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(upbeat music) – [Ty] This is a paid promotion for LEGO. – Hi guys, welcome back to, – [Family] The YouTub3 Family! – [Jake] And we are the Adventurers. – And today we are going
to be building some super cool LEGO city sets. Whoa. We got sent a whole bunch of LEGO sets. Check these out. Thank you so much, LEGO. – [Audrey] This is so cool. – We are going to build these because we went to the 50th anniversary of landing on the moon, in Washington, D.C. And we were able to participate in a lot of fun things to celebrate. One of the things that we were able to do was to talk to a LEGO master builder. He gave us some great tips on
how to build LEGO creations. And we’re going to use
some of those skills today in completing these LEGO sets. Are you guys ready to pick
out your sets and build? Because actually, you’ve already started. (laughs) (dramatic music) – I kinda cheated a little bit. I got up early and put
together the space station. It was really fun. – [Ty] Hey. – And now I’m working
on this one right here. And you’re gonna see why. Because, when we went to Washington, D.C., you’re gonna see a 20 foot tall set. – [Audrey] What? – Just like this. – [Mom] That the LEGO
master builder built. – Yes. – [Audrey] Well. – It’s awesome. – The LEGO master builder better watch out because we’re gonna be the new masters! (laughing and yelling) – Also the LEGO master
builder actually challenged us in creating spaceships
using the LEGO bricks. And you guys need to
check out that footage and see what you think. Who do you think won? Who do you think would
be better at building? Is it a LEGO master builder or one of us? Hey guys! We’re here with master builder Chris who built some amazing LEGO creations. Tell us where we can
find some of your work. – So we’re here at the Washington
National Mall right now. And we just finished
building this massive rocket right behind me. Yes, it’s pretty awesome. Look at that. That thing is 20 feet tall. So we’re pretty excited. We had lots of help in, let me show you what
we actually built here. Kids and families were
here all weekend long building me these bricks right here. So hold them there. – Wow. – And what I would do is,
I’d take it from them. Yes, very nice. I take it from them, give ’em high fives. Yes, awesome job. And then I would take this brick and put it right on that model with the help of four master builders. So we have four of us down here. Greg, TJ and Jeff were
also helping me out. So we actually finished
this model in two days with outside help. – [Family] Wow. – [Mom] How many LEGOs do you
estimate that’s in that model? So there’s about a little bit over a quarter million bricks in this model. So there’s just a few bricks. – [Mom] What! – Just a few. – Just a few. – So this right here,
you check this guy out. This our prototype. So Greg designed this prototype. Probably now it’s been about
a month and a half, two months since we finished designing this. And what we do is, when
we start to build it, we actually work from the ground up, building brick by brick. So, we’re looking, when we build them in our shop, we’re looking at a computer program that shows us kind of like a CAT scan, layer-by-layer view. So we’re looking from the top down. And we’ll build it in a ring. So every one of our models
is completely hollow, or as hollow we can make it. So that’s kind of the cool part. A lot of people think we just
build solid LEGO brick models. No, that would take forever. – [Mom] Okay, so it is. It’s hollow in the inside. – All the way up. – [Mom] Jake, what are you working on. – I’m working on this set. – [Mom] Oh yeah. You’re building the shuttle. That’s very awesome. – [Mom] Ty, what are you working on? – This set right here. – [Mom] Okay, you’re
building this satellite. Wow. Okay, Audrey are you going
to work on your own set, or are you going to help Jake? – I’m working on my own set. – [Mom] Okay, which one? – I don’t know which.
– This one right here. – [Mom] Gonna go this one,
the one with the people? – Oh, this one’s cool. – [Mom] Okay, so this is the people pack. Space research and development. – And we’re gonna need that. ‘Cause when you listen to
NASA’s chief scientist, who we got to interview, and he told us some cool secrets. So check out those. He told us the future of the
space exploration program. – [Ty] What? – These were kind of inspired by that. – [Mom] You’re doing really good, Ty. What have you got so far, Jake? Oh, look at these. – [Jake] Got that. – [Mom] That’s awesome. Okay, opening another bag. – Yep. – [Mom] Moving on. How about David? Oh, David’s built a whole bunch over here. I’m getting there. I am on bag number five. – [Mom] Wow (whooping) – So, we got some LEGO. Or, if you pop it off,
there’s actually stuff inside. – [Mom] That is a cool LEGO brick. Audrey, how’s it going? – It’s going good. I’m currently building
an astronaut right now. – [Mom] Oh, perfect. – I’ve just barely started, so
this is all I have. (laughs) But I’m so excited I’m able to do this. Because as you know, I
am obsessed with space. And so, LEGO plus space, like, I’m in my zone. – [Dad] (laughs) – Okay, while they’re building,
go ahead and check out what we did in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the 50th anniversary
of landing on the moon. And then we’ll come back and see how much they’ve
progressed on their LEGO sets. (tinkly music) – Did you guys know that
the LEGO models were hollow? – [Jordan] What? I thought they were solid, I really did. – You surprise me.
