be
able to connect them and to end show you how that looked and it looks really good
to me and I am happy with the overall design of each single train that allows
this here to be done pretty easily you don’t have to modify their cars
physically however from an electronics perspective the easiest way to make this
work is to just do your own non-powered rear locomotive so take out the motor
just leave electronics out of one of the locomotives altogether and just let one
pull it you only need one motor for something of this length if you want to
build them fully and use two motors it is a little bit tricky because you need
to change the channel and the physical plug for one of them and switch that
over to a different side so that you can run the two motors in opposite
directions they don’t seem to give you any easy way to do that with the
controller then you need to pair both receiver hubs battery box hubs to the
same controller or you can use two controllers if you want and I found a
video that was graciously posted on the historic Facebook page that explained
how to pair one controller to multiple hubs and actually had three hubs running
in this video with the freight train going also all off one controller so a
little bit tricky but it is very doable and certainly looks great like this in
least in my opinion in terms of value I can only speak from the perspective of
the US dollar because I live here I know kind of what the US dollar is is worth
in terms of value I can look at numbers for other countries and compare them but
the u.s. is where I really understand you know currency and kind of incomes
and such so based on US dollars it’s easy to look at the price of this
relative to the price of the 2014 lego city passenger train be 2010 LEGO City
passenger train and see that the price has gone up and gone up again and you
don’t really get anything more here for that additional retail price however in
order to make a fair comparison at all it is absolutely required that you
adjust for inflation which takes into account just the change of the value of
the money of the currency itself and when you do that you’ll see that value
actually has been very consistent over the course of that almost 1:1 decade you
don’t get anything more here but you don’t get anything less and you pay just
about the same price as you have for previous ones so at least value from
what I see has been very consistent for quite a while that’s quite a lot of
years and they have the new system that you’re ultimately paying for in the
price of this the development of it and everything and it it works fine for what
it is that’s not to say that this is cheap or even a great value I personally
feel that this like the last and like the one before that
is inexpensive Train Set even for what you get I feel like the value for what
you get here is not that great you know the amount of stuff that you get the
amount of play value that you get with this is not that great what have been so
much better if you could have had essentially three passenger cars but
just a little diner section here and then you know have this be all seats
and this being that say mostly seats maybe put a toilet at the at the end of
one of them or something they could have done more with the space that’s here
without adding many additional pieces just kind of changing the use of pieces
and changing the use of space this is kind of disappointing to me
it’s just so basic so overall yeah I am underwhelmed buying this set and that’s
too bad cuz I love trains like some of the stuff that they’ve done here but
overall it’s just okay it’s not that it’s definitely not bad
it runs nicely and if you like the look of it then hey don’t listen to anything
that I said go ahead and go get one of these if you can and enjoy it if you
don’t like the look of it if you want to modify it and go ahead and do that
you know don’t let me hold back anyone’s enjoyment but just for me personally
this one’s not that great feel free to leave a comment if you disagree with
that opinion or if you agree either way it’s always good to hear from more
different people that have different perspectives thank you very much for
watching the video though and I will talk to you in soon you

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22 thoughts on “LEGO City 2018 Passenger Train set review! ๐Ÿš„ 60197

  1. This set was purchased from the UK. It is scheduled to release in the Americas on August 1.
    A similar real-life locomotive is the Eurostar-branded British Rail Class 374, based on the Siemens Velaro, in turn based on the ICE 3.
    Credit & thanks to Hispabrick for their video explaining multi-hub controller pairing:

  2. This set is terrible no passenger seats are you joking? This set is a joke it's called a PASSENGER TRAIN ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  3. Why did they not make a baggage cab car I mean another car with a cab so it can go backwards and behind the cab to be baggage storage

  4. We can get an MISB of lego 60197 @ HK$750 in Hong Kong. Very attractive price! I got 2 MISB of this set on February and modified it into 2 PU motors running in the same channel.

  5. I feel like Lego needs to make their trains more realistic and expand away from them being European or dutch inspired. None of their train kits are appealing to me as a railroader, train lover and Lego fan. I've always wanted a Lego train and bought this set. I intend to build the set just to build it but take the wheels and motor etc and build realistic Lego train mocs in proper scale etc. this set is 200.00 CAD. I liked it back in the mid 2000s when they made those US train kits with the Santa Fe passenger, BNSF loco and some freight car kits that you buy multiple kits of to build more cars and longer trains. They should bring those back and PLEASE with the track kits, take those flexible tracks out of the kits and sell them separately.. they look tacky… Nice review

  6. ๐Ÿก๐Ÿš…๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ๐ŸšŽ

  7. Got this today, $100 AUD at the current exchange rate, thatโ€™s $67.84 USD, odd that itโ€™s so much more expensive in the USA, I paid slightly under retail but still, $90 cheaper, doesnโ€™t happen often

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