Lego car race

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. How about a car race with little Lego cars? Start by asking the children to build their
favourite little Lego car. Take a wooden dowel of about 30 cm or 12 inches
long. If you make this project with a group, let
each child paint his or her dowel in a colour of their choice. When the paint is dry, take a neodymium magnet
and glue it at the end of the wooden dowel. Glue a magnet to the front of the car with
the glue gun. Make sure the magnet is pointed in the right
direction. The magnet glued on the dowel should pull
the car forward. The other possibility is to glue a magnet
at the back of the car. Again, you must also make sure to glue the
magnet in the correct direction. In this case the magnet glued to the dowel
should push the car forward. This little experiment helps teach the properties
of magnets and through their play, the children are conducting
a science experiment. This is the best way to learn. To organize a race, take a large sheet of
paper that you divide into lanes. Place each car behind the starting line and
may the fastest car win! You can establish some rules, like for example: if a racer touches his or her car with the
dowel or goes into another racer’s lane, they must start over from the beginning. This simple project will teach everybody patience
and dexterity! Have fun and share pictures of your race on
the Animaplates website! To print the document with illustrated instructions, click on the link below the video and don’t
forget to visit the Animaplates web site where you will find lots of other fun and educational

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