– Okay. I’ve got a question. All right, so it took you two days to build this with lots of help. How long does it take take apart? – Hopefully. We haven’t taken this one apart yet. This will be the first time. We expect the top sections are, actually the top sections
were craned into place. So that’s kind of the other cool part. – So we have a big crane behind us here. – They brought a crane. And we built those on the ground. We craned them up there. So what we have to do is, the top section that’s all white there, we’ll lift that section off. Put it on the ground, or on a pallet that will go right on the truck as a whole piece. – [Mom] Oh, wow – This middle section, right
above the boosters here, will come off, and that will come down. Put it on a pallet. It will go out to the truck. Now the big section is this middle, or the bottom with the two side boosters. That’s gonna take some time to take apart. Overall, I think maybe an
hour and a half or two hours to really get it down to
the ground and ready to go. – [Mom] Wow. Okay, so what is the largest
model you have ever built? – Oh, the largest model I’ve ever built. So, our team was involved
with the creation of the world’s largest
LEGO model at the time. And that was a life-size X-wing fighter. – [Mom] Oh, wow. – Life size You could actually sit in a cockpit and get your picture taken
picture taken in there. It was 45 feet from wingtip to wingtip. – [Jordan] What, that’s insane. – 46 feet from front to back. It took 5.3 million LEGO pieces to build. – Oh my goodness. – [Mom] Oh wow. – And weighed in at 22 tons. – So it was absolutely massive. We unveiled that, now that’s probably six or seven years ago
now, in Times Square. – [Mom and Dad] Wow. – Okay, master builder
Chris has challenged us to a LEGO building contest. Can that YouTube family
out-build a master builder? – We’re gonna try. Team Williams, whoo! – We’re gonna do it. – I’m not so confident. But let’s give this a go. – What we’re gonna do is we’re going to build a rocket. – [Mom] Oh! – You can, no you can’t cheat. That’s cheating, no cheating. We have to build from what’s in here. – Oh no. So you’re gonna dig through. There’s gonna be different
elements in there. I gotta take it. This is Greg. I think he started making it. I have to bust it all up so we can’t cheat and get a spaceship there. Not gonna happen. – [Jake] Okay, here. – [Mom] You broke the rocket. They have to start from scratch. – Oh come on, you’re already
putting it back together. That’s not fair. So what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna build your own rocket. But you’re gonna have
to describe it after. So yeah, think about things. Like maybe a crew cabin or a crew capsule. You got to think about things like maybe a life-support system
that might be on there. – [Mom] Wow. And maybe something
like, where’s it going? Is it going to Mars? So maybe you need some sort of
landing thing to go on there. So I think you gotta think
about it a little bit. So go ahead. Think about what you want to
build and where it’s going. Get a plan together. And then we’re gonna go
ahead and start building it. You guys have an idea? – I think so. – You think so? – [Mom] Are you guys building separate? Are you building separate? – Separate? We’re going separate. – [Mom] David, are you building? – I’m gonna watch this
one then I’ll build later. – [Mom] You’re not gonna build? – [Chris] Oh, come on! – Okay, I’ll build. – [Mom] We’ve got to see if you can out-build the master builder. – All right, so here we go. Hands up. hands up. Here we go. On the count of three, you’re gonna start building. – [Mom] We’re getting ready, guys. We’ll build for a few minutes
here, to see what we get. – A few minutes? – A few minutes. How long do you really want you want? – An hour. – You want an hour of building? I don’t know if we got that
much time on that camera. An hour worth of building. How about we go for… five minutes. – [Dad] Five minutes. – [Mom] Oh, challenge on. – All right. I’ll set my timer. No, I won’t. We’ll gauge it, I’ll gauge it. Here we go. Five minutes of building. (timer beeps) Three, two, one. – [Mom] They’re going for it guys (sad horn notes) – I didn’t — – Three, two, one, go! (timer beeps) – [Mom] Here they go guys. What are they all going to build? – [Jordan] Build something over here. – [Mom] They’re grabbing essential pieces. Do you have a plan in mind, David? No plan in mind. What about you, Jordan? – I, ahhh, oh no! I have an idea, but
we’ll see what happens. – [Mom] Jake, what’s your idea? – Try to figure out how
to put this on here. ` Oh, nice. And master builder Chris. Do you already know
what you want to build? I think I’m going for some sort of rocket booster
system here in the bottom. I’ve got to figure out a way to maybe work this and do it here. ‘Cause this is gonna be my
