Lego Candy Machine V27 Remake

Hello everyone its ED here and welcome back to the channel Today, I’ve made a remake of my old Lego Candy Machine V27 If you’re a longtime fan of the channel you might remember this machine. It is seven years old and It was my first ultimate machine to hit YouTube. I highly advise you don’t watch the seven year old video ‘and dat cost thwee kruones’ But in all fairness I still think it’s it’s a good machine and that’s also the reason why I’m remaking it and also on a side note. It doesn’t use any Mindstorms or electronics. It’s all mechanical aAaAand It also uses Danish Crowns (currency). This machine has two options Skittles or M&Ms Two prices – 2 Crowns or 5 Crowns with two 1 crown coins in change. This also means that the machine has a shifting coin rejection The main lever is locked without money To get candy you first choose your option and put in the displayed coin – push and pull the main lever And you have your skittles with two 1-crown coins and change Now let’s have some M&M’s – these costs 2 crowns so you take a 2 crown coin and put it in – push and pull And, you have your M&M’s If you want to know how this works, please stick around for the mechanism The original version 27 machine had some flaws which I’ve corrected On the old machine there was a loophole where you could essentially get infinite candy. I fixed that by implementing an extra piece on the main lever And then adding two holes on the reloading towers which locks in the option once the main lever is pushed in This is where you get the money back using this key This is the mechanism. When you shift the option lever it changes to hopper for the candy dispenser It also determines if there’s going to be dispensed change or not. Without money the grey bar blocks the main lever You have to insert the right amount of money to make it lift up depending on what coin rejection is underneath it This is the coin rejection. It also changes when the option lever is shifted So, yeah, thanks for watching and I hope you liked this cool machine 🙂

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90 thoughts on “Lego Candy Machine V27 Remake

  1. Oh I love it! 🙂 These kind of machines reminds of the good old days from your channel, so keep it up! I'd love to see more of this! I think you did a great job with the design, cause I immediatly noticed, that it looks similar to your v27. Well, great job on everything! Can't wait for more!

  2. I love remakes of old machines & this one is amazing , because it is so old that your voice was pretty much higher 😂😂 Also I like your backwards Timelapse , I aldo tried one in my upcoming Video 😉

  3. it's amazing that you go back to YouTube to upload more videos of your amazing lego machines, I hope you never leave YouTube and keep uploading new videos … some of us needed … thanks 😁

  4. Very well executed man I like it a lot! Btw the intro and your hair killed me hahaha I expected the "old" ED.

  5. ED, you never fail to impress! Thank you for replicating a famous classic! I like the idea of remaking old machines. Well done on adhering to the original design and making it almost indistinguishable. Love the blend of primary colours. I like the sliding illustrations as well. Not only have you remade the previous mechanism, but you corrected the minor flaws. I love the complexity of the mechanism and its unbeatable compactness. Great job on the synced editing. I like the video style and the awesome voiceover. I'd also like to admire the nice dark background for the tutorial build. Altogether, a phenomenal upload! I can't wait for the next uploads, all though I unfortunately have to wait.

  6. ED I am glad you uploaded a remake you guys are so close to getting to your goal of 10,000 supporters I supported the machine and I hope everyone does too

  7. Amazing comeback!the machine is amazing! Love that old classic mechanism and as usual the editing was awesome!keep it up and you will become more popular!

  8. Ultra Harm Games, SuperLegoSam and ElectryDragonite all made comebacks in the past month??? I LOVE ITTTTT

  9. Another great machine coming from amazing lego builder. i love how you recreate a machine from a long time ago, and flaws you fixed. As always showing you rebuilding the machine makes me happy. Btw is that going to be something new from now on, you speaking? Because that’ll be pretty cool if you start doing that :).

  10. This threw me back to the old days of the LMC just by looking at the thumbnail! (As far back as when the LEGO Machine Community was called the LEGO Candy Machine Community!)

  11. Wow that’s cool and when I saw the thumbnail, I was thinking of making one like that but it has Mindstorms. Cool videos and keep on building

  12. Really nice. It’s been so long time since you started and content hasn’t lost it’s touch. Love your videos. Keep it up

  13. This is cool! Plus have you been through stuff like filming fails? (Of Any Type) If you still got any why not put em in a future video or in the next video.

  14. I love it! I really like your commentary which makes your videos very unique and different from other builders! I can’t wait for future builds! Also if you use a camera slider which one do you use?

  15. Do you know if you can explain how the candy selector locks when the main lever is pushed in? My machine has the same loophole and I didn’t really understand how u explained it in the video

  16. I apologize for such a late comment, but I'm glad you're back man! I love the camera angles and editing! The mechanism is also very neat

  17. Do not try to hack the machine by putting in a 2 krone on the M&Ms option, pushing the lever and switching the lever to the Skittles option and pulling the lever to get M&Ms
    The candy option lever will lock when the lever is pushed in so you don’t hack the mechanism

  18. This machine could be made smaller while still retaining all the features, but it's still just as good as the original, if not even better thanks to the flaws that have been fixed.

  19. Hello, I am a French viewer and it is already rare to find legos machine candy!

    Thank you for putting a tutorial because it is also rare!

    Good continuation

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