Lego Cargo Train Time Lapse Build and CRASH

what whoa look at this it’s a real
functioning train set built out of Legos but why not you guys
Aquos finish this is so oh my gosh bro that is so cool
there’s a pork one up for class this cooking is so cool in and it’s got this
material loader here it’s got a towel a train coming hmm
that mmm what you think River okay reveal yourself ha ha key parts of Asia
yeah no it did I will show you guys today is spring Lego show do what is it
bro and why is it such a eight eight three
eight 888 pieces Lopez’s it’s a real functioning train set built out of Legos
this is so cool actual running it’s so bad and I said okay I’ll tell you what
you pay for half of it was his old funny that he’s been earning by making shows I
will pay for the other half if makes the show up you’re going to do is highlight
right ready ready people real quickly show you guys he has a massive train
track yeah I need only it’s 20 D ceases it is a three foot by six foot track
that is huge so imagine this is like a real train set
and it’s got this material over here it’s got a cow hell beard do the heads
up you’ll take it as a forklift top floor class it’s Barry Potter really goes around the
trashcans has a remote control program that I can’t wait to see what it looks
like after you build it ro all right oh you can just never trade help before yo
get let’s see what’s inside dump it out bro
let’s see what this is a ton of stuff man Wow look at this cool Lego train
track and what is that that’s for the object.observe information dude you have
never had anything like this look at that oh this is crazy
river do you want to help a develop Rivlin bag number one this is what you
start with you ready to start yes sir building all right build that train you oh my gosh you guys actual finish
business sellers career oh my gosh bro that is so cool so this is a freight
train right because it’s carrying Freight it’s not a passenger train see
it’s got animals back here it’s got a bowl it’s got a forklift on the back
there it’s got some fuel here it’s got what this is these are supposed to be
some tables right Bulls of cables it’s great oh look out point your butt and so
it goes forward and reverse right alright dude so the remote right here
show them how it works you push this button and then you turn it one way to
go for it and it’s it’s at alternating speeds the more you turn it the higher
the speed let’s see it go as fast as it can go okay backwards
hahaha look at that that is so cool in now calling the point that is awesome so
it also has an overhead crane here you guys which is also called a bridge crane
sometimes and this is what they use the train passes through here it’ll hook up
some cargo there and then you twist this deal right here and it raises it up
let’s see it pick the material up dude look at a hat that is so cool
I know yes and it slides over there so this thing also goes back and forth run
that thing back to port leave it it runs on these wheels here then you lower it
down there so cool hey that is so awesome got an instructor in the
forklift you just lower it on there what I look the truck can back up right here
see this alright so back the truck up do the truck head back up right there
remove the lower to deal on the truck using the crane so
cool lower down down then unhook it drive it away ha ha that is so me Margo
Oh Angela yeah cargo t is the cargo you can stay on but yeah you can hook it to
this is pretty sweet but axel what is another way that you
can unload the material with the forklift right hold all the weight you
think that blokes can get off of there like that
no can’t look but guess what you take the crane gonna load the bull
hook Lam out turn uh yeah you’re right that’s but realistically though
realistically though axle this right here this was really a freight train and
really on a forklift on there you would have to unload it usually this crank so
let’s go ahead and see that all right facts we’ll pull the train forward just
a little bit so we can unload there you go
nice for for a little more one more there you go now let’s unload that
forklift see this thing you guys it slides right across there let me lower
it down it’s not expecting again hook it onto the forklift now pick it up dude
that is so cool anyway drives eternally oh well here
let’s move the forklift out of the way first
ah oh no that was all the catastrophe but it worked you’re right now let’s
slide it over here see what we could have done it slid it over here first
then driven the train away right there you go
right alright John wall’s goes off alright so let’s show them the track
switching feature now he can pull back and forth
alright so ask well can you switch the track right now can you switch it to the
other direction there you go there you go you push that
lever right and it redirects the train to go off in that direction
we’ll see you go oh do the other way let’s see it there we
go and redirected right keep it going there
you go redirected alright so now it’s going this way okay because it doesn’t
need to unload its cargo but say you want it to unload the card owner what
would you do if you were the director you and your that if you’re the lady
working in there you just lady right here see this lady in there and that
building okay it isn’t camera oh no we got belay oh
let’s put a bag on oh here we go all right all right get it going in yeah
what oh oh I know on the right way all right
all right so so you’re the lady in here and she’s controlling this track she’s
going to flip it okay she’s like hey I need some of its fuel right here let’s
hit the track okay boom there we go now okay so stop next
time slow down there you go nice well now slowly pull forward we need to
unload the fuel stop Oh back it up back it up oh we on there oh
wait but we need the forklift okay so what we need is we need the four clips
off we put the foreman back on so unload the forklift real quick and then we’ll
have the forklift unload are you guys go over here alright I have to deal to the
forklift all right now let’s pick it up there we go picking up the forecast now
see this thing right here this thing works two ways it goes back and forth
this way and it can go this way so I’ll bring it over there and I’ll lower the