rocket engine, I think, here. – [Mom] Wow. – I gotta figure out how
I’m gonna get that on there. (driving rhythmic beats) So one of the key things I’m
gonna tell you right now. To prevent things from collapsing. We talk about this all the time. So, what I don’t like to build. The technique that we don’t want it to use is something like this. Where you take and build up,
then you take another brick and you put it right
on top of the same one. Because what you end up
with is tons of seams which is not overlapping seams. So if you look at this right here, it just breaks off really easy. Now the one we build, all of our models, we use something called interlocking, which is overlapping the seams. You can see I’m gonna, the way I put down the bricks, we’re overlapping all the seams to make a nice, tight, strong
building technique here. Now this model, it’s not coming apart. It’s nice and strong. – [Mom] Awesome. – Overlap your seams as best you can. – [Mom] Okay, Jordan.
– Mine broke. [Chris] You can see how I overlap — – [Mom] You’ve gotta overlap the seams. – [Chris] all my seams to
make it nice and strong. – Oh, no. – That’s the way you guy gotta do it. – So, listen to this guy. He knows what he’s talking about. – [Mom] Right? – [Chris] Look at that, I like it. – [Mom] That looks like a spacecraft. – It’s a hovercraft for the moon. – [Mom] Good. You have to describe it, so you do that. That’s good. – [Dad] It’s the next
generation lunar rover. – I don’t know what I’m doing. – [Mom] That looks very
different from where you began. So, wow. Now what’s your new game plan? – [Chris] Two more minutes, you think? Two more minutes. – [Mom] Nice. – [Chris] You added something. – [Mom] Time’s almost up. – [Chris] Time’s almost up. – [Mom] Hurry, Jake. Are you almost done? I have no clue what I’m doing anymore. – No clue? Come on. (driving rhythmic beats) – [Mom and Dad] Three, two, one. – Bricks down , hands up. Hold on. (gasping) I had to do that last
brick on there, come on. – [Mom] Okay, let’s look guys. – Mine was not complete. – [Mom] Oh no. – I bit off more than I
could chew, let’s be honest. – Okay, but this looks
just like that, kinda. But bigger. Look at that. The color and everything. – So mine was going to
be a little different. I was actually gonna bring these up here and take them a little bit higher. But I was gonna make an area for like that satellite in there. So it was gonna have an area to put up different
things out in outer space that we could use the
study things like the Sun and all the different stars. But I was making more of
not going to other planets. I was planning on staying
around for a while because I don’t know about Mars. What were you, what’s going
on with this one here? – It’s just supposed to
go into space and back. – Space and back? But you said there was no way back? – I added a parachute. – All right, a parachute. – [Mom] A parachute in space. That works. – Okay, mine is very interesting. So, this is supposed to be
inside it’s, like curled up, when it’s like flying through space. And it just orbits because
that’s just how it works. – [Mom] Is that pretend glass? – Yeah, there’s pretend
glass, don’t worry about that. – It’s a force field. – It flies through space like this, and then it lands on Pluto. And it launches out it’s little stairs. And they can go to Pluto,
and just be like, what’s up? – (laughing) – [Dad] What’s up, Pluto? – [Mum] What’s up, Pluto? – Okay guys, we’re gonna
go check out an astronaut. That’s right, an astronaut. Let’s go. Guys, we are here with Jim Green, the chief scientist at NASA. – What! – We get to interview him
and ask him all the questions that we want to know,
that you want to know. Do you have any secrets that the general population does not know, that you could tell us. – [Dad] (laughs) – So. – [Mom] That most of us would not know. – I’m gonna open the NASA secret file. – Oh! – [Mom] Okay, awesome. – You heard it first here, kids. – Here we go, all right. – I’m going to reach in there,
and I’m going to pull out, and I’m going to ask the question. Is there complex life, not like microbes that might be on Mars, but complex life somewhere
in the solar system? And the answer to that is, yeah, maybe. And if it exists, it’s probably underneath the ice crust in a moon called Europa. And in 2022 or 2023, while we’re going to the moon with men and women, we
are going to Jupiter and go and orbit Europa. And we are going to use
ice-penetrating radar. It’s got an ice sheet covering the entire moon. And underneath that moon is an ocean. And there’s twice the amount of water in that ocean than there is here on Earth. Gather up all your water bottles. There’s far more there. All right. And in that ocean, it
has what we think are all the right ingredients to start life. So maybe — – So maybe there’s fish on that moon. – That’s right. – [Jordan] You go fishing!
