LEGO Canvas Tote (5005326) Unboxing & Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with the Lego Canvas Tote. Item number 5005326. Here we have a canvas tote in a sealed bag. This was a free gift through
the official Lego Shop. Brand new!
Never been opened. Now how does one open one these
up without causing any damage. Let’s cut the tape off on the side I guess. Okay. So obviously we have a snap on the top to keep the bag closed. Oh we have surprise too. Throw that over there. So the logo appears to be
silk screened onto the front. We have a side compartment. My apologies. This is the first bag review
I have ever done. Honestly this feels rather sturdy. Nice bright red. I don’t know what the
weight limit of this bag is. Looks fairly large inside. So the measurements are approximately 8 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 11 inches in height, or 20 centimeters in length, 48 centimeters in width, and 28 centimeters in height. Looks rather large. Well I guess I can remove
this as well huh. Get that off there. Honestly it is a nice well-made bag. Maybe I should do a weight
load test on this bag. Well apparently we already
had something that fell off sadly was the snap. Oh yeah. You got to love live reviews. Right? Maybe I can fix that. So obviously it’s defective. Wow that wasn’t even riveted in correctly. Very sloppy! Are we ever going to close this? I’ll see if I can fix that later. Nonetheless, it is a nice bag. Too bad the snap’s broke. This will be good to put groceries in or even Lego sets. It is a nice bag though nonetheless. Thank you for watching!

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