floor fifth down there we go lowering down and the porkness down now
alright so we needed fuel tankers let’s back to train up just a little bit okay
Oh or the wheelbarrow massive Alec you okay you want to load the wheel bran if
you’ll take okay alright alright so how are you get on loads a wheelbarrow oh oh
there we go so these are loading the wheelbarrow
here just by picking it up with the crane there okay
and then you can lower it all yeah you can do it that way – yeah all right
let’s lower it onto the forklift there there we go nice all right
unhook it perfect look at that nice bro all right so where are you going to put
the wheelbarrow over on the truck there you go
the delivery truck down and it’s wrong I deliver the wheelbarrow to its
destination where is it definitely how about over is there no such a fool cause
of those train tracks all right let’s unload it here okay all
right we’re good come on over here wow how are you gonna cross the train
drag forward all right let’s see unload that cargo there okay all right yeah
there you go Oh pick it up pick it up there we go I know this is a disaster all right there
we go now lower it down and drop it down there there you go nice word all right
come on back over here we got a fuel tanker load up – there you go this is an
acrobatic porpoise oh no no green grasses all right come on over here now
let’s back that trade up you can unload that fuel tank there you go hey nice
work up little back a little more Hank all right so this thing right here is
meant for the forklift to low because that hook doesn’t fit anywhere on this
thing so the forklift is best suited to unload that there you go nice oh oh
don’t drop the fuel tank it’ll explode there you go
yeah let’s moto here they’ll pull it out pull it around this way that way the fat
off oh you got it okay all right load it onto the truck there we go
right looking at now we got a full fuel tank here upgrade to the gas station
this is great put on a flat tire oh I’m caring care to have all over gloss that
railway there there you go all right Oh ah-ha-ha
that’s senator you picked up the tires oh man that’s a real bad day
put em back on oh okay good thing get a new tire nice work man all fixed up
let’s unload up that fuel tank there he mirror the mirror gas station there we
go unload it nice all right oh it’s loaded sniffing all right set it
down there again there we go yeah well let’s have a look at this focus you guys
this Fork is so cool and it’s got a rubber band right there and it’s a list
of materials like wow you can launch it like a came here I lost it yeah you see
it launched do you yes we’re gonna launch it and he’s launched it up
there’s no cool right you guys the Molson treating hey but he needs to be
alone pull that train board people right there whoa all right now let’s unload
that bowl almost there we go this guy’s the boolean hit let’s see there yo all
right Mambo come on you go for them with the Lord
Wow all right there you go bow nice job the ball is out now
Oh what’s the ball doing oh no the Bulls off the string drag oh oh oh this is the
book oh oh boy the Bulls on the track man that trained better not hit the bowl
oh come on Boulder off the dragon train coming oh no oh oh it stopped just in
time man that what do you think what you
think what happens train vs bull do you think away ask train and all because
this is in bold blue all right we got to get this ball off the track we’ll begin
to use that bull is heavy man I get next thing
oh the forklift great idea alright bull or Kumbha with a forklift
man that’s a stubborn bullet let me get off of there bring my fault that’s all
over some load that bull there ya go nice so drop it alright deliver the ball
to the middle right there there we go nice and fine so he’s back on the track
bull what he’s doing all right you guys soon sometimes unfortunately Weishaupt
does wander on the train tracks and I think most this time the train is able
to see it in stock but sometimes it doesn’t so let’s see what happens
we’re going to see what happens whenever the Train isn’t able to stop so we have
some hay here and the train tracks in the bull oh hey Tommy I’m a homey
oh well yeah boo get a minute both good luck that’s the thing it’s a buddy oh
there’s a train coming boo look out the train’s coming get off the
truck oh man there’s our mole he’s late for supper
how is dad that I think that actually happens though we should look that up
you know how many incidents of livestock death occurs from train hitting them I
know they’re good that alone gave a Buffalo a real big problem that we said
the whole reason why I would fuck its killed off is because the railroad how
the Bulls ride you ha Pacific alright you guys so unfortunately sometimes
trains also crash into vehicles they get stuck on the train tracks this is why
you should never ever ever legal drivers reason you should never ever hang out on
or around train Chester extremely dangerous and you’re about to find out
why all right you guys you ready for a massive train wreck systems let’s see
what happens ok we’ll see that you ready ready go all right that wasn’t a very
bad crash now we’re going to try it with just the freight liner system just the
the engine portion of it you’re crashing it gonna see how about that train wreck
is yeah yep pretty bad
the entire thing toppled over it wasn’t that bad wasn’t as bad as it would be a
real life right all right now the bowl is driving the Train oh wow
just coffee Packers yeah I like people driving a train because you tell
Estrella and keep driving help us with the check below the actual
deflection can you say good bye hey hey hey echo can you say good bye to
everybody bye you guys you guys get out and use
your imagination to find creative ways to live your life and love everyone
around you still we get this giant mirrors look you see the letters out
there do you think you’re going to enjoy this like I said a lot you think you’re
going to build your own custom train at some point dude might be able to build
like a super crazy train station so that’d be cool dude Olivia dragon train
that’ll be cool we’ll see you bye dragon
Cold War movie

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