LEGO City 2017 Summer sets pictures – My Thoughts!

Hello, just2good here, and thanks to this site which I won’t even
try to pronounce, I will be expressing my thoughts on the LEGO City Summer 2017 sets shown at
the German Toy Fair! Go check out their site and YouTube channel as they have tons of new pictures of other
Summer 2017 sets from the toy fair, and without further ado, let’s get into this. So, we’ll start with the Jungle Theme. Gonna say it here – best City subtheme yet? Maybe it’s because I miss action themes besides Nexo Knights and Ninjago, but gosh, these have so much flavor. There’s a new spider mould, our first LEGO Leopard, a new knife mould, and even a venus fly trap. I also love the ancient jungle architecture scattered throughout the sets. The small buggy set is alright, and I’ll be getting it to build up a Jungle
scene as it has a little play area to it. The Helicopter set, if it’s like $25, I’ll get it. I mean I’m sick of LEGO City Helicopters, but this has a unique shape to it, and again, more Jungle scenery which I adore. This third set is very interesting for two
reasons. This guy’s hair mould… is that a new hair piece? And, it comes with a panther who looks awesome. If it’s $30, I’ll get it for sure. I If it’s $40… I’ll still probably get it. Then, for the biggest set, wow, this one looks so fun! The scenery looks great, with a broken plane, part of a temple, and a little water way. Of course, the Leopard looks great. Also present in this set and the next is a
new canoe mould. That fifth set is alright. I mean, the cost will probably be like $50
because of the vehicle, which looks a little too chunky for my taste. I also don’t like the use of paper or film
for the waterfall. I do like the civilian minifigure included. The Starter set is good because it comes with the hard to get scientist, who is only in the biggest set. Next is the new Coast Guard sets. I like how the boxes are night themed and
rainy. But the sets themselves are okay and nothing
too interesting. I’ll probably get the starter set for its
scenery and pieces. Oh, and I like the biggest set for the land
part and the capcized fishing motor boat, which is pretty cool, but I don’t care about the meat of the set, the big Coast Guard boat. Also in this picture is the new Cargo Terminal
set which is pretty random. I won’t get it but at least it came out of
nowhere and was unexpected. At first I thought it would be a train set
when I read the name, but I just remembered that the train subtheme comes back every four years. So we’ll get more in 2018. There’s an Advent Calender which has a Jungle
explorer in it, and then there’s this new LEGO Bus Station. I like the more civilian based sets, so this is something I’ll get as long as they don’t pull a 2016 Service
Station and make it like 90 bucks. It seems like the Grandpa from fun in the
park is back, and this has wheel chair accessibility on
it! That makes it a very unique build. I just don’t like the coloring on it – how the bottom half is green. That clashes with the yellow and makes it
look ugly. I do like the newspaper stand though. And, of course, Fun at the Beach looks great. It’s hard to see in the picture, but there’s a few dual moulded legs for swimsuits
and tons of new prints. There’s also the new kayak and a dolphin. I will be purchasing this one day one… it’s a great successer to fun at the park. I think that’s it! Please check out the website and let me know what you guys think of these
sets by leaving a comment below, and which are your favorites. Mine are Fun at the Beach and the Biggest Jungle set. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO City 2017 Summer sets pictures – My Thoughts!

  1. My top three sets are the big jungle set, fun at the beach, and the coastguard boat set(I am a big fan of the molded boats)! I also like the bus station!

  2. Fun at the beach is one I'd like to get. I also think the jungle theme is really good an I like the biggest set in it. I wasn't planning on getting it but now I might have to.

  3. +just2good I think you should do a video on the lego city 2017 summer creator sets. I checked them out at the promo bricks.

  4. WHAT the hell. I know probably nobody will care about this, but I was just the other day thinking if LEGO would ever remold their spiders.

  5. Didn't they have the city coast guard sets 4 years ago? Yet another remake. But those jungle sets tho! can't wait for those

  6. I don't know why but some of the 2015/2016 sub themes haven't really interested me, but that jungle theme and the bus station really tickled my fancy. They looked awesome! Can't wait

  7. I want to see the OFFICIAL Star Wars sets. So many winners like the bounty hunter speeder, Vader transformation, rathtar and fighter tank. The rest are real stinkers in my opinion. I also hope the fun at the (insert name) becomes a yearly trend.

  8. That's it I'm done my heart is set on the biggest jungle city set 😂 it reminds me so much of Indiana jones but I wasn't into Indiana jones sets at the time so I never got any of the sets

  9. Those Jungle sets seem like 90s sets. Maybe it's just the lighting making it look lower quality, but there's also the adventure thing and the animals.

  10. Really excited for the new City sets, but I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of animals in the Jungle sets. I was really hoping to see some monkeys and birds.

  11. Jungle sets look great. Definitely want the set with the panther and the starter set. For Coast Guard, they are good for what they are. I love the Coast Guard truck set, and, to me, that vehicle resembles a Land Rover Defender. The starter set is good as well. Bus Station will be good, as I don't have any buses. All in all, a decent wave of City stuff.

  12. I want you see Lego 2018 city sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i dont even like city that much, but the jungle theme looks great! i might get a set or two from that, and if its not too expensive i might get that bus set, nice vid!


  15. I wish they made a Lego tiger for the jungle sets. They only made a Leopard and a Panther very impressive. Make more Lego animals!!!

  16. I kinda what to see sets based on the CW TV superhero series, because 1 they are cool 2 I'm sick of getting Batman or Superman in every gosh darn set, i know this isn't about the superhero theme but still, just my opinion.

  17. While I agree yellow and green is an ugly combination. It's exciting for Australians as it is our national team colours (representing the wattle flower). I'm from Melbourne and this used to be the standard livery for our Tram network. I'd be interested if it is a common colour scheme in Brazil as well, as their Olympic national team uses the same colours.

  18. Hey just2good! is it ok if I do a My thoughts video on these! of course, I will give credit to the person who took the photos, but is it ok if I zoom in? 🙂

  19. just2good don't worry about bus station being too expensive it said its like 40 EUR

    My personal favourites are big jungle set and freight terminal

  20. This large set is lovely 🙂 I like this body of plane very much. That vehicles are less interesting, but anyway they're cool. Thank you for this film, I like it very much 😉 Hold on!

  21. Lego city sucks now. It was at its prime in around 2006-2008. Now all the set they come out with are crap. Lego just isn't what it used to be.

  22. love the jungle theme best city theme ever my favorite sets are the jungle exploration site and the jungle mobile lab but i'm not crazy about the halftrack because it looks like they just took a part from a techinc set that doesn't belong on the truck and just pasted it on the truck, it looks odd, but the rest of the sets look cool. i love the new molds and recolors for animals plants and the machetes are awesome they look similar to the brickarms ones.

  23. I am german and i had to laugh so much at the beginning, when he was presenting the website… its hard to pronounce even for germans xD

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