LEGO City 2017 sets pictures!

Hello, just2good here, and because of an anoynmous source from Hothbricks, we have our first look at ALL the LEGO City
Winter 2017 sets. If you remember, last week I put up a video
covering the police sets. However, I removed the video as some commenters
claimed these are pure leaks and that LEGO would remove the video. However, Brickset and other sites still have
their Police pics up, so I guess it wasn’t a leak after all. Anyways, my feelings on the Great Vehicle
sets are much better than my feelings on the police sets. That Pizza Van is FRIGGIN’ awesome. Yellow is a lovely color and rarely do we
get full yellow vehicles, and I’m a foodie, so I have been dying for a food truck. Top that off with a new pizza slice and box
print, and I am just in love with this sucker. It even has fries and a pizza delivery moped! I also love the boat, I think it’s better
than the 2011 one the more I look at it. It’s just a lot sleeker. The 4×4 with Catamaran (I can never prounounce
that) is decent, and it’s interesting that we’re getting a
new excavator and still no Construction sets- a subtheme we haven’t had since 2009. And there’s lots of racing stuff – like the
Dragster Transporter, the Race Plane, an ATV Transport set, a Stunt Truck set, and
a Buggy. These, I honestly, don’t care much for. But I’m sure they’ll sell – much like the police sets. And you know, I’ll reiterate my thoughts on
those here… it’s really the same stuff. Sure, there’s some interesting stuff, like
I appreciate the new female hair / police cap combo piece,
and this Tow Truck set looks neat, but it’s really not enough to keep an adult
fan of LEGO like myself interested. But, keep in mind, us adult fans are NOT the
target demographic. Most LEGO sets are made to be sold towards
children, and this is what kids love. Police LEGO sets, like Police Stations, Helicopters, Command
Centers and whatnot. Will I get any of these? Eh… I’ve been buying less and less new LEGO because everything is getting repetitive to
me and I have less space. The top three I’m most likely to get from
these eight police sets are the bank, ATV Arrest, and the Tow Truck Trobule. Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO City 2017 sets pictures!

  1. If i don't get the pizza van and most of the car sets and the tow truck police set i will be sad and then go cry in corner because Just2good said he might not review them except pizza van then i will cry little less (BTW Just2good keep up the good work love ur vids can't wait for the big project ur talking about in ur unboxing vids or has that been released idk)

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedeeeeddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,the pizza truck!

  3. Definitely going to get the Pizza Van the moment I see it. It kind of reminds me of the Pizza To Go set.
    Oh and that Buggy set looks cool too.

  4. I like how the stunt truck uses megaphones for suspension. Also I just like white and orange sets in general.

    The Pizza truck is fantastic. Even the delivery scooter is well done with the jumper piece.

    I still don't get the "light" round tile prints on the buggy. I guess racing lights are so intense you need warning declarations on them but I would have prefered yellow or clear round tiles. But the multiple engine pipes like that always look rad.

  5. oh my gosh those city sets are AWESOME but some of the police sets are bad, i don't like that there's too much blue with the white

  6. I will probably get the fishing boat, stunt truck and race plane. plane for the windshield piece, truck for the new wheel fenders and the boat for the hull. as a moc maker, these are the most useful sets. the pizza van is great, though

  7. I'm so excited for the pizza van. Also, is the rumored city gangster squad set legit or not because I haven't seen pictures of anything like that

  8. The pizza truck is quite nice, though I'm not fond of the yellow coloration. =P
    Bulldozer break-in has a cute little dozer, but the rest? Ehh… meh.

  9. just2good what about your thoughts for 2017 friends sets? Can't wait to hear your opinion. I think the pizzeria and summer pool are the best!

  10. Note, did you see in the police helicopter set it says "Exclusive minifigure". One of them looks like chase makain which might mean lego city undercover 2

  11. wait is that another chase mc cain minfigure? ( not sure how its spelt) is there going to be another game or is it another version of him?

  12. Looks like Lego is getting inspired by the tales of thieves ripping a whole ATM out of the side of a building and stealing it. I like that Idea and don't really remember it in previous sets.

    I can't fault Lego for more Police stuff considering it sells like crazy, but that one of a crook with a push vehicle of stolen loot being chased by a cop on a ATV is a bit too familiar.

  13. Fun fact: The tow truck from Tow Truck Trouble is actually in the LEGO City Undercover remaster. I agree with you on the set, but I think it's pretty overpriced.
    I also agree with you on the pizza van. That set looks really good. In fact, the pizza van is actually in the Undercover remaster, too.

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