Today on REBRICKULOUS we’re playing
carnival games with you! Hey everyone we had so much fun getting to meet you guys
and play some games during Boardwalk Building so today we are throwing it back. But
this time we’re playing carnival games! And it’s all gonna be brick built so
check it out. Ha ha ha. Yes! Yes! We’re playing three games today: The
shooting gallery where you have to knock over three targets with a slingshot. The
boom blaster where you must race your opponent by building a letter and
pumping up a balloon until it pops. And lastly, the dunk tank contestants have to
build a ball out of bricks to hit the target to release the dunk seat. Tyler and Dimitri are going to have a
sling off see who’s gonna get dunked in a dunk tank. I challenge you to a sling-off. Alright let’s go. Alright I do not wanna go in that dunk tank. Tyler get ready to
fail. Oh never happening. Ah oh that was big money!
Ah there we go that doesn’t count, that doesn’t count. My hand slips. Dimitry is going in the dunk tank. No no! Have you ever used a slingshot? Am I going in the tank? Oh yeah, oh yeah. Alright the RBKLS Carnival is now open step right up, step right up, if you dance it up a
day for a dandy fair. Ah you yes hello hello. Hello my name is Tyler. Your name
is? Emma. DeAndre nice to meet you and what’s your name? Jasmine. What’s your name I’m Tyler. Elena nice to meet you, it’s way too hard to
keep that voice in rhyming up though, so this is the way it works, you each have to
knock down one LEGO target to get to move on to the next tent. Alright. Ah man that was so close. Breathe. Focus. Ah one shot wonder! Oh alright, that’s one down. Oh yes, you can totally do this. Yay! Two in one! Yes, that’s what I’m looking for.
Thank you, alright we’re gonna go see Crystianna. Alright so what’s gonna
happen you’re racing against me you’re finishing the last layer of this S for the
RBKLS sign that we’re going to place right over here you’re gonna pump until the balloon pops, first balloon to pop gets to go over to the drunk tank. You
ready? 3 2 1 go! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness Alright, there’s still time, there’s still time. It’s gonna fumble around… I love that striped shirt it goes very well it
compliments your facial structure actually, Woah! Go go go, put it in. Goodness is going faster than I am, oh come on you got it you got it! This is neck in neck. Tyler you watching over for me for a second? Yeah I got you. That’s a strong balloon. Keep going! Made in America. Ah you won. Go Go go. Moving on to the dunk tank. Hey Elena you look nice and you’re
probably gonna be really nice and not hit this target right because you’re
supposed to build some balls and put them together and then hit this in there
but then I fall in and you don’t want that, right? Right? We’re friends you want
this to be perfectly shaved perfectly measured. Come on please do not hit this
target. Alright he’s on layer four. This is gonna be strong. How you feeling D? He’s crying.
Ha ha ha I don’t like this game anymore. Alright get ready
you just want to hit anything but the target…We could be friends!
Alright go! What if we try not hitting it, just mix
it up and then we could I don’t know I bought you a soda bro, just don’t do it. Oh oh…. I thought we had a deal. You got this. That was a huge splash! I told you! I told you I was gonna sink you! You went down! Click one of these videos to
watch more REBRICKULOUS. Where’s the step?

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Carnival Games – REBRICKULOUS

  1. when d was being dunked first d was wearing a blue shirt 3:12. then d was wearing a red shirt 3:18 why couldn't he be dunked in the same shirt?

  2. Lol poor Dimitry at 4:06 that looked way too chilly, but great brick-built carnival games guys, Thanks again for another fun weekend video, keep it up 🙂

  3. Lego company please make a item is sucking the lego easly not picking them up to bucket please make.

  4. Every body who watches this video comment if you think cristina likes dimitry or Tyler more for a date

  5. I love rebrickulous, sorry if I spelt it wrong,this inspired me and my friends to do stuff like this at home, but not anything too dangerous the kid who said “leave me alone” was just a bit mean, you were just giving compliments

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