Today on REBRICKULOUS we’re pranking
people with fake LEGO caricatures. How do I look in LEGO form? I don’t want to toot my own horn
but it’s coming out oh pretty good. Okay, I recruited Tyler and Dimitry to be my
LEGO artists for the day. They are going to be making fake LEGO caricatures of
people we’ve already set up these pre-made portraits and they look so
legit people are gonna have no idea that they’re gonna be fake. I need to finish
setting up these hidden cameras and then it’s go time.
Free caricatures, all right we’ll see you in a minute. Sounds good. Great yeah it’s
free. You’re welcome to pay what you want but we’ll do it for free.
Worst comes to worst you don’t like it. I’ll give it my best shot, I’ll be quick I’ll
be quick it’s like five minutes have you ever done a caricature before? Is this
your first lego caricature? it’s all about expression okay. My goal is for it
to be like a mirror kind of. Hopefully this is the highlight of your day so I’m
gonna start out got a gray shirt don’t have any gray I’m use white is that cool?
Yeah it’s white shirt okay now yeah yep yep you want to rotate a little bit yeah
there we go okay I’m gonna sit down and do like a little family photo style just
trying to get like a little different angles okay that’s good I feel like I
need like to know a little bit more about to you a little spice in it. Are
you a college graduate? Are you… I’m an artist. Another artist…. Are you a good artist? I
just think I’m a pretty terrible drawer but somehow I’ve learned how to do this.
Can you stand up for a second? stand up yeah yeah okay sweet I mean you
guys mind like doing like a boxing thing or something yeah it’s good turn to the
side a little bit okay um and just place one hand on your head like maybe like
anywhere like towards the ear get some different angles okay all right
love it killin it. How old are you? Ten? Okay well I was gonna say I was gonna take ten
years off your life but then you’d be zero. Would you mind like just kind of
like doing the hip thing yeah yeah all right it just changes your face a little
bit. Whoa what is this? Uh oh we got a dance-off
Is this a mime what year is this? hello getting pushy this mime’s pushy.
Excuse me sir sir sir you can’t you can’t be here you’re very good you’re
very you’re very good unbelievable don’t even fret about it cuz I don’t
wanna give you guys my problems I’m trying to give you an awesome picture
today. Thanks All right one more adjustment sorry
sorry one more adjustment how do I look in LEGO form? I don’t want to toot my own horn but it’s coming out pretty good. I
think it’s done. We’re gonna oh okay all right I’m nervous I hope you like it.. just like
Looks just like him right? What do you think it’s worth? What you think? Is it good? It’s so her! You get to take this home. Okay let us
know in the comments down below a phrase We should do next
also don’t forget to click one of these videos to watch more REBRICKULOUS.

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66 thoughts on “LEGO Caricature Drawing PRANK! – REBRICKULOUS

  1. I think no one is cool more than you guys I love you all🤘👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤and yes can you guys go to the Lego house and do some fun

  2. Yeah! When will you start an own channel? I am tired of all those notifications about freaking FRIENDS or Ninjago, btw do you reconize me?

  3. Hey lego, are you guy going to make a winston from overwatch in lego and can you make it in like 20 or 30 dollar set?

  4. To Lego,
    Can you make a Lego® Fortnite Battle Royal. And I said this because I saw a video made in Lego® Worlds! 😀

  5. Hey Lego, bionicle would have worked if just brought back the original sets just with limbs and parts that wouldn't break so easily. Because what the fans really wanted was parts that would be stronger.

  6. We were the married couple featured on this video and found this hilarious! I even went to tell the coordinator of the event that the mime was stealing legos and herassing this poor guy only to find out he was in on it 😂

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    Sorry l was filling lazy to right much numbers

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