LEGO Chima: Worriz’ Fire Bike (30265) Exploration

Welcome everyone! JAYSTEPHER with Worriz’ Fire Bike by LEGO Chima. Set number 30265. Contains 31 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 through 12. So I am guessing that this is Worriz. It says it right on the package. The set is obviously packed in a polybag. Let’s open it up and see what’s inside. Lots of elements packed loose in the package. One teeny tiny small folded instruction manual. Let’s take a closer look. First we have Worriz. Nice print work on his outfit. It does have a metallic finish. Nice mask. The print work does continue to the back. It is reflected as well. Looks like he’s got white gloves, or those possibly maybe claws. The headpiece can be removed. In addition, his face is double-sided. So the expression can be changed. Now let’s have a look at his fire bike. Finally we have the fire bike. I like the flame that’s shooting out of the front. That is kind of an awkward position to have
the flame shooting from the front of the bike. Nice console with handle bars. The rear tire has a hubcap. Large tires. That’s unusual. This side of the bike. Not much is going on. Just a simple bike. Let’s set Worriz on top. It does roll smooth on a flat surface. The bike does seem a bit unstable. In addition, this transparent orange piece is included. So he can throw flames. See if I can get it attached to his hand. Well probably not. Let’s give it another shot. Oh there we go! Looks like he’s ready to throw some fire. I’m not too familiar with Chima. But this concludes the review for Worriz Fire Bike by Lego Chima. Set number 30265. Contains 31 pieces. Recommended building ages are 6 through 12. I’m not too familiar with Chima. So this is as far as the review goes. Thank you all for watching!

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