– Ice fishing. On Jupiter’s moon. – Oh my goodness. Okay. 2020, The Adventurers family
is gonna go to the moon, and we’re gonna go ice fishing. Stay tuned, you guys. – This was an amazing opportunity to be able to interview him. Thank you so much answering our questions. – My pleasure. – This was awesome. – All righty. We just finished building
all the LEGO City LEGO sets. – Whoo! – Super cool. I want to show you them because there are some pretty
cool details in each one. And I want to hear what
everybody’s favorite detail is in the set that they built. And I want to show you
what my favorite is. Okay, so this set is something that Jake and Audrey were working on. – Jake did all the machines. I did the people. And I also built this. This is the rover lab, and look. What I liked about it
is that the doors open and also this moves up and down. Ta da! It’s really fun. – [Mom] Great, cool. – Jake, what do you like? – I like how this bit can pick up stuff. The crane. – [Mom] Yes, they have like, these little elastics on ’em. And so they grip. I think these are super
cool, the little — – [Dad] Crane? – [Mom] Crane pincher. They’re cool. Okay, Ty. How about you? You worked on a few different sets. – I made this. – [Mom] Nice, very cool. My favorite part about it, is that this opens up at the back, and it releases a satellite. – [Dad] Oh wow, I didn’t know that. – [Audrey] I really like
that, that’s so cool. Then I just fly up in space. – [Mom] That is cool. And then this one right here, I worked on with a whole bunch of people. – [Dad] We all got a little piece of it. I think I think we all worked on this. But I built this part. What I like is, the part right here opens
up so you’ll see the pilot. And this will come apart so it can blast off into different chunks. – [Audrey] And then the car moves. – [Mom] Car moves. And, it also lifts up for launch. – That is so cool. – [Mom] And blast-off. (whoops) – [Dad] Nice. – [Jake] There’s also a crane over here. – [Audrey] I love that. – [Dad] Then you have all
your supporting people, all helping it happen. – [Mom] These little
workers, Audrey worked on. Then we also have this bigger
space shuttle that Jake built. Very good job. And what do we have here David? – This is the space station. And this is really neat because each one of these, I guess they’re pods, open up, and inside it’s themed. Like this is, there’s
actually a working light. – [Audrey] Wow, that’s cool. An exam room. Yeah, they’re examining
the rocks that they found. – [Audrey] To me, he
details are so amazing. – [Mom] Very cool. – This is one step to space exploration. I would like to say, go onto
other planets and moons. – [Mom] Okay. And then, what’s your final build? – So, our final build
was this one right here. And this is really cool because, this rocket here is the same
style of rocket that was used back when man first was sent to the moon. So this one’s got like working radar. – [Audrey] What! – And it’s got a countdown timer. Three, two, one, zero. – [Audrey] That is so cool. – [Audrey] Blast off! – [Dad] You have your workers in here, making sure everything goes right. – [Jake] Then we have the rocket. – Then we have the rocket itself. (family yells, applauds) – [Audrey] Liftoff! (rocket rumbles) – [Mom] That’s super cool. – There we go. – I loved it. – This was a lot of fun. We all kept saying, wow, this
was such good bonding time. This is good family time. We’re really connecting. – It’s great because it helps not only bond you as a family, but to also be able to get that
spirit of creativity going. So that, hey, you know what? Maybe we’ll be future builders with LEGOs. – [Mom] Oh! – Master builders. – [Mom] Yeah, you want
to be a master builder? – Alrighty guys, that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe and share, and — – Tick the bell. (bell dings) – And make today an adventure. We’ll see you guys next time. – [Family] Go play! Bye. (warm music